G3 Rahkshi Guide (My own interpretation of what the Rahkshi would be like)

Well, what with all of this discussion on the role of the Rahkshi would be in Bionicle G3, I’ve honestly taken a LOT of interest. In particular, I’m VERY inspired by the ideas of others- Namely Vorahk being a hungry, wendigo-like creature, and as I’ve worked on them, I figured I might as well post a ‘mock’ in-universe guide to my ideas for the g3 Rahkshi!

KAPURA’S GUIDE TO RAHKSHI (And other things to know about them)

Hello, Kapura here! As a fellow Matoran and researcher, I feel the need to mention and take into account a recent phenomenon; Rahkshi.

As you, dear reader, may know, tales have circulated of a cult; known as the Brotherhood of Makuta, they worship this dark and nasty spirit named Makuta. The stories on this creep vary, from him being the dark brother of our island’s creator, to the manifestation of all our evil, to the empty void itself…

Regardless, one thing is real- The Rahkshi. Now, what are Rahkshi, you might ask? Well, I, Dr. Kapura, researcher on the workings of Makuta and his cult, am happy to enlighten you!

This Brotherhood worships Makuta, and from what little I’ve managed to discern (through stealthy missions that have come with extreme risk of bodily harm), I’ve managed to learn of this cult’s rituals, culture, and hierarchy;

Neophytes and other low-ranking members are known as Kraata. Not much else to these guys, really- Basically a bunch of weirdoes who worship Makuta as their true lord and whatnot, and believe he’ll bring this island to its ‘proper state’, whatever THAT is (Note to self: Do more infiltration work LATER)!

Above the Kraata, miles above, are the Priests of Makuta- The most devoted of his followers. These are called Rahkshi, and THEY host the spirits that turn them into the psychotic creatures glimpsed by you and I…

Supposedly, the Rahkshi are those closest to Makuta- Rahkshi essentially subject themselves before the will of their new ‘father’, whom they accept and embrace. They perform rituals and psychotic meditations, in which they supposedly ‘communicate’ with Makuta. They claim to carry his word and hear him whisper in their ears in the dead of night, and the most loyal of his sons are allowed to host his ‘essence’, and finish their transformation into these primal beasts.

But, ah- WHAT beasts? Well, let me elaborate…

When a Rahkshi priest devotes himself fully to Makuta, vowing to be his faithful son, and performs the proper rites… if deemed worthy by their father, they shall be ‘blessed’ with a horrible, ravaging spirit of evil and sin. The Brotherhood Mythos claims that these spirits are beings known as ‘Antidermis’ (Antidermi, plural), and are born from Makuta’s own twisted essence. They carry his dark, twisted personality, each bearing one of many facets to it, and fully consume and embrace the Rahkshi Priest, possessing them…

In turn, the Priest transforms into a wicked ghoul beyond all comprehension and imagination. At this point, they might as well cease to exist, for a new thing emerges. A horrible monster with nightmarish powers, they are usually made from a Rahkshi Priest being possessed by an Antidermis spirit…

That being SAID, in reality, some Antidermis spirits will decide to choose those outside of the Brotherhood as their wicked hosts. Often cruel and/or misguided beings. Thus, for the sake of identifying and understanding the threat of the Rahkshi, alongside Antidermis possession (and how to ward it off), I shall begin these documents by listing off at least six varieties of Rahkshi that I have categorized, and the Antidermis spirits that follow…


Have you ever had the sudden urge to strangle your neighbor? Ever felt like throwing cats off of rooftops? Kicking Dermis turtles? Disemboweling a passerby? Tearing every structure to its most base elements, even tearing yourself apart? Been consumed by unfathomable rage, wrath, and malice?

Well, if you said YES to any of these questions, then congratulations! There’s a chance that you’ve been possessed by Kuura Spirit (or, as they are known upon possessing a host, Kurahk)!

Kuura spirits are horrifying entities of pure emotion. Nothing but pure wrath, they are constantly screaming and writhing beings, noted by eyewitnesses to resemble pale ghosts with blood red eyes. Kuura Spirits roam this island, seeking out the most ideal host- Murderers, warriors, those with irrational rage, or a grudge. If you feel ANY malice, any ill will, anything of that sort- Then a Kuura will smell that bloodlust and come running towards you! For some reason, these twisted things are consumed by an insatiable rage and wrath. Why? I have NO idea- All I know is that these things are HORRIBLE and should be avoided AT ALL costs, alongside the rest of their brethren, the Brotherhood, and Kolhii Ball salesmen!

Kurahk, the Rahkshi that result whenever a poor host is possessed, are fiendish ghouls. With no respect for the common quiet or peace, they’re easily the least stealthy Rahkshi, because unlike the explosive Panrahk or the poisonous Lerahk, they make NO attempt whatsoever on stealth. Their rage MUST be heard- Screaming with uncontrollable anger, Kurahk attack ANYTHING. If they see a living thing, their natural instinct is to rip it apart in the most gruesome way imaginable. Even if they can’t find anything, then they’ll just go on to tear down any structure they can find- I myself one spotted a Kurahk (from a distance, of course) ravaging a mountain, of all things, attempting to rip it apart, stone by stone. The good news was, it stopped. The bad news was, it was because it noticed a poor, unwitting Kanera Bull…

Aside from brute strength, unimaginable speed, a psychotic fervor for destruction, and a blinding determination to kill, to the point of disregard for any pain whatsoever (which only makes it MORE angry, which is somehow possible and also ill-advised), these things radiate a sort of ‘rage’ aura that when flared up enough can tear apart things in a close vicinity. Worst of all, this aura can even empower the rage of others, attracting other Kuura spirits. Their claws can shred through most things, and their berserker tendencies make them the most unpredictable of their brethren.

On dealing with possession- As noted above, you may feel the symptoms of an Antidermis spirit within oneself. If you ARE being possessed, then waste no time- If you do, then the Antidermis may fully take control of your body and consume your soul, turning you into a ghastly Rahkshi!

Luckily, if one notices quickly enough, they can take action to ward off the spirit in a rigorous exorcism. If you are consumed with rage of a Kuura, then I advise you- Be CALM. Be peaceful.

To ward off a Kuura, be the exact opposite of what it is- Peace. Activities such as meditation, relaxing strolls, peaceful dreams and naps, and so forth can expel a Kuura. Letting go of one’s anger and some decent therapy is a great recommendation. But best of all- If one has an enemy that they bear a grudge towards, then, should they make peace with them, the Kuura WILL be exorcised- No matter WHAT.

And, BEWARE: Just because you have the desire to disembowel your neighbor, this DOES NOT necessarily mean for sure that you’re possessed by a Kuura. After all, these Antidermis spirits need SOME template to work off of, and you’ll always have that bad neighbor- and might BE that bad neighbor!


If things randomly start exploding, now might be the time to start packing your bags and move. Chances are, it’s probably just your neighbor messing around with the fireworks… but also likely is the presence of the dreaded Pahnra Spirit!

Volatile, chaotic things, they’re entities of unstable, shaking energy. A Pahnra Spirit is constantly on the move- For if it stays too still, it’ll explode! THAT being said, sometimes these spirits will detonate anyway, often far too common for anyone’s taste.

Everything they touch blows up. Pahnra Spirits are made up of some chaotic energy that is right on the verge of explosion- A bunch of clashing, raging, wildly fighting and lashing out substances that want to break free in a blinding and very painful burst. Generally, they levitate to some extent, although if you find an entire pathway blown apart through that hill near your village- Well, now you know.

Pahnra Spirits love to seek those who are just as internally clashing as themselves. Their favorites are the indecisive, those with an identity crisis, instability, and worst of all, bipolar disorders- These things target the mentally ill with no remorse and dine on their souls like fine cuisine!

When a Panrahk is formed… Well, you might as well just get out of there, and ASAP. Imagine your regular Pahnra spirit, but twice as explosive, twice as chaotic, and also able to lob and shoot forward bursts of explosive energy. NOTHING will stand against these- Even the most durable of shields will shatter into countless pieces. There is no withstanding a Panrahk onslaught- Only EVADING one, so keep this in mind! Every step of a ghoulish Panrahk rocks the landscape and sends debris flying. Every wave of their hand can cause the air itself to ignite and burn. And should a Panrahk CHOOSE to detonate itself… Well, at this point only your fast legs can save you.

AVOID confrontation with these things at all costs (and, well, with its other brethren in general, but you get the idea- Bear with me)! Crackling Panrahk are very loud and some of the least stealthy things out there, with miniature explosions constantly going off on the surface of their skin and even internally, like some eternal furnace of detonation! They emit an aura that causes things to crumble and occasionally burst and explode. A particularly powerful Panrahk can use its sheer explosive power to tunnel through solid bed rock and mountains! Panrahk that swim often cause rivers to boil, pop, and burst! NOT a decent Hot Tub- Trust me, I’ve TRIED!

The symptoms of Pahnra possession are fairly obvious- Namely, bursts of manic energy and hyper-activeness. Internal chaos, indecisiveness, a wild restlessness, and of course the most obvious- The feeling that you’re literally going to EXPLODE.

To ward off the Pahnra, be CALM- As you’ll find out, this is a common exorcism tactic for Antidermis Spirits, and the most basic. Likewise, be constructive, not destructive- Try BUILDING things. Try repairing them. Don’t break stuff! Rest, and be slothful, peaceful, and still- Generally, the Pahnra will leave quickly out of boredom and the possibility of blowing itself up.

There’s not really much else to say about these things, honestly. They’re easily among the top two most destructive Rahkshi, alongside the Lerahk, and the most in-your-face. Also- DO NOT try to throw things at a Panrahk! That just causes MORE explosions, which contributes to the metaphorical fire- I myself once spotted a Panrahk at least TWENTY feet tall, and I sincerely wish this was only a frightening illusion cast by the Turahk…

And if not, then I shudder to imagine what will happen should it decide to blow itself up- Because Panrahk will ALWAYS detonate.


They say that some people are a poisonous influence. Others are poisonous to the island because of their own wastefulness. Others will spout poisonous words and spread acidic deceit.

But, for the Lerahk, it sadly can’t just stick to being metaphorical when it comes to poison- It also has to be LITERAL, and THESE Rahkshi are the worst biohazards one will ever find!

You’ll notice these things, often miles away, especially if you live by a river. Most often, they prefer to come from upstream, so as to contaminate the WHOLE river, thus making it undrinkable and deadly on contact alone! Lerahk exude a poisonous aura, practically making their own environment of boiling acid, venom, sludge, and other horrific crimes against nature around themselves!

These things come from Lehra Spirits, and they’re easily the most disgusting things of all. Nearly amorphous blobs and masses of sludge and toxic poisons, they prefer to dwell in the swamp, but they won’t discriminate against other inhabitants of other regions! They target the gluttonous, the wasteful, the corrupters and the poisonous- Basically the Brotherhood’s kind of people, really.

A single Lehra, just by sitting on the ground, can poison the area beyond all hospitality. They excrete agonizing poisons- Some of which leave you writhing in pain before dying, others that outright melt and degrade your body! Neither one is particularly pleasant, really, and the Lehra often chooses for you anyway. Lehra constantly belch and breathe noxious fumes and gases, and the air around them is quick to become lethal! Eyewitnesses, myself included, have observed this poisonous aura infect the air so badly as to turn it a rotted green color, leaking out and contaminating.

Lehra Spirits are devious and mischievous things and love to ravage the land and hurt others, purely out of spite. And their true power unleashed, a Lerahk, is even worse. This time, their poisonous aura extends to the point of practically being its own toxic environment, leaving a trail of destructive sludge, constantly bubbling up from cracks in the earth around them- Egad! Their precision and control over venoms multiplies, and if particularly cruel enough can afflict a victim with a venom that turns them mad and casts them into a sickening fever, the pain enough to make them lash out at their friends.

Lerahk can breathe rivers of sludge, lob the stuff… really, they pretty much ARE the stuff. Entire ecosystems have been ravaged, and all because one Lerahk just wanted to take a pleasant stroll! And when they destroy things INTENTIONALLY… well.

Let’s just say that Lerahk LOVE to herald their approach- As noted above, they prefer to travel downstream, wading through the waters and turning it into lethal poison, instantly killing everything inside. Many villagers have noticed their rivers turn noxious and moved immediately, for the poison traveling downstream will bring the Lerahk, who shall carve its own nest of venom within the ruins of homes. Truly destructive. Likewise, poisoning crops is also a fun habit of theirs, too.

Symptoms of Lehra possession include spiteful feelings, a feeling of bad influence (and suddenly BEING a bad influence towards others), a sickliness, fevers, a generally unwell feeling, and constant vomit and sickly faces. One might feel in a constant state of indigestion and might lash out in pain by burning things down and poisoning food.

Don’t- This only feeds the Lehra’s urges. Instead, be a calm, peaceful influence and help others out. Feel good feelings, contribute to the environment by growing plants, eat healthy vegetables and fruits, exercise, and bathe regularly. Just BE CLEAN, and the Lehra will likely leave.

These things make me sick- And I don’t just mean figuratively. I mean it LITERALLY, too- If you’ll excuse me, I need to go settle my stomach… Here’s hoping I haven’t been possessed!


Ever had a bad dream? And I don’t mean a minor fright, or a shallow jump scare- I mean a vision of UTTER terror, that touches your soul and curdles it into a terrified vigor? Your deepest, darkest insecurities brought to light, torturing you and turning rest into the burden of your life, endlessly, for consecutive nights and naps?

Either you need a therapist, or you’ve been possessed by a Tuhra spirit. Neither option is particularly fun nor good, and only one can I help you with.

Tuhra are twisted beings of raw, pure emotion, fear, insecurity, and sin. They’ve transcended time and space to become ghastly entities, all in order to interact with the seemingly metaphysical- The dreams of others. Wailing, grieving banshees, their forms are never definite, and those who glimpse them in haunted visions often find them to be formless wraiths, usually conforming to the shape and silhouette of their personal paranoias and fears.

Nightmares inflicted by a Tuhra have been said to be so terrifying that they make some victims die in their sleep from the terror-induced heart attacks that followed. The particularly superstitious claim the Tuhra can even physically harm you from the dreams, and not JUST through heart attacks, frighteningly enough.

Eyewitnesses have given me vivid description of these visions- Swirling masses of blinding red terror, restless fury, and their own worst fears and insecurities coming to life. Spiders wading through their food, vipers preying on their children, others laughing and jeering at them. One’s own flaws and insecurities are highlighted and unearthed by these incomprehensible Tuhra.

Tuhra inflict those who sleep often- And among members of those group, they love cowards, the weak, the paranoid, the nervous, and the insecure. Those haunted with trauma will inevitably be victims, I’m afraid to say.

Should its victim finally kneel before the terror of their dreams and fall into the coma of nightmares, the Tuhra shall return to the physical realm to invoke its surreal, warped visions upon the awake and living, no longer satisfied with the sleeping. It will become a Turahk- A warped, wailing wraith, a storm of scarlet, blood-like energy, wailing in its own terror and bloodcurdling screams that send chills down your spines. Entire villages have been sent into frenzies and panics, and jungles abandoned by fleeing Rahi, hearts struck with blinding fear.

Disturbed things- Their appearance, as I said, varies. This time, however, the Turahk can even cast illusions so real as to almost feel solid, playing on one’s senses and entrapping them, enthralling them into the terror of their worst fears embodied, in either hypothetical or more surreal scenarios, until they’re trapped into a slumbering coma and destroyed. The very presence of a Turahk seems to darken the place, and their presence can be felt by a cold tapping into one’s soul. They are sadistically curious in finding one’s insecurities, and prefer to roam the night- How symbolic.

Symptoms for a Tuhra possession are frankly obvious, like all of the others- These ARE unnatural, twisted things against nature, after all, born of Makuta himself. Sheer paranoia, a constantly racing heart, fears, insecurities swelling, vivid nightmares- These all point to this dreaded phenomena.

To ward off the Tuhra, again- Be CALM. Be brave, and diligent. These things thrive off of weakness and fear, so be stoic. Rein in logic and rationale to the light the darkness of terror. Keep your nerves towards you, and do not break down. Do not be restless, and go to sleep peacefully, even knowing the Tuhra will haunt you in the dark. A Tuhra gets very bored with the brave, and indeed, like with the Kuura, performing an act it finds heinous -Namely, confronting one’s own fears- will send it fleeing for good.

Ugh. These things make me tremble the most. The others, as far as I’m concerned, mostly care for physically tearing you apart. These things? They attack my soul, the most vulnerable part of me, so even the most armored brutes are left unsafe. And my therapist has been a poor solution thus far.


Desolation is a nightmare and an outright insult against Mata Nui. Needless to say, this makes the Guurahk a popular one amongst this Brotherhood cult, and could its fiendish powers have any relation to their evil goals?

The Guhra Spirit is a thing of decay. An ancient, dying relic that rots but never quite dies, and in its eternal death throes hopes to pull all others down with it. Eyewitnesses report these things to resemble deathly, shambling skeletons and crumbling statues, cold reminders of our finite vulnerability and end.

The Guhra is a skeletal, cobweb-laiden corpse. It is a pile of walking remains overflowing with sand and dust, and it cries bitter tears of ash. Their touch is sickly and pale and causes things to rot, decay; To wither and crumble, before becoming dust. Shambling skeletons, they target the slothful, the broken, the lost, victims of despair, beings who refuse to change and are stubborn, and most of all those who have lost their way. I don’t know what makes these things so haunted and traumatized, but I do know that they have caused others to feel similarly.

When a Guhra claims its victim, it becomes the dreaded and far too depressing Guurahk. A shambling thing, its appearance is a relic and reminder of the past, and depending on the host they will occasionally conform to a tainted memory of theirs, be it the youth of childhood or the art of their prime. They are the memories of the past incarnate, having returned to take their vengeance.

Everything the Guurahk touches rapidly ages and crumbles to dust. Guurahk emit an aura of decay and rot- Like with many others, the air itself becomes stale, the ground dry and bitter. It’s like that boring neighbor who keeps coming to your parties- It drains the life out of EVERYTHING.

Likewise, Guurahk can emit a woeful, tragic scream- More like the shrieks of their sobbing, really. These horrible screams are so intense and powerful that they can reduce more things to dust, disintegrating everything in their way and path, reducing it to its most base components. Guurahk are petty creatures so trapped in their misery that they feel entitled to make others suffer alongside them, and are truly the most selfish of the Rahkshi, and their yawns drain the life of others and instill a sense of hopelessness and depression into victims. Corpses of their victims are hard to identify, as more often than not, they’re nothing but dust by the time I find them.

A single strolling Guurahk can cause entire forests to become dark and decrepit. Their presence and step renders everything cold and dead, and they seem to detest art and creation. These things are solitary cowards and prefer to wreak havoc on the homes of others when they’re gone, destroying them with their disintegrating touch and presence before leaving- Or, in some frightening cases, waiting for the poor home owner to stumble across these horrid ghouls.

Needless to say, the symptoms of these things should become quickly obvious. Dreaded Guhra phantoms suck all the joy out of the world, casting victims into endless depression. The possessed will laze about aimlessly and melancholic, questioning their purpose. All creative joy is gone and they may sometimes isolate themselves, making themselves more prone to the transformation. Nails and hair grow and fall out twice as quickly, and some age faster and note gray hairs from time to time. Exhaustion is common.

It’s easy to exorcise the Guhra- These things are basically old jerks who prefer the dusty ways of how it used to be, so scare them off by immersing yourself in the newest trends and fashions and talking with the latest, ‘hip’ slang.

Just kidding- In all seriousness, be DILIGENT. Like with, again, many others, be the opposite of the Guhra- Be loving, compassionate. Do not give into apathy. Be active, and immerse yourself in fulfilling activities. Accept the new and let go of the past. Awaken your individual identity and creativity, and NEVER lose hope- If you do, you have been doomed.

I wish these things were the root cause of all depression- Although, sadly, the symptoms of possession and actually BEING possessed are not mutually inclusive. I already have enough people acting like Guhra, so the last thing I need is the real deal.


A sudden, cold chill. The feeling of being watched. The instinct of being stalked, pursued, until it finally culminates into numbness and the loss of life.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to the Vorahk- And if you’ve seen one before, either you’re already dead or about to be.

Vohra are… DARK, shadowy, and tortured ghouls. Ghosts, even. Eyewitnesses have reported them to be like shadowy, emaciated corpses, all too reminiscent of the starving and the plagued. They moan with a dreadful certainty, and levitate and/or shamble like the dead. They are TRUE zombies and ghouls, and possibly the worst of the bunch.

Their jaws hang wide open. Their ribs are sunken, and their skin so thin and ragged to practically be mist. Only the void dwells in their eye sockets, and they moan in agonizing pain- and HUNGER. For these things survive, not live, for only one purpose- To feed.

Vohra, Vorahk- I can’t tell which is which. It’s hard to distinguish and differentiate. These wraiths are twisted, tortured creatures forced to take solid form and abide by the laws of nature. Their bodies are wracked with constant pain, and they feed by possessing their victim. Qualifications- Anything. They don’t discriminate at all. Whatever lives, breathes, and moves is fair game.

The Vorahk can barely even alleviate its painful, hollow hunger by possessing a poor victim and draining them of their soul and energy, ravenously devouring it and using the body as a shambling skeleton and form. Eventually, the shell loses all its energy and the Vorahk seeks its next victim. A vicious, never-ending cycle that ultimately provides little relief to their wretched existence.

Vorahk are truly terrifying, and many have claimed for them to be Death incarnate itself. Their aura and presence drains all life, energy, and nutrients around them- Flowers wilt. Animals die. People starve and feel thirst, just like the dry and cracked lips of the Vorahk, before being eaten. And their touch… I shudder to imagine.

These things are blackholes. Throw stuff at them, be it spears, rocks, even your rage and hate, and it’ll absorb them greedily and continue on. These pitiful creatures, the Vorahk, are unstoppable ghosts. They will haunt a victim, following them from the dark, breathing down their spines. No matter where the victim goes, no matter what the prey does, no matter how fast they run, the Vorahk follows, seemingly able to walk through walls- Possibly because of how empty it is. All my information on these monsters comes from eyewitnesses who were companions of the victim, for ALL recorded Vorahk victims and prey have DIED.

Vorahk might not be fast- But they make up for it in relentless determination. They ALWAYS outlast their prey, and continue stalking, staring at them from behind. Some believe the Vorahk feeds in order to sustain its own continue existence in this world, but I personally don’t believe this. After all, why would anyone want to prolong such a tortured existence?

Vorahk love to use graveyards as feeding grounds, and many a poor scavenger or a love one paying respect has caught the eye of a Vorahk. In a single inhale, they can breathe in all of one’s life force, if they’re feeling particularly impatient.

There are no ‘symptoms’ of possession- Once you’re possessed, that’s it- You’re gone. The best I can provide is a warning of the Vorahk’s presence- A seemingly never-ending darkness, a haunted feeling of being watched by a relentless pair of eyes foreign to you. The feeling of something lurking in the darkness, just beyond your sight. The sensation of being drained, devoured, fed upon and consumed, and being swallowed alive. And, of course- The sight of the Vorahk itself, glowing in the shadows like a psychotic apparition, watching and shambling right towards you. Frighteningly, they have been seen watching prey from the porch, windows, even the corners of their home.

If you see a Vorahk and it has its eyes on you- Well, all you can do is RUN. AWAY from the Vorahk, in case you were wondering.

These things terrify me, and I feel I’ve done all the research I need to on these things. Really, all I need to say is to just get away from them. For now, I’m going to take a nap, and… Hey, what’s that thing outside my window?


Thank Mata Nui! Remember how I equated the Vorahk to a Banshee, due to it more or less heralding imminent, unavoidable death? Well, NOT ANYMORE!

Just recently, as I finished my writings on the dreadful thing, I spotted one outside, stalking my window sill. I felt a cold chill on my spine and decided that was it- But not! For, the Vorahk did not have its eyes set on me, but rather my elderly neighbor, the Mahi herder Golyo!

Needless to say, I rushed out my dwelling in the dark night to warn him, to try and alleviate the pain of his run in some way possible, despite the futility of it all. Alas, I was too late- as I spotted Golyo exiting his hut, the Vorahk sprung and possessed him!

Golyo wailed in terror and panic as he fell to his knees, and I attempted to help and comfort him, all whilst keeping my distance- I had no intention of accidentally providing the Vorahk dessert. But, alas- Hope came, in the form of the sunrise!

I believe Golyo puts it best (albeit with odd word choice from HIM, not me- just so you know);

"It was like the worst feeling ever, shucks! That horrid Vorahk thing was driving its way into every BONE in my body, every blood vessel! I felt my energy drain, and I couldn’t move my limbs, couldn’t feel nothin’! And, well, I thought, ‘This is it, Golyo! You’re a goner! You had a good run!’

But then… THANK Mata Nui! As I began to give in, I caught a glimpse of it- The sun rise! I felt the warm glow of the sun, and I felt my strength return to my limbs! With ever-growing courage, I threw on my triumph, and with a mighty heave FORCED that Vorahk out of my body! I could see it- It was like some dark, smoky wisp coughed itself out of my body, screaming, and the moment it touched the sunlight it screeched and disintegrated!"

Truly… WONDERFUL news! The Great Spirit has smiled upon us, surely! As I write, I interview Golyo on his experience, just to know what it’s like.

Curse me, for having not mentioned- The dreaded Vorahk is a nocturnal phantom. And with good reason, now that we see- It is vulnerable to the light! It is no match for the sun, and now we have hope!

All of you who read this and have a Vorahk pursuing them- Do not despair! The Vorahk tends to slink away to hide during the day… if you can somehow trick it out into the sunrise, possibly by letting it possess you at just the right time (although this is risky), you just might be able to burn and defeat the thing once and for all! Praise the Great Spirit!


Day 1

Kapura here, and back again! After doing some more research into the Rahkshi, I’ve decided to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Makuta once again. I’ve managed to sneak within their villainous lairs by wearing a special hood and cloak that all Kraata are required to don, and while it’s despicable how they hide their true faces to prevent exposure, I won’t deny that their ‘advantage’ has proven to be one of mine as well!

I attended one of their rituals to see if I could learn more about the Rahkshi. The Priest was a strange fellow with a more unique headdress and hood, and I didn’t recognize him at all. He began reciting some strange passages in a language I didn’t understand, from a book of sinister leather. It seems to contain some of the Brotherhood’s secrets, but alas- Even if I were to get my hands on the book, I wouldn’t be able to decipher it! I’m no linguist…

Luckily, not all was in vain. The Priest wielded a strange, double-edged staff, and pretending to be of greater status than I truly was, I ‘quizzed’ a young Kraata to see what he knew about the Brotherhood and test if he was true Cultist material.

Rather disturbingly, that poor, misguided Kraata was too successful in answering my question than I’d like. He explained to me that those staffs were used by Rahkshi Priests for ceremonial uses, mostly- That is, until they became possessed by an Antidermis. THEN, those dreadful Cultists, now transformed into Rahkshi, would use those staffs to enhance their own power, as if they weren’t already so destructive to begin with!

I shudder writing this- Rahkshi alone are terrifying enough, and for now I have gone out of my way to label Antidermis that possess unsuspecting villagers as Wild Rahkshi, due to lack of particular affiliation, it seems, with the Brotherhood. The rest shall be called as they are, those belonging to this wicked cult.

Based on the design of the staff the Priest wielded, it seemed he wanted to become a Vorahk. Why anyone would want to become THAT, of all Rahkshi, or a Rahkshi at all, is beyond me. Needless to say, I got away as quickly as I could. Disclosed below is a drawing of this Rahkshi staff, although I will add it later; For now, I need to record the rest of my findings. In the meantime, however, I apologize for my amateur drawing skills… unless they’re superb… or average. Really, it’s all relative;

Nevertheless, as I left the Brotherhood lair that day, it occurred to me that perhaps my notes on dealing with Rahkshi were incomplete. For, while I HAVE advised on how to prevent Antidermis possession, perhaps I should elaborate on how to handle the physical, EXTERNAL threat of these things…

Thus, I present…!

Dr. Kapura’s Guide to surviving a Rahkshi Encounter!

Step One, and the most KEY and essential step to surviving an attack by a Rahkshi…!


…Well, there’s not much else to say here. For, let’s be honest- There really IS no way to combat these horrid things. I could go on a long tirade about how destructive these things are, to the point where anything you throw at them is destroyed- But I already have. So, I’ll chop it quick and simple-

There IS no fighting a Rahkshi. These things are tremendously powerful and make Kanera Bulls look like docile Mukau, make the terrifying Nui Rama resemble a Fikou! There are no known incidents of Rahkshi being defeated, save for, well, Panrahk detonating themselves, and that one event with the Vorahk and Golyo that I mentioned earlier…

Needless to say, fighting back is practically useless. However, should one be backed against a corner by a Rahkshi, this is the best advice I can give…

IF confronted by a Panrahk, do NOT make any sudden moves. Those things are like heavy fingers on light triggers, and even WITHOUT provocation will blow something up- Well, more than their bodies are already doing for them, anyway. Assuming it hasn’t blown you up already, then carefully, gradually make our way to an opening where you can run… keep this up until the Panrahk gets bored and decides to attack. At this point, all I can recommend is that you make a break for it and hide behind as much cover as you can, give your legs a good jog, and hope for the best.

Rahkshi cannot be placated, before you ask- At least, as far as I know, but from what we’ve seen this is a safe enough statement to make. As I said earlier, hiding behind cover is a good way to avoid any Rahkshi (with the exception of the dreaded Vorahk, but I have devised some tips on them already). Run in zig-zag formations, as this will sometimes confuse the creature, and make yourself a hard target. Hiding is also a safe bet, if you manage to evade its sight- Rahkshi don’t have the best sense of smell, thank the Great Spirit, with the exception of Vorahk.

That being said, if hiding from a Turahk- KEEP CALM. This tactic will help you on dealing with a Tuhra, and it’ll also be useful with its final stage of wretched existence. For, the Turahk can SMELL fear- After all, it’s how they track down hosts to possess as Antidermi, after all! If you are shivering in your hiding spot and your heart beats, well, you might as well be fully visible to a looking Turahk.

So, yes- Hiding is a good idea, as is careful, calculated escape maneuvers. Distractions are also a welcome idea, especially with the trigger-happy Panrahk, and if one can get an outside source to interfere with a Kurahk and anger it enough, it will spend the rest of its tantrum disemboweling its new target, giving you time to escape. Thankfully, Rahkshi aren’t always the brightest things, and this can apply to traps.

While generally, traps won’t be around (as that means that one has PREPARED for the encounter with a Rahkshi, and no one is that insane -except for the Brotherhood-), one can rely on the grace of this island to get away. I once heard a story from a fellow who evaded a pursuing Kurahk by swinging across a vine over a pit of quicksand. The thing was so blindly set on destroying the young gal that it completely disregarded the seemingly harmless sand in front of it and was promptly swallowed up, its frantic fervor of struggling sending it to rock bottom almost instantaneously.

Likewise, another victim was pursued by a Guurahk. To defeat it, this clever lad ran across a wooden bridge over a chasm and barely got to the other side when the Guurahk took its first step. The creature wasn’t too bright and intent on destroying him, so by the time it realized that its decaying aura was causing the bridge to break apart, it was already too late! This brave lad cut the vines, and the bridge and the Guurahk tumbled into the abyss below, although he and I both agree that it is likely still alive and hungering for vengeance, as is the previously-mentioned Kurahk.

Other tactics I have heard of are cutting down trees to block the progress of a pursuing Rahkshi, even if for a little while… traversing across the jungle’s branches, for Rahkshi aren’t very agile… and even wading into a herd of Kikanalo. As suicidal as this is, it should be noted that the Kikanalo is a very proud creature, to the point of stubbornness- And should a Rahkshi accidentally bump into one pack member, the whole herd will trample it into oblivion. Bless those creatures.

But, now that I’ve discussed on how to evade REGULAR Rahkshi, it’s time I deal with our nocturnal, incorporeal phantom- The Vorahk. As noted in a previous entry, this thing has a weakness- Likely to make up for its many strengths. The Sun is its enemy, and the Vorahk will flinch before the wrath of Ikir!

With this knowledge, I have come up with a few tactics- One, namely, is to always head to the sunniest parts of the island, such as the deserts, for example. The sunlight there is a wrathful force, and even the Vorahk must agree on this. Alas, night time will come, in which case one will have to rely on outside help to move their sleeping body away from the Vorahk.

Of course, this solution is always temporary, and one must eventually deal with the monster. Thus, I propose what I originally hoped to merely be a Plan B, or even Plan C… but is sadly an inevitable last resort;

BAIT IT- Just as Golyo had been possessed, the sun rose and killed the Vorahk. Thus, to take it out once and for all, time your encounter with the thing. Lure it out when the time is right, and the sun is preparing to rise… and should fate and luck align, the Great Spirit may bless you. The Vorahk will posses you, and hopefully you can fight off its possession just long enough for Ikir to grant you that last morsel of salvation one needs.

Day 2

Alas, as I reflected on my previous post, it occurred to me that perhaps I cannot rely on just eyewitness reports and leftover evidence from the ‘scene of the crime’. In the end, the best information came from first-hand encounters, and that meant I needed to go out into the field and find a Rahkshi to study.

Hm, yes… remember how I said one would have to be either suicidal or a member of the Brotherhood to look for a Rahkshi? Well, either my infiltration of that cult has had adverse effects, or my work is mentally harming me. Nevertheless, I have decided that for the sake of this island and my fellow villagers, I MUST continue my research. Knowledge is power, and Akida, recorder of the past, would approve. SOMEONE has to do the dirty work, and I suppose that if I’m already willing to document such horrible knowledge on the Rahkshi and infiltrate a sinister cult, I might as well dive head-first into this catastrophe. Wish me luck!

Nevertheless, I had luckily heard of a place of Rahkshi sightings. Thus, packing my bags and equipment with me, I set out that morning and went off to the region of water. It was a long, arduous region, and many seemed puzzled by my presence, but in the end I arrived discreetly.

Ah. The region of Water. As its name implies, it is a morbidly wet place, completely soaked and constantly raining. The rainfall is so heavy, so common, so constant and enduring that it has allowed even the growth of coral formations on land, and other bizarre formations that are normally reserved to the sea. The rain itself is a relentless force, and the skies are always covered with clouds, unfortunately making this and the region of the earth a popular hunting ground for the sun-loathing Vorahk.

The rain itself is unbelievable. I hadn’t even stepped foot into the region when I was already soaked. The rain drizzles in relentless torrents, to the point where in some dark clouds, it even pours like a waterfall! I’ve heard stories of sharp, stinging rain… rain that came in pleasant trickles, rain that literally poured as if from a massive aerial bucket, rain that blew in from the side, and even, and I swore I encountered it myself on my trip, rain that came from below and went upwards into the clouds above!

Alas, I digress. These documents are for Rahkshi, not the geography and climate of the island that everyone reading this has known since birth. Anyhow, with some clever persuasion, I managed to convince the local Turaga to let me journey beyond the Coral Forest and enter a dark and secluded cave that was mostly flooded…

Stories have claimed that wild Rahkshi dwell within that horrific cave. Ever since report of these terrifying sights, the area to the west of the village I visited had been closed off through barricades and other precautions, and entry to the Coral Forest became prohibited. Thankfully, my good grace and charm got me entry, and I entered the wilds to look for Rahkshi, a hobby I do NOT recommend!

The trip was genuinely awful. The Coral Forest is a thick and tenacious barrier, and I feel as if I’m climbing through a fence. The Coral is sharp and jagged, and seems to grow in the most precarious fashions just to spite me. I would’ve LOVED to snap it aside and out of the way, but it’s considered a taboo in the region of water to harm coral, and the Turaga had made me promise specifically not to.

As you can see, the coral has seemed to align itself against me. Or perhaps I’m just tricking my mind? I do not know… needless to say, the drawing I’ve attached is only a GOOD case, and a relatively clear spot compared to the rest that I encountered! Also not contained in the drawing is the pouring rain, which seemed to get thicker and blinded me. It began to feel as if I were swimming and walking at the same time, and I SWORE I saw a fish paddle its way past my foot at one point, but that’s ABSURD… probably.

Regardless, I continued on, until my boots were filled to the brim as if I were walking in giant mugs of water. My boots overflowed a few times, until, finally, I came across the dreaded Rahkshi cave, and I am baffled even now to report my happiness to see it!

A fairly innocuous cave, nothing more than a hump protruding from the ground, and from what I could see, a tunnel that led mostly downward. It certainly did not look like the dwelling place of a Rahkshi, but those things tended to surprise us, so a hiding place that no one noticed made sense to me.

As I emptied my boots out and prepared for the careful trek within, armed with a few weapons in case (as although confrontation with a Rahkshi is not recommended nor is attacking effective, I felt it would be useful anyway), I took notice of several soggy craps of wood nearby.

I managed to recover the mangled, water-logged scraps. They were partly decayed, with mold already consuming the surface, but I scrubbed it aside to discern the faint remains of writing. Amazingly enough, I was able to make out a warning- Something along the lines of, “Beware! Rahkshi within!”

I appreciate the valor of whoever went out of their way to post a seemingly insignificant sign. Even such a vague and simple message would likely have saved lives, and this unnamed hero risked an encounter with Rahkshi to prevent others from suffering a similar mistake. Nevertheless, the rotted look of the sign and its destruction indicated that the local Guurahk had not appreciated it- The sign had signs of destruction neither explosive, physical, nor poisonous, but of age and death.

Nevertheless, I discarded the pieces and, with my breath ready and some spelunking gear at my side and an emergency lightstone (in case I needed light, but only for a last resort- I might otherwise attract a Rahkshi and garner more trouble than its worth) and headed into the cave.

The inside was nothing but a bumpy mass of rocks leading downward, water trickling. No mass covered it, like elsewhere- Possibly because the moss was warded off by the Guurahk’s presence, or else disintegrated into nothing by its treading footsteps. Indeed, many cracks traced the path that water bubble from within. I continued my journey downwards, until I came to the jagged edge of a cliff overlooking a bigger cavern below, which was connected to an even larger tunnel littered with huge piles of dust soaked into silt. I hid behind some stalagmites, and, what luck!

Right beneath the bottom of the cliff was a Guurahk, and even now my hand trembles in this slight darkness, mostly illuminated by the light outside;

(The caption is disclosed in case you can’t tell what it is)

My luck is absurd, but I do not complain! I found the Guurahk hunched over, clutching its legs in an almost fetal position as it sat, slumbering off. I managed a quick sketch, and since I had the time, dared to draw it as it likely would appear in a proper stance, armed with a Rahkshi Priest Staff I’d sighted in the Brotherhood. Of course, it is wild, and as I looked into the tunnel beyond, it darkened, so I had no clue if other Rahkshi dwelled as the Guurahk’s neighbor.

Even as I peer down on this poor, demented creature, I can’t help but pity the poor villager who had been possessed by the Guhra Spirit within that decayed body! Nonetheless, I finished my sketches, and noting that the Rahkshi slept at all (which in this case is a wonderful fact- These things evidently tire, or at least the Guurahk does), I was jubilant! And in jubilance, I became careless…

As I stowed my tools away and began to get up, I accidentally let my pickaxe fall- How foolish, and I curse myself even now! With dread in my heart, time seemed to slow as that metal, clunky thing hurled down, over the edge of the cliff, and I probably should’ve bolted from the foregone conclusion- But in my horrified foolishness I stayed to watch as the blade clashed against the stone below and reverberated with more volume than was even necessary.

The Guurahk seemed to agree with me on this, and it awoke with an enraged startle. Its tears of dust, dampened into silt, began pouring even more as it glanced upwards, noticed me, and let out a shriek of hollowing despair. I had barely gotten out of the way, and as I scrambled my way up the slimy rocks, I dared a glance back to see the stalagmites shudder, crack, and crumble into dust. The Guurahk climbed up after me, wielding the pickaxe I had dropped, the metal already softening, corroding, and rusting in its grasp as it hurled it at me.

I barely ducked, and immediately leapt out of the cave and ran with all fury of Mata Nui within me, praying to the Great Spirit that I may live. The Guurahk rampaged behind me, and at this point, I might bring up the earlier advice I had mentioned in these documents…

Bless my foresight! The Coral Forest must have accepted me, for now it seemed to fight against the Guurahk this time! The Guurahk easily disintegrated the Coral with its touch, but the coral reached above so high that the unharmed top parts, now severed from the ground below, came crashing down upon the dreadful beast!

Not to say that it was beaten- But it was distracted and slowed down enough for me to escape from its sight, and to make sure it wasn’t following, I came across a massive starfish wedged over a rock. I peeled it off, and then hid underneath it as if the thing were a blanket, and waited.

What luck! The Coral Forest must’ve been very impressed by my trek through its perilous growth, for that was the last I saw of that Guurahk after several minutes! Although Guurahk are among the most patient of the Rahkshi, that does not mean they can be prone to boredom, and the thing likely sulked off to writhe in its own despair.

I finally returned to the village, and the Turaga asked how I had done- But I ran right past and kept fleeing anyway, until I finally stopped by an inn as it darkened and took a rest. It is in this inn I document what had happened today, and as important as any information on the Rahkshi is, I still tremble from that dreadful stare the Guurahk accused me with. I believe I may need help…