Folk's random requests

I got one:

in a running pose?

Hey, I don’t mean to be a wet towel, but how’s mine coming along?

Could you draw him in a pose like this, maybe with a friendly look on his face? If so, it’d be most appreciated.

@TheRed1s Don’t worry, I have already started a while ago. I don’t know how long it will take. Right now I am working on a fight scene between two of my requests and it’s taking me a while. If you want I can send you kind of a prototype picture

@Yveran Your order is almost finished as well !

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thanks, but I’d like to leave it as a surprise until the final product is complete

Can I get a picture of this guy moonwalking in a fancy hat? I will pay in tears of orphans. :slight_smile:

Heres the topic for vicroen. Vicroen v5

@Folk, I’ve noticed that all requests after me have been completed, but mine has not. Just asking, was it too difficult? I understand if it was. Don’t take this the wrong way, I was just wondering. :smiley:

I actually had not started the request yet just because I had so many unique and difficult requests to do before that, but I am planning to create a fight drawing between your moc and @Hafynx 's. I just need to know what powers they have.

Sorry for keeping you waiting

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It’s perfectly fine, my power is dark energy.

Sounds fun

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Could you draw Looch

wielding the flamberge from Dark Souls


Left hand heats up and glows.

Sword blade does the same.

On it!

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please do my self MOC Origan :0 ???

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@Kirk @looch How about a fight between your mocs?

Well, I have arrived, and I humbly request for you to draw NEXUS!!!

(Pictures at the link)

@Folk: did you see this?

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sounds cool @Folk but we know i will win cause im the God of Death lolz hehehe



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