G2 Takanuva Moc WIP

A while back, I drew up a Takanuva image in the G2 style. After the news of @Cyber-Hand custom Avohkii being developed and seeing the mockup of it, I decided to go full out with it. Currently, I’m waiting on a few bricklink orders, but this will be the basic shape of the figure.
Things to note:
The Gladitorian shingards are meant to simulate the old nuva leg parts from 2002, and concequently will be painted white along with the Knights Kingdom armor (unless the armor is close enough to pearl gold.
The Technic upper arms will hopefully get cleaned up once I have a design I’m happy with
If I go with the skirt, it’ll probably have to be a custom design and not the Accessory pack cape due to the amount of fabric I have to work with there.

Constructive criticisms are always appreciated.
Here’s the original design I made for those curious.


Change that orange if possible. Otherwise. This is great.

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This looks really good! Can’t wait to see the final result.

Link please?


I would remove the upper leg’s friction adders, but other than that it’s really cool

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Cool thanks. That mask is looking great, and I’m sure it will look awesome on your moc.

This looks great so far except remove the orange and red pieces near the feet unless those are place holders, add maybe a 2015 armor add-on with the piston in pearl gold, and go with a single hue of gold

How did you get rid of the printing on the torso shell?

All the color errors are place holders until I get the parts in to replace them/paint in to color them appropriately.
The print was rubbed off with an old fashion eraser and an excessive amount of force.

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Btw if you want to remove the printing, an easier way is to take some sandpaper (make sure it is not very rough), wet it, and rub the part with it. I tried it once, and it works like a charm. Again, can’t wait to see the final product this looks great. Are you going to put new decals on the chest?

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I’m gonna draw one out based of the drawings I made of him before. Hopefully, it comes out well. I f the design fits well, I might upload it to the message boards for others that can use it as a template.

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