Fibonacci Mafia Sign up

You are a community filled with numbers. Numbers are always wholly positive. But a large amount of Negative Irrational numbers have invaded your ranks, killing off the whole numbers. Your job is to find them and kill them first.

But there’s a twist because twists in a world full of orderly numbers are fun. All clues are cumulative, as in clues from night 1 are valid evidence for night 10. It’ll make things interesting on my part and yours.

Also, there’s a rather volatile special role being tested here, so fun.

I was originally going to call this cumulative mafia but fibonacci is a much better name

Anyways, roles:

Mafia (ratio is 1:4 or 1:5, depending on how volatile the special role is)
Special role
Volatile Special role handle with care


Game will start when I get out of school (8 days from now) and when we have a decent number of players. Also, when at least one other game has finished, hopefully both finish in the next 8 days.


There is definitely a new Mafia trend.

Sign me up.

I’m in.

sign me up.

Riding this trend until it ends. Hook me up.

Eh, why not?

The numbers, Mason! What do they mean!?

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Couldn’t wait, huh.

Yeah, dying makes mafia pretty boring.


My schedule will be pretty open as well in 8 days, so count me in

I’ll join up.

I’m in.

I want too and I want to be a defender. Can I choose my number too?

That’s not how this works.

Math-based Mafia?

I’m in.


How it works?

You don’t choose the role, the roles are chosen at random by the host.


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OOOOOOHHHH… OK, I still want to participate!

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I’ll play.

I’m in.