G3 masks Fanart concepts

The talk of G3 in mini figure form had me wondered…


First up is our Iconic Hau

A Huna huna snug in… I must have missed it…

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Very nice, my dude! First and third ones are my personal favorites. I like the “Hauna,” too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well thank you.

I am new at this kind of Forum. So still figuring out how it works.

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I don’t know Hau you do it, but this is great. Huna man? You da man.


Cool, I quite like the way you designed the 1st and 4th versions.

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These are pretty good! I really like the Hunt, but the second Hau is my favorite.

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Well time for the Miru.

I never really was a fan of the Miru it just seemed too big… but playing with its now I is one of my favorite masks… so far. And lets be honest, Levitation is awesome… only beaten by Flying…

I need to redesign the Kadin one day… Why doe the toa of earth have the mask of flight?