G3 Civil War Plot Discussion


I know the civil war event is planned for the future and the rest of the story is being written before hand, however, I would like to start this topic to brainstorm the plot of the civil war arc. The story bible does not contain a large amount of information on the war and I decided to start brainstorming up the rest.

This topic is meant to bring up ideas that TTV can use if they do not already have a plan for the civil war.

The sides

Ok so the sides are those of the G1 civil war, with the elements of Ice, Wind and Stone against Fire, Water and Earth. This pits the regions of Ihu, Kanae and Motara against Mangai, Naho and Tiro, which they will be referred to in explaining the events of the war.

In G1 the original war began from Ta and Po matoran, this was will instead begin with Ihu and Mangai, I do not know what event will start the war as the story bible has a little bit of content here so I won’t plan a starting event. I will however propose that Ihu and Mangai mutually declare war rather than one on the other.

Events edited due to new map

The map, courtesy of @UltimateMustacheX:

The Beginning (sort of)

So primarily, Ihu will oppose Mangai and Mangai will oppose Ihu, the other regions will initially be a bit shocked that they’ve actually declared war and will be a little cautious in any trade or supply to either region but trade will still continue even if it is reduced in some cases. I am still going off the assumptions of the map geography.

This map is quite interesting as was it’s predecessor, Mangai and Ihu share a border and both have a border with 2 opposing powers, I like this. Kanae and Tiro are a little off to the side and they do primarily end up as reinforcements so this is ok.

However I think that the island map may change in future so hopefully the cast see this and confirm/deny the map design or post an alternate design. I believe in one episode Var said that Kanae my simply just rotate around the main island as it floats like an asteroid belt ( the belt is my idea) so again, this list of events may not be fixed canon.

The events

  • Ihu and Mangai both are at war with each other. All other regions are neutral but support and supplies still can come from any region initially.

  • Ihu has a good diplomatic standing with Motara (strengthened by the fact their Toa are good friends) and so Ihu calls on that friendship to assist them against Mangai, Motara accepts.

  • Ihu plans to cross into Naho to trade and to meet or move military forces from Mangai. They don’t exactly respect Naho as they focus too much on the threat of Mangai that tensions begin to rise between Naho and Ihu as the instigators of this disrespect. Naho slowly builds a grudge of Ihu.

  • An incident occurs (something kid friendly such so it can work in Lego) such as a village being destroyed or damaged as a result of the Ihuians having to travel around the central volcano for surprise attacks through Motara or battle on the border.

  • Naho opposes Ihu and openly supports Mangai, Ihu is now cutoff from the eastern side as they move their troops to the border and start constructing water based defenses and strongholds and reinforce the Mangaian front…

  • The construction of the Naho defenses is protected solely by elemental advantage until they are completed.

  • Ihu tries to persuade Kanae or Tiro to assist but both remain neutral.

  • Mangai has held out quite well but sees that Naho is faltering a little under raids and so decides to send shock troop Mangaians to help them. The leader of these shock troops who is a major political leader in Mangai is captured and sent to Motara.

  • Kanae begins to assist Motara as Ihu’s air based raids are being sent back by attack threats. Motara begins supplying Ihu with additional air support.

  • The Kanae leadership realises the wealth they can gain from assisting Ihu and Motara and continue supplying them and this leads to Kanae openly supporting Ihu.

  • Under the strain of 3 regions attacking them and the lack of supplies from being cut-off from Kanae (having the primary transport businesses with the Gukko), Mangai starts to crack, their warriors are tired and they are running low on supplies.

  • Tiro comes to the aid of Mangai during an attack from Motara, rushing past Motaran towns and villages and rescuing the Mangaian shock trooper in the process. Think Rohan from LOTR2, the bond formed by this aid will remain even after the war is over.

  • The island is now truly split and at a stalemate, Ihu having Kanae’s supply but Mangai having Tiro’s resources, both sides are now on equal footing.

  • Tiro is beginning an advance on Motara from the east as Mangai pushes from the North, Motara is the field of the final battle, if Motara falls, the momentum will carry them straight to Ihu.

The ending

The Toa in all this may not even be present, off fighting another evil and perhaps we return to the middle of the war, hence our first wave sets and then the ending of the war with second wave sets. They will return home a little shocked I suppose, I’m not a massive fan of them participating in the war defeats the whole unity thing.

The end of the war will occur with an apocalyptic disaster (looking at you Makuta) that will cause all regions to set aside their arguments and follow the Toa to defeat this evil. Upon the defeat, the Toa (who somehow know what caused the original rift between Ihu and Mangai) explain that they were tricked into this war but can now rebuild “united in duty…” etc. A cheesy and happy ending but considering it may be at the end of the initial 3 year stretch it fits, if however it is in the latter years, perhaps an outside force threatens the now united island.


Anyway, this is just my thoughts on the civil war and I would like to remind you it is based on the island geography. If anyone has any suggestions on events or ideas for the war, I’d be more than happy to hear them.

Comments and criticisms are more than welcome :smile:

Edits: Changed topic details to accommodate map changes.


This actually gives me a platform to discuss a concept that’s been floating around in my mind; vehicles, Rahi, and tools intended for use in other regions. I’ve got a couple of concepts in mind.

Mangaian Snowmobile

Ihuan Ussal Crystal Slicer (based on the Jungle Cutter from Indiana Jones. Needs some work to make it more practical.)


Everything seems to play out well in this. I like the setup.

Just one detail is off. Ihu doesn’t need to go through Naho to get to Motara. There are the 3 merchant gates that Ahkmou, Velika and Hafu guard. One connects to Mangai, one to Ihu, and one to Tiro. The purple rectangles on the map are those gates.

Which one does Ahkmou guard? Perhaps the gate suffers from a cave in or something that forces Ihu to go around and antagonize Naho, perhaps as part of some master plan by larger forces maybe?

Perhaps all the gates end up being shut (save the Tiro-Motara gate).

@Sanokal hmm, I have a moc I’m planning for a release soon that would be a very nice compliment for your snowmobile, could I perhaps propose it takes part in a Mangaian battle pack? Fantastic in design but maybe throw a splash of Mata red in there.

As for Rahi, I have ideas about using Bear and Rhino Rahi in battle pack ideas and I already have a good bear design based on a Lego ideas Avatar: Legend of Korra Moc. Rahi seem perfect to integrate into life on the island so why not warfare?

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Absolutely, and feel free to modify the colour scheme; I just went and followed the scheme on the Defense Tower for consistency’s sake.

I do have a few other ideas in that line as well, such as Mahi-drawn catapults and maybe something similar to the Visorak Battle Ram for example. There’s a fair bit of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings in my thinking, yes. Not that I want to skew the theme of course. There’s designs for an Ash Bear and a Mahi in Oomatu’s thread if you’re interested, but feel free to do your own thing - given your trend with that Gukko it’d probably be pretty brilliant!

I have a design for a bear based on the Bear-Dog from this Lego ideas submission.

Mahi-Drawn catapults sound awesome! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got.
I have new Rahi designs I’m working on but they’re for large battle pack type sets, one could be considered a battering Rahi, but it doesn’t have the function.

Edit: Actually one of my battle packs has got WAAAAY too big, I may put Mahi catapults in them, If you wanna design them, I’ll use 'em. I should really look at the battle pack piece counts.

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Actually, the bear does look a lot more official. As much as I’m loathe to admit it, LEGO seem to be phasing out limbs joints for such models (the Ninjago Fire Mech and the Fenris from Thor Ragnarok being prime examples) in the name of stability. There’s also the fact that I’ve based the model purely on the G1 Graalok (seriously, can we make that the name, I prefer such names to English words) rather than a more adaptive design like you, Sokoda, and Oomatu tend to do.

I’ll have a muck around and see what I can do. It shouldn’t be too hard; I’ll just have to remember not to make it to large and complicated, seeing as this is a battle pack we’re talking about. Might watch that podcast again too…

EDIT: Since I’ll be busy tomorrow, I stayed up way too late to cobble this together.

It’s about 202 pieces; the Mahi is around 80.


I reckon I’ll have to edit it a little, in my experience the limbs are great but of course, piece count. The Bear designs are modified from the one in the link but it is heavily based on it, I have recently designed a brand new Rahi based on a real animal, you’ll know it when you see it and I’m seriously proud of the design.

I’m not crazy about politic, but it’s really intresting! I like it!

I’m trying not to make it political so it’ll be easy to understand for kids, but thanks!

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In the story bible, there were references to a section of Tiro’s population who yearned for the days when it was a major military power. Anyone think this civil war plot could be a good place to bring them into the fold? Maybe the actions of a fanatical leader could be what push the rest of the region to join the war?

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After the episode 3 script discussion, I realized this version of the map is no longer accurate (they saw Kanae on the outskirts of the Tiro forest). This would likely change a few of these war details. I made an updated version of the map, so feel free to use that to tweak any pre-war details.

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I’ll check out that map and restructure my design of the events, of course these events are not set in stone and are still just shouldercanons (if you don’t get that joke… pls), but I should be able to work with it.

@A2B2C2 I like the idea of a fanatical leader but the war is primarily Ihu vs Mangai and the idea is they both go to war at the same time, not sure how to fit any fanatical rulers into that yet, if you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear them.

What I was thinking is that in the original civil war plot, the Onu Matoran were one of the parties that tried to remain neutral. Tiro is established as thinking of the Mangai and Ihu rivalry as being petty, though secretly disliking Ihu at the same time. Some of Tiro’s youth is established as having formed a pro-militia faction and perhaps a few of them could’ve been erratic enough to try and attack the Ihu factions, drawing their ire. The Tiroan council tries to disavow itself from these warmongers but to no avail and end up being forced into the war.

Naho might likewise try to stay isolationist, wanting to protect their borders, but perhaps part of the Ihu faction ends up getting forced into their territory and are forced to form an alliance with Mangai if only to protect their own borders.

As for the Kanae region? Maybe they were fed up with inept rulers and thought the only way to achieve prosperity was to side with the Merchant Kings and Ihu’s nobles?

Speaking of which, I could see Ahkmou running some kind of black market through the Dark Hunters supplying by arms to both sides. Ahkmou would probably regard Hafu as a kook trying to protect his statues and Veilka as a fool who likely doesn’t know what he’s saying. Maybe he hopes to usurp them and become a supreme ruler of the Motara region?

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Perhaps we can use Ahkmou to drag Tiro and Kanae into the war, I’ll do some basic plans tonight at some stage.

Perhaps building off of the Pro Military faction of Tiro, Ahkmou sells some weapons to them, then through their own rash actions use the weapons to attack some random Ihuan patrol that ventured a little too close.

There have been incidents in history that were started by something as simple as a snowball. It would be ironic for Tiro, the most intellectual of the village to be dragged in by impulsive behavior of a few boisterous youths who forced their hand.

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I think there should just be one dude watching all play out going “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

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Maybe another one asking “Who ate all the pies?” repeatedly while firing ammunition in every which direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a Motaran soldier whose fellow told him Tiroans stole them out of his rations, lol?

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It could certainly be expanded beyond that too. Tiro could at first merely step in to protect their own, which keeps them involved in the story, yet remains relatively true to the concept of them staying out of the war, at least until they join later.


I want to have one region that initially begins neutral and then has to defend itself then ends up allying with Mangai as this will be Naho or Tiro.