Female toa body types.

First, a generic red toa, of a athletic body type.

and then, a toa version of Efari.


trying to do the two fingers over the eye thing but failing horribly.

I designed her to have wider hips. Not fat, but thicker.

also, credit to @KlendaV for the name Efari. Way back when on the LMB’s


These look pretty good, aesthetically.
The female proportions, however, ars a bit off.
The hips should realistically be near the width of shoulders. You’re close, but personally I thought that these were male ar first.
Just keep tweaking your design, and you’ll get there. Perhaps try making a semi- or fully custom body?


Efari’s belly kinda sticks out because it’s a little bigger than the upper body section.

Hey, I’m working with what I’ve got here. I based the body shapes off of my relatives, Efari’s build is based off of one of my cousins who has veyr similar proportions.

I do not have the parts for that unless it’s huge. The goal for these was to make feminine torso’s with mainly CCBS parts. What works for robotic characters though, a nuva breastplate, and that’s it.

Yeah. I can’t decide which shell looks better. The shortest, or the slightly longer one.

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I see.
We’ll, in that case, you’re doing pretty well for a limited parts selection.

I’ve always had a limited part selection. It’s only within the last year I’ve had anything pre-2009 except for a Lehvak, a half destroyed Matoro Mahri, and a Gali mata.

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I like female toa more than male toa.

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The standard CCBS skeleton frame is based on the male-super-hero body type (with the trapazoidal torso and broad shoulders). It’s really hard to pull of a female frame with just a simple CCBS build like these. If that’s all you have, then that’s alright. Very few of the G1 had any differences in their body builds that identified them as female.

A few comments about other elements of the builds that you may have the ability to change:

Generic Red Toa:

  1. Gauntlet spikes don’t flow very well with the CCBS armour add-ons. The one sticking out of the chest also seems… a bit impractical. Imagine having a big spike sticking out of your pecs. It would just get in the way.

  2. The armour in general feels a bit unbalanced. Have you tried removing the 2015 add-ons to make him sleeker?

  3. Most spears in history and fiction are made with a single long rod to ensure maximum strength. It’d be nice if you could make the shaft either all black or all silver.

  4. Neck looks long and spindly (a Uniter armour piece on the back would fix this) (thanks to @NickonAquaMagna for pointing out that 2016 Toa feature that fixes a longstanding CCBS problem)

  5. The dark red Hordika foot is the only dark red on the MOC. Got a gold, or even black one?

  6. Got anything you can add on the shield to make it more visually interesting? Any large red disk pieces?

  1. If you’re trying to make her female, I recommend ditching the upper arm armor add-ons. It gives her the illusion of being wide-chested

  2. Weapons are cool. Do you have any of those half TECHINC liftarms in grey so that they would contrast less?

  3. Not a huge fan of the Metru feet. They clash with the smoothness of the rest of the MOC

  4. The dark grey add-ons on the arms really irk me, but the only way you can fix that is with larger black bone pieces.

  5. Again, the G1 piece used on the back doesn’t match (color wise or texture wise) anything else on the MOC. The cape hides it nicely though

  6. The black boots and trans light blue extremeties don’t feel like they’re intentionally tied in with the rest of the MOC. I recommend trying to find alternatives. A gold G2 Kaukau and black hands should work better.

Sorry if I left an overwhelming amount of comments. I’m a graphic design major currently studying visual arts with a focus on character design, so I think about this kind of stuff a lot.

I dig your little comments here and there, they add a lot of life to your post. Looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish in the future. And don’t worry about lack of parts. If you need to, only build one MOC at a time, but try to be as intentional as possible with your use of color and texture/motif.

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Pretty neat

Yeah, but then it looked too skinny.

I tried, but none of my other silver sleeves wanted to fit it, but I agree. She’s not my best work.

I have done this, but I only have silver and gunmetal grey, so it would clash.

Nope, and nope.

Not really.

If you say so.

It’s in reference to her matoran form, who has long-fall boots.

Bugs me too, but all the ones I had are used, or can’t hold weight anymore.

The cape is in reference to Thelktar’s cape, who is in the link above.

Eh… I thought the black clashed, and I don’t have a gold G2 Kaukau. My Gali set was acquired second hand, and it didn’t have it. Once again, the black boots are purposeful.

No! not at all! I put this stuff out here for this purpose! I haven’t been able to share my MOCs for almost 3 years, and my skills have atrophied. I See my stuff from the LG’s and most of it is MUCH better.

I have very limited space, so I have to build these with limited time.


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Sorry, I meant G2 Kopaka’s mask. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a lot of different versions of Toa Efari over the years, and the gold never looked right to me.

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Someone mentioned me, apparently? I got a notification.


Also what did you think of the keyforge cards?

Sorry, my mention of you may have gotten buried in my super long post. I was pointing out the spindly necks on these CCBS builds and credited you with pointing out how a Uniter shell piece fixes this issue (I had just rewatched your 2016 Toa review a couple days ago). I usually try and @ people when I’m referring to people in order to better “cite my sources” so to speak (something that is a serious problem in certain sections of the LEGO community. We steal each others’ thoughts, ideas or even full MOCs).

If you’d prefer that I don’t @ you in the future like this, just let me know :slight_smile:

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@ProfSrlojohn As Thew would say, goo-hood stu-huff

@legomaster1378 Ahhh, okay.

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Oh hey Nick! Nice to see you active again!

By the way, your LEGO Rewind series is one of the best LEGO series on YouTube ever.


Thank you. Still got 7 episodes to go.

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The models, or the cards? Either way, thanks!

The cards.