Folk's random requests

i was replying to

Oh yeah.
I guess we’ll see about that

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'cause anime logic will clearly be in @Looch 's favor.

why is it ? @Sammythekat

Because anime logic.

More specifically because self proclaimed gods usually get smashed by some story powerup.

Yo @Folk.

Not to be a pain.

Really, sorry in advance mate.

But is Salazar done :b?

Na dude you’re not a pain, you’ve been the client that had to wait the longest so far…

Not gonna lie, I usually struggle with humans as a whole, but Orcs? Almost every single drawing I’ve done just didn’t feel right and the face never looked proper. SO yeah, I kinda failed… Should I have told you earlier?

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I had already seen your message dude

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It’s ok man! :smile:

Though, could you make this one?

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No problem!

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Eh sure

Yeah that’s cool and all but can you deliver pizzas in under 30 minutes


Hey you do another request, but this time on 6 of the TTV Castmates as

Yes make Eljay as Batman.

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I would have loved making eljay aqua man XD


Could you draw a stylized take on this?

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@Baldric my character is a good guy XD well antiHero but still XD he is not self proclaimed , he kinda powered up like a super saiyan XD lolz, and he wont stay a God as in v3 he is gonna be back to normal lolz but dont tell anyone :wink:

Folk! Fellow Artist


can ya draw me in some action pose?


This is important to all those who have requested stuff and that will request stuff. I’m going on holiday, so I may not have as much time as I usually do. I couldn’t even start the battle between @Looch vs @Kirk and @Omega_Tahu 's Nexus because the TTV as the Justice League project just took so much effort.
Nexus is next, and I hope I’ll be able to finish for tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you for all the support, all of you, as we have just reached front page apparently… Even the Chibi rahkshi couldn’t do that!