Fortunately, Unfortunately (GAME)

Welcome to Fortunately, Unfortunately , a never-ending game of fortunate and unfortunate events.

This is how the game works:

  1. I’m going to give the starting sentence. This will be the only
    starting sentence.
  2. Somebody will follow up on that with something unfortunate.
  3. That is then followed up by something fortunate.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the end of time.

Here’s a quick example:

and so on and so forth.

The starting Sentence is:
Theodore the sad laptop just won the lottery.


Unfortunately it was SCAM !

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Fortunately, Theodore sued the company for 100,000,000 Buckaroos.

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Unfortunately the company had @Kahi as their Lawyer so Theodore instead lost money

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Theodore started crying that night not knowing what he was gonna do

Did you read the rules @Kobondo

Fortunately, Theodore was able to find Eljay, Kahi’s nemesis.

Unfortunately Elijay and kahi got into a fight and in the process broke theodore’s back and he is now paralyzed

Fortunately, he claimed a large monetary stipend for becoming paralyzed.

Unfortunately, he has no immediate family to take care of him while he recovers.

Fortunately he had a long lost brother who can take care of him

Unfortunately he’s being held by some random guys

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Fortunately Liam Neeson has come to save the day


Fortunately his long lost brother knew the random people and they all became homies

Unfortunately they are part of The Cliffhorse Cult

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Fortunately CHC has a civil war and they escape to Alaska

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Unfortunately Alaska was taken back by the Russians


Fortunately, Russia allowed Alaska to keep the laws they already had.


Unfortunately Japan have taken over Alaska And Russia

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Fortunately, Japan was attacked by a giant bug.

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