Fictional Continent Contest

This is a contest to see who can create the most interesting continent and history of that continent. There will be a first, second and third place. The rules are simple: You must have at least one continent, and at least 1,000 years of history for that continent. That doesn’t mean you have to go into detail about every single year; You can just talk about some of the important years and events. Make sure to name your continent and include kingdoms, empires, wars and culture groups to make it interesting.
If you wish to enter the contest, you have until December third to create and enter your continent.If you want me to extend that the time limit, give me a compelling argument or get enough people to agree with you and i will do so. At the end of that time span, everyone will send a PM to me saying who they vote for. You are allowed to vote for yourself. If you don’t want to enter but still want to vote, just make a post saying you will vote.
So that’s all. Good Luck!


I will vote, not sure if I’ll enter yet.

Seems interesting… I may give it a shot.

a way to get more into Lunarria

I am so entering.

My body is ready.

Count me in, I guess?

Can this include continents that have been a while in the making? Say two months… Or three years?

It would be a crime for me not to enter.

So… when does it start?

im in

Now. You have to submit your continent on December 3rd.


And how do we submit exactly…?

I am so entering.

There is probably a better way for you to get votes, like a straw poll or somethin’…

Post it on the topic.

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So… make a new topic specifically for your entry, or post it on some other topic?

######As you can see, I am kind of confused.

I believe this topic.

If that’s the case, I’m gonna wait for other users to post their entries.

what category
since I already have a post about a world I have been making also
I have seen what has happened with contest on this boards

Post it on this topic.

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