G3 Set Concept: Mangai Wall Attack

Hi, Sokoda here and after quite some time I’m back with another Set concept. Like many others I did a set for the civil war.
As always, I added masks on the minifigures to show how they would look with these pieces. This time I also drew a background image for the set, please tell me if you like it and if I should do this more often.
This new Set has 929 pieces (including the 5 masks)

So here is the set:

Without Background

The new set contains the Mangaian wall, which is made of two segments, an Ice-Burnak with a sledge, a Ballista, that can be stored in the Wall, as well as the Minifigures: Tahu, Kopaka, two mangaian guards and tow ihuhan warriors.

1. The Mangian Wall

The Mangaian Wall is made of two segmants, that can be taken appart to create two small walls. Combined they form one long wall. For the style and arcitecture, I tried to stick as close as possible to the style of my Mangai Defense Tower. You will later see why.

The two wall-segments can also be combined to form a thicker wall, that is not open on the back

The entire Wall can be opened or taken apart on different sides

The first Wall-Segment

The first wall segment has a roof, two gates that can be opened and a Zamor launcher inside of it. The interior is decorated with light stones and some spears.

The second Wall-Segment

The second wall-segment is decorated with some red banners and contains a tresure chest, as well as the Ballista. It is decorated with spears, swords an some torches.

(Interior of the combined version of the wall)

(The Ballista)

2. The Ice-Burnak with Sledge
Because Rahi are greate and I wanted to do a bit of conflict in the box, I added a Rahi for the Ihuans. It’s design is inspired by the G1 Iche-Burnak.
With this Rahi I really tried to make it look very bio-mechanical, because I think the classic Bionicle aesthetics of bio-mechanical beings in the nature is a great style that G1 had, which I think sould be contained.

The sledge is monstly made outof a hero-factory armor-piece.It has a fiering crossbow, a classig MNOG-style red flag and the Ko-Metru Disk as a decoration.

The Burnak is a bit of a spin on the G1-Burnak design.

(By detaching the G2-pistin armor you can place a Minifigure on the Burnaks back.

3. The Minifigures

I included Tahu and Kopaka, because some people pointed out, that it would make a set more desirable, to have multiple Toa, because they are the main charakters.

The Mangai Guards follow the same design-concept as all my matorans. I tried to make them look a bit battle damaged and used colers like black and grey, so Tahu would stand out in an army of Mangaian Guards.

For the design of the Ihuan Warriors, I added some cloth to their design, because I imagine they come from a very cold region.

4.Connection with Mangai Defende Tower

The Mangai Wall can of cause be connected to the Mangai Defense Tower (as @DarkHenrik alredy suggested). It can be attached to form multiple different Fortress like structures. Here are two examples:

(By using the small flaps on the side of the Wall you can make the two buildings look like they are one.)

I hope you enjoy my new set concept and I’d be happy to hear your oppinins



That looks awesome, I’d totally buy that. I don’t really have any criticisms of it either, which is a plus.

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Thank you

Looks pretty great! I like the use of the burnak.

The wall section, however, is rather large for what I think Lego would realistically include; they would probably only have the half with the function in it, seeing as functions are a primary part of Lego sets.

Yeah maybe they would do that, I wanted to Include both halfs, so you can make the version where the wall is completely closed, but I think it could work as a smaller set too.

This is so cool! I love the parts usage on the different parts of the set - the way you used the CCBS shell for the Ihu chariot, the way you gave Kopaka’s spear the little tassels, the columns on the wall - creative ways to shape everything.

Thank you

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Oh, what a lovely, lovely sight to wake up to.
Welp, better add Burnak to my bestiary then.

This is a great set; seeing the Toa facing off? like this really drives home the Civil War aspect. The sled is another cool little idea to see as well. And I can’t emphasize how much I adore the modular set design.

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Yeah I have seen your bestiary its great.
I wasn’t sure if the Toa will teall face off, thats why they are back to back in the main image, as if they are trying to stop the fighting together


Which is an extremely smart touch on your part, nice one.

Why hasn’t Lego picked up this idea yet?

2 to the 1 from the 1 to the 3,
What’s up this is Kardax from the G3 moc team.

Ok, so first, well done this looks amazing overall but let’s do a full scale review just to be sure.

  1. The wall
    Well constructed,not a plain wall, I love the feature of the opening gate and that stuff can come out as well as modular design. The flag, roof and other detail is fantastic. I find the weakest part of this is the ballistae but it still works.

  2. The Ice-Burnak with sledge
    It does certainly look mechanical, I’ll give you that, The chariot is my favourite part of this set (besides that wall) and I love the disk art on the side. My only worry is the Burnak looks so mechanical it could be mistaken for being completely robotic.

  3. The minifigs
    Excellent printing as usual, good to include Tahu and Kopaka, the conflict in a box is certainly needed for a set of this size.

  4. Connections
    It feels like you looked at some of Lego’s other sets and went, hold my Kanohi. Fantastic work here mate.

Overall, great, some minor pitfalls which are nitpicks in my opinion, I’d definitely buy this set, maybe amping it up with some battle packs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of doing a modular defense set design once I finish my current G3 project, any tips?

Thanks for your comment, it’s great to hear other opinions.
About the Burnak: I wanted to make him look like a full on robot, because in my opinion most of the G1 Rahi look like robot-versions of the animal they are trying to represent.

You also asked for some tips about building modular. One thing I can recommend is building your new model right next to the old one, instead of building it and than trying to add it to the old one, this really helped me to make sure my two models fit together.

Oh yeah and I wasn’t that active in the last weeks, did I miss something? Who is the G3 moc team?

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Nah it’s just a meme to refer to anyone who mocs for G3, there isn’t a G3 moc team, official or unofficial.

That is fair enough, I suppose a biomechanical being could have all the mechanics on the outside, I try and do a mix and never make them go full in on either side.

I love customizability.

Yeah I do too, thats why I want to make all my Mangaian sets connectable

Once again you have blown me away with the amazing quality of your work. The tower itself looks really cool (I love the inclusion of classic constraction parts and play functions) But also the Ice-Burnak is awesome and your minifigure designs are great!

Thanks man, comments like this really make my day