Fidget Spinners Discussion

I’m honestly surprised nobody has posted about this but I think that how everybody says they are supposed to help you actuall isn’t true unless you really have ADHD

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I made some out of legos. Not as effective, but interesting.

Mine just came in the mail

No idea why these things got so popular. I guess they’re just interesting? I’ll hold one and think it’s cool for a minute or two, but after that I just don’t care.


Fidget Spinners look like they should’ve come out in the 90s back when it was cool to collect pieces of plastic.


But the custom ones sure are cool

So Lego was only cool in the 90s? Dangit! All that money spent for nothing!

Just kidding, but this fidget spinner thing is pretty much the new crappy middle school trend. Also a waste of money, it’s just a deformed wheel.


One kid at my school traded three burritos for a spinner.


The whole spinner thing is pretty dumb imo. I don’t see the fun of spinning something over and over again for hours on end. Don’t people get bored of it?


Eventually. The sad this is that even if you actually have ADHD. These don’t tend to help as much as other fidgets. They’re still fun tho.


I am getting one, not because I necessarily want one, but because I’m sorta a living embodiment of Newton’s first law, (Except when I’m sleeping, then it’s more like his second law) I spin my keys a lot, so my friend is getting me one so I don’t take someone’s eye out or something idk

I personally hate how they are becoming a trend, they should just stay as a stress reliever in stead of a toy.


Man I don’t get the deal with these

Fidget cubes are where it’s at and I mean the legit thing

I did send monies to help it get made and all

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What are fidget cubes? Like what do you do with them, I think the Spinner would help me best, because spinning is just something I do

I hate these. They’re so annoying, and kinda pointless. I get that if you actually have ADHD or something of the like they could help, but there’s no way my entire school has ADHD. So meanwhile, I have to be annoyed while everyone plays with annoying little spinners.


I don’t have the link on me, but a fidget cube is- well, just go look it up. They’re super cool, and while the rest of the internet is exploding about how to make your own, I supported, paid for, and custom-ordered the real deal.

Really good during classes and you want to be a good little boy and not look up YouTube videos during lectures.

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I’ve seen these popping more frequently around my school. I myself don’t particularly detest them or the fact that people use them, but at the same time I don’t really care for them either.

Just going to drop this here.

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By Renzari Kenjo on Flickr.

nuff said


@RaptorTalon I would never get a fidget spinner, but this is on a whole new level, even just to display it looks cool.