Forgotten Grotto (Mafia Discussion Topic)

Welcome to the Forgotten Grotto!

This will serve as the discussion topic for the mafia series as a whole. We’ll be using this to discuss the mafia series as a whole, as well as vote for the hosts of future games (because screw MT and his unilateral power up to this point). Also general mafia discussion not specific to any one game will go here as well.


The Ancient City ~ MT

Cyan ~ MT
Violet ~ Chro

Vengeance ~ Millsy
Operation: Revival ~ Marendex

Rebellion ~ Slime
Abduction ~ Eljay

Annihilation ~ Hawkflight
Dark Hunter ~ Paradox

Hero Factory Mafia: Infiltration ~ CGL
Cross Universe Mafia: Backstab ~ TFM



Current opinion on Revival: @MT_Zehvor Is awesome at analyzing and presenting his points :wink:

Will the HF Mafia also appear here too?

I’ll add it to the list as a side game, yeah.


Just going to post here so if/when I join one of the mafia games I don’t forget this exists.

Current thoughts: cmon people why can’t one of you DIE already so I don’t have to die first again


Uh…, what about me?

Will there ever be G1 mafia games? Not that i have a problem with G2 or anything, just asking.

Please sign up… for my Mafia thing…

Firs I need to figure ou what they are (I plan on doing that tomorrow.)

If the game gets started, then I’ll add it to the list.

Probably, at some point.


I’ve already seen that.

that’s all you need to know after:
This, as you may have surmised from the title, is a game of Mafia with a Bionicle skin over it. Basically that means it’ll be general mafia rules, set in a Bionicle setting. Specifically, the Ancient City after Ekimu and Makuta were knocked into an endless sleep.

If you don’t know how mafia works, then read on. If you do, skip to the part that says “Residents of the Ancient City.”

Mafia is a bit of a complex game, but one that once you get the hang of, it’ll be easy. It’s a game that revolves around clever tactics and deception, and, in most cases, luck as well. For the purposes of this game, the players will be divided into two sides: The Villagers, and the Mafia. Each side is trying to kill the other.

After everyone signs up, you’ll be given a role via PM. If that role is Mafia, then you will be part of a team of mafia members, trying to eliminate the remaining villagers. Each “night” (more on that in a bit), you and your fellow mafians will choose one villager to kill. After your decision is made, I will post on here informing everyone of who died, as well as a list of 4 potential suspects (one of whom is the real murderer) for the killing. This is where a good deal of the strategy comes in.

Everyone, villager or mafian, can vote on who they think should be executed for last night’s murder. If you’re a villager, you want to get the Mafian who committed the act. If you’re a Mafian, you want to get a villager lynched in your teammates’ place. Note that you can only vote if you’re alive; the dead have nothing worthwhile to contribute. There will be 24 hours from the announcement of last night’s killing to vote, and you can change your vote up to two times.

In summary…

Villagers, unlike Mafians, don’t know who their fellow “teammates” are. In other words, if you’re a villager, the only person’s role you will know is your own. It’s up to you to try and figure out who the Mafia are, and lynch them. Once someone is lynched/killed otherwise, their role is revealed to all.

Mafians, meanwhile, know who their teammates are (and, by extension, everyone who isn’t a Mafia). Much of the strategy from being Mafia is realizing that you’re outnumbered, and thus, you have to use deception and trickery to fool the real villagers into thinking you’re one of them.

One final thing of note is that all Mafia games run on a “day/night” cycle. During the “night” the Mafians confer among themselves on who to kill. During the “day” the results of last night’s killing are made known, everyone votes on who to lynch for the murder, and then the poor soul who gets convicted has his role revealed as well. The game then shifts to night, and the cycle continues.

The goal, in the end, is for your team to survive. To “win” the game, your side must have some member surviving until the end.

If any of this didn’t make sense, let MT know and he’ll be happy to explain


Thanks for the, uh…volunteering…

But yeah, TFM pretty much covered all of it. Some individual games have twists to them, which will be explained there. It’ll make more sense the more you do it.




On a lighter note, how are your today, MT?

So I know i’m asking a lot of questions but how do you play this on the boards? Is their a Pm topic where the Mafia people talk?

I think so.

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