Favorite video game consoles

My favorite console was the Nintendo Gamecube. The Gamecube was awesome, and was the console that got me into gaming. It had some pretty awesome games too, such as:
-Super Mario Sunshine
-Wind Waker
-Metroid Prime
-Mario Kart: Double Dash
Also, the controller rocked.

What consoles do y’all like?
(No wars pls)


Honestly, I’ve recently been leaning towards PC, but as actual consoles go, I’d say the 3DS.

[quote=“btmomegar, post:1, topic:9142”]
-Metroid Prime
[/quote]ur cool

Me too, actually

Xbox because it’s only missing Nintendo games (and old games but that goes without saying). Oh and because I just got half-life on mine.

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If it counts, the GBA SP and 3DS are pretty alright IMO


all of 'em

This is the only thing I have that could qualify as a console. :stuck_out_tongue: It got me to play Zelda II, so there’s that.


I dislike Gamecube’s controller, otherwise it was awesome.

PS2 and PS3
3DS is a great handheld too.

even the virtual boy?


Probably the 3DS.

If handhelds don’t count then the original Wii.

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ps2, ps4 and the 3DS

SNES and Genesis were the best.

@MT_Zehvor is going to eat you alive for that comment.

If we’re talking about non-handhelds, the N64 had some pretty sweet games on it.

I really enjoyed the Gamecube, GBA, and N64. I still own the first two, while the latter I used to borrow from my cousin.

I needed to get my Smush Bras on :sunglasses:

I think that the Wii U is probably my favorite console. If not that, then the DS lite.

Bite me :stuck_out_tongue:

3DS, Wii, and Xbox 360

Xbox 360
but i don’t really care about the console as long as i like the game


As you wish.




NES, I remember first getting into video games from playing mario and duckhunt on my older brother’s console.

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