Folk's random requests

Hi there! I see that you guys have been giving me crazy support on my artwork page, and you’ve been keeping me busy with a whole lot of requests. However, the artwork page is becoming kind of a mess now, and I am having trouble keeping up with all the requests!

This new pages entire purpose is for you guys to be able to leave your requests and for you to be absolutely sure that I will see them. The rules are very simple:

1/ leave your request on this page
2/ As soon as I either like or answer your message, you can be sure that I have seen your message, and I will tell you if I have started working on it.
3/ As soon as you see my answer, our discussion about your request will be entirely done via Private Messages (just to prevent this page from becoming a mess).

Also if you want me to draw one of your Mocs, please give a link to its topic (if it has one) and give its name!

DISCLAIMER: the more interesting your request is, the higher chance you have to get it earlier. I want to have fun with this sort of things :slight_smile:

Well, I have work to do! Have fun!


I would like for you to do a drawing of Destrucus:

If it isn’t a hassle :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s no problem, I’d like to see your interpretation of my self-MOC:

While everyones asking for requests i may as well before the list gets to long: Sovereign (self moc (?))

@Adamthefirst : I’m starting work on Destructs.

@ToaPyren @Calebmar12 You guys are next, I have seen your messages


Have fun getting swamped.
But seriously, good luck.


I request a drawing of your interpretation of The Joker from Young Justice.

I think i’d have to request here again.

Yo Folk.

Can ya do Salazar?

If you want to, of course.

Thanks in advance!

I had started salazar in different poses including on a throne, but not gonna lie I’m struggling with this, probably because I am not used to these sorts of drawings

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Man that sounds neat.

You can put mine in a hiatus if you need to, as said, no rush :D!

Your request is done!

@Chronicler as Maximilien Robespierre is you do not mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you draw Spike Spegal?

Now THIS I wanna see.

If you could draw the Blue Lion from Voltron: Defender of the Universe, that’d be :ok_hand:

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I don’t know what chronicler looks like

Can you draw Tahu Mata with the Spear of Fusion and the three Legendary Masks?

Okay I’m advertising it here too because why not!
Hey, guys, let’s try and reach 50 likes for the chibi Rahkshi drawing! Apparently you love it as much as I do so why not? Just for fun you know!

Just use the 2015 Gali mask.

Could you do another for me?
Red Robin, this version: