G2 Mask Stands

Hello! All of you probably remember the mask stand from Ekimu v Kulta, no? Well, it worked crap unless you pulled the pieces away, making it an illegal build. I went ahead and expanded on the basic concept of that mask stand, and the result is something I am genuinely proud of:

From the left:
Basic stand G1 mode (axle conection only)
Stand for G2 masks only
Basic stand G2 mode
The g2 mask stands utilise a chin holder in order to keep the mask in a proper position. The distance between the chin holder and the earstrap holder are replicable for custom mask stands. Here is a clearer view of their design.

As you can see, the chin holder is the second distance to the side and half a distance lower than the strap holder. The G1 mode of the basic stand is a very simple piece replacement. I do not know how well the G1 one works w other G1 masks as I have very few G1 sets. The G2 stand works with every mask from 2015. Here is proof:

The Masks of Evil

The Masks of Valor

The Masks of Wisdom
Here is a how to: Basic stand

And here for the special (because it uses rare pieces and debatably looks better) stand:

Discuss and comment! :grinning:


You should totally give these codenames.


I approve this message.


Biomech stand G1
Biomech stand G2
Royal stand

Does that work?
@matanui606 which message?


The message of well built mask stands.




this is pretty cool

yoink, their mine now /s

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well now I have where to put my masks, ty,

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Thanks everyone else too! :grinning:

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efficient and neat

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I approve of these

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Hahahahahaha enough. And soon I’ll be learning how to make them.


These are some neat stands. I’d like to see how they look with a bit more personality (like elemental motifs).

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I might try adding elemental motifs soon.

Interesting, I should try to make one of these for the mask of control.

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Hey i love your designs for the mask stands. I tried to change your second design for the people who might not have those 1x1 hole pieces.


I was gonna make the last stand for the Mask of Creation and Mask of Control. I think I have the pieces :smile:


They’re meant to be redesined, but I woud replace the gray piece for a black one. But you probably dont have one and that is why there is a gray piece there in the first place.

May I have your attension
Just a few names I remember from various places. Thanks!

Wait what? What am I needed for in this topic with rather awesome stands?