G2 concept art mocs

Hey I’m wondering has anyone actually made the unused concepts for the elemental creatures in the concept art for the g2 bionicle. At that matter did someone make the other builds like the villain in the beyblade image(don’t know what they are just that they spin) or that skull warrior that has blades and blasters on each arm


you could look in the art of lego bionicle book here
thats the best i got

I mean has anyone actually made actual builds that look like the concepts. Like I remember seeing someone actually made the snake like elemental creature of stone

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Years ago I built that evil looking kopaka.

The G2 concept art is so beautiful and inspiring. I could look at it for hours several minutes

(By @Tributron)

(by @Altair)

As for the others, I can’t recall which characters your talking about. Could someone provide a picture?


That’s pretty good. The second ones more accurate

For sure. Tributron’s version does have a neat function though

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Yeah it’s pretty cool