First Game You Ever Played?

The first game I ever played was ratchet and clank. I think it’s my favorite series, even though kingdom hearts 2 is my favorite game. What’s yours?


man… I think it was the old spongebob game battle for Bikini Bottom



If I remember correctly, it was an old lego adventure game online?

Awe man that’s one I played to. that was a good game.

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Hard to say what my ‘first’ was but if I had to guess it would be lego island 2 for the PS1 or sonic advanced for the GBA.

It would either have to be LEGO’s Rock Raiders game or LEGO Island. Or LEGO chess… I have like, five 90’s LEGO games that I’ve played since I could move a mouse around.

My first game ever was Pokemon Silver.

My first console game was actually far after, as the Silver didn’t actually belong to me.

My first console game was Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker



I believe it was a game known as Bugs bunny: lost in time for the ps1

The first game I ever played was one called Disney’s Dinosaur. I have some fond memories it, despite the fact I discovered a few years ago it was actually a bad game. But due to nostalgia, I think I still love that game though.

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I have know idea…

Goldeneye on the N64

Mine was Lego Star Wars 2, for the PS2…

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Pokemon Sapphire. I got it the same day I was introduced to Bionicle. It was a good day.

Lego Star Wars on the Playstation 2. As far as games I was good at, LU was my first.

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I do believe it was Madeline’s Rainy Day Activities:

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Lego island

Riven was one of the first games I remember, then I played where in the world is Carmen Sandiego soon after.

Rayman 3 for Xbox!

I am happy to say this. This is something that I have been carrying around for a while, waiting for the right moment to say.

The first game I ever played…



IDK… at a friend’s house it was either OOT or SSB64, but I think one of the first games I owned was Rayman 2 for the PC. Oh, and lots of time on those old bioncle disks that came in some sets, though they weren’t really games… it’s kinda a cloud of random stuff for me. I kinda just floated around with various PC things on my dad’s computer until I got a Gamecube some time later. On that my first game was Super Smash Bros Meelee.