Fun-size Vahki & the Fun-size Contest

This is pretty much a bohrok va, but a vahki
I like to call it the Fun-size Vahki, but Vahki va, Bodakh va, or chibi Bodakh could work too

Yes, it can transform! Just like the originals!

Size comparison to Vorzakh

Comparison of spider mode

Other size comparisons

Sadly, no disk for it
Instructions should be in How-to tutorials topic

##Welcome to the Fun-size Contest
My motivation for this was from Ven’s recent moc contest
The aim of this contest is to create a moc that is small, or as I say, fun-size. The moc could be a small version of creatures or characters in Bionicle, or just a small scaled moc. Basically, the only requirement is that the moc has to be small(as in, no taller than a protector). Also, be creative, think outside of the box.
LDD is allowed
The approximate last day to enter an entry is Friday the 13th of October by 11:59 PM Eastern time.
1st place gets their choice of moc that I will build and share, and a hand drawn picture of their entry (I’m not that good with drawings, but I’ll try my best)
There is no limit in entries

So far this is all I can think of, this topic should be updated later
Best of to those who enter and I hope to see the creations you make


Can i use only mixel joints and system?

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It’s just a thought but maybe using a flat rounded 2x2 circular piece as a disk would work


Does it have to use G1 parts or can it use ccbs?

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I never thought a Vahki could be cute.


Ha, this is really cute. I feel like the head could use a little work, but other than that it’s great!


@Zero sure
@HistorianIvan There is no limit to parts you can use, only the moc has to be small

@squeaverking I tried that, but it didn’t fit, I also tried a 1x1 round stud, but it wouldn’t fit either
@Invader_Rose I didn’t either, until I made this guy
@ReeseEH Thanks, I’ll see what I can do


This is actually pretty sweet.

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I think I’ll be entering the contest.

As for the MOC, it’s pretty cool.

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That’s a pretty clever head design.

I don’t have any parts right now, so I can’t enter the contest though. Good luck to everyone!

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this is adorable

i may enter

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@Toa_Distraxx Glad to hear that, and thanks
@jayzor17 thank you
@BrokenAxels thanks

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Are chibi (big head, small body) MOCs allowed for the contest? And should I throw a link in this topic?

Of course, and sure

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Pretty nifty Vahki. The head bothers me a bit, with the eyes, but otherwise is recognizable enough.

In terms of the contest, does it have to be a new moc? And what is the size suggestion/requirement?

I ask because basically every MFZ mecha I’ve made is ‘fun sized’

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Are the eyes sticking out the problem? I’ve started to think they are
A new moc is what I’m looking for, just posting an old one sort of defeats the purpose of the deadline to me
As for the size, the height limit is about the height of a matoran/protector


I was about to ask about that, I made a moc for the contest that ended up about a head taller than a protector, and I was wondering if that was too tall?

Is there any possible way to make it shorter?