Federation of Fear [PITCH][WORLDBUILDING]

Another pitch I’ve come up with to fill out the world of Brickonicle.

One of the things that I’ve come across while observing the Brickonicle forums is that many people love the less-than-lawful characters of Bionicle, but there really isn’t a place to fit them in. Until I have found them a place.
I will get through of the major turn-offs right here; it is a secret society. For some, the cast members the most, maybe, this is a big turnoff seeing as we already have a secret society within the form of the Brotherhood of Makuta, but here me out.
In G1, there was this group called the Federation of Fear, made up of the lowest, scummiest characters of the G1 pantheon. I am expanding that with this idea. The Federation is a secret group made up of every criminal on Artahka who has ever made a name for himself, working to destabilize all the major groups and organizations on the island, some within the group even trying to destablize it. And it’s leaders are the sly Ihuan, Roodaka, and her nervous Mangian husband Sidorak.
Like I said, the group is made of every criminal who has made a name for himself, be they bounty hunters, con artists, serial killers, the like. (Ahkmou is in it, by the way.) One of the best bounty hunters of the entire group is the man without a history, Vezon, known for just how cunning, powerful and insane he is. (I just really want Vezon to be in G3.)
I could see them having a very heavy presence in the second year, using the Civil War as a way to steal and destroy everything, as everybody will be to busy warring to care.
As always, C&C are welcome, and I will see you later.


Pretty good premise. Not sure if the characters mentioned are Matoran or Colossi, but that’s not too important at the moment. All that needs to be done is the completion of the roster :slight_smile:

Also, I was thinking Sidorak could be less cowardly in G1, instead being a hardened Rahi master capable of dominating and controlling any Rahi he captures. Combined with his indomitable will, this could win over Makuta’s respect.