Flovios. Toa of Water.

Here’s another water Toa. This time I used a custom hand design that works really well for gripping weapons. It gives the character a sort of clawed look too, which I like a lot.

I swapped in a boatload if masks too. Which one looks the best, in your opinion?

Alt 1

Alt 2

Alt 3

Alt 4

Alt 5


Photoshop Color Swap



As for the mask, it depends on the gender you’re going for. The Faxon, Miru and custom mask look really great if the MOC is a male, and the Kaukaus and Rau are the opposite way.


I really like how you managed to convey the element of water!

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Gonna be honest, I really prefer the first alt.

I never really liked the Faxon.


That hand design is really nice, and I like the trident aswell. I wish I had more of those pieces with the four axel points. The upper arm is a but strange to me though.

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Faxon or Rau

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Gotta go with the faxon, I feel it fits the shape of the rest of the moc.

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