Finalized BIONICLE 2015 Set Images

Finalized Bionicle 2015 Set Images Discovered

We’ve got some exciting news for you guys! At long last, we have on hand finalized images of the Bionicle 2015 sets! These pictures were discovered by just2good from YouTube, and are the finalized images for all of these sets for 2015 Winter release! Absent from this photoset, unfortunately, is Onua and the Protectors.

[Source]: “Lego Bionicle 2015 Finalized Set Pictures" via Just2good

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I’m liking Gali’s mask better now. Though the Hau looks like it has a beard, and the Miru looks less similar to the original than I had thought.

So his name really is Lord of Skull Spiders. Yikes.


Someone should make a side by side comparison with the previous leaks

I thought that they took away the other blades from Gali’s trident, but they just got moved to her feet to function as fins. And it appears that they can also be put back on to the trident. Dual functionality is back


The Hau looks different! AAGH!

Also Gali’s mask looks much better now. I’m not sure how I feel about Lewa’s mask… but Kopaka and Pohatu are just spot on! I wish we had gotten a look at Onua, but overall I’m liking this!

Also, I had just noticed that the skull spiders are bleeding TINY compared to the toa, especially Tahu. Also, I think some of them have stingers… Skull Scorpions? /s


Yeah, what with that blob for a Pakari, Onua was the one I wanted to see the most.

Dang, these sets look great. Brb fangirling forever

HAU could they do that to Tahu’s mask?!



That Hau :frowning:

The Hau has a beard…?

Thank you, God.

As another note, I still have no clue what the heck those things are on Lewa’s shoulders.

i cant really see very well, but i don’t know if some of the masks are clip on like the mask of creation, so maybe the Mask of Creation can be worn over other masks?

It’s almost time


The hau is different but i like it

Oh my god, these sets look amazing. I’m especially looking forward to Kopaka and Pohatu. They look amazing and Inlove Pohatu’s boomerangs.

I think the hau just looks different from an angle, the image of tahu still looks pretty much the same, I mean if you took any mask and angled it it would probably look more flat

I’d like to point out the Guurahk staff piece still hanging off of Pohatu’s back :stuck_out_tongue:

Off-topic: Our old emotes are back!

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I’m very pleased with all of them so far. This is a really nice take on BIonicle with the use of CCBS.


OMG Pohatu looks sooo good he has weapons that are conventional for once! :smiley: Lewa… well its like that one agoirs mask/helmet he came in a bike i think. Anyway it looks like a cross between the old miru and the bike rider helmet. I actualy dont mind the new hau i think the old hau would of worked better but i dont mind this one. The skull spiders look amazing i can make soo many villans with them. I know what i want for xmas all the moneys to buy these

I’m curious to see how Tahu’s feet connect with his board.


its pretty obvious

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