G3 Set Concept: Mangai Defense Tower

Hi, Sokoda here. It took me a while but I’m back with a new G3 Set concept. The new one is for the region of Mangai. As always I want to say that I added the Masks on the rendered images to show how they would look with new mask-pieces. It’s not perfect, but I think it gets the look across.
The set has 865 pieces (including the 4 masks)

The new set contains a Defnse Tower of the Mangaián Guard, A little scenery of the Mangai landscape, that can be attached to the tower, And a mutated flying Rahi (I call him Nirahk^^) ant the Minigigures Tahu, Jaller, two Mangai-Guards and Turahk.

1. The Defense Tower

The Defense tower has three Levels and has a very angeled look.

The landscapesection of the Tower can be removed and the tower can be opened on multiple sides to fige access to the different rooms of the tower.

By opening the tower completely you have a different structure and multiple Towerd can be connected using a technic pin.

The tower has two stud-shooter turrets, that can be turned around and fired bu tuning a gear.

The entrance area of the tower is decorated with weapons and shields on the walls.

The planning room features a strategic map of Mangai and weapons and armor as decoration.

The Guards quater has a bed, a table with a map of the island of Artaka, some lightstones and a poster (Barraki easter egg here, my idear is that the story about them is like a ghost-tale, made this before the Barraki-pitch controversy)

On the top of the tower there is a watchpost with a good view to detect attackers.

2. The Scenery

As always I included a little scenery with a little volcano, a burnt tree and as always a sign.

3. Mutated Rahi (Nirahk)
This set contains a Rahi which is Turahks pet. The idea was sent to me by @DarkHenrik and I thaught it would be cool for Turahk to ride a Rahi, because i imagine him more of a person who is more interested in the old legends than technology. I call this creature Nirahk as a mix of Nivawk (from G1) and Rahkshi.

5. The Minifigures

Turahks design is similar to the other Rahkshi, but I gave him a different eye coler to show his higher position among them.

The design of the Mangai Guards follows the same system as all of my Matoran, but I used a lot of black, to make them look less special, than the more important Matoran.

Jallers Design took me quite a while^^, I added a lot of gold to show that he is a very powerful person in the Mangaian society and added a lot of G1 references in his decals.

This image shows the Matoran eqquipt with the weapons and armor in the tower.

Tahus design is as close to his official design as i could get and i gave him a fire sword.

I hope you like my new set



the animals are always the best parts of these sets (just my opinion because I don’t really like system) we should get them on polybags or something

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Animals are really fun to build, because you can mix system with constraction

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I really like it, and I am very excited for what you will make in the future.
You’ve done exceptionally good job with the scenery, every time. I would love to see a full set with only nature part of the island. Maybe a fight in the dead forest of Mangai between Jaller and Iruini, like on Oomatu’s concept art?

Prepare to be featured in the next podcast!

Also, nice easter-egg!

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Yeah I love to build the scenerys with miy little signs^^ I think they are important to show how each region looks

I think you shouldn’t use parts like the inika feet.

Otherwise fantastic build.

O-O Mah Gud…

You’ve done it again, out of interest though, what rendering program do you use to get the custom decorations, I could use something like that on some upgrades…

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I use LDD to PoV-Ray


Looks sick! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next.

@Sokoda, you deserve to get your own title like Oomatu. you both create some really great stuff for Brickonicle.

Edit: i can imagine this being like a combination set, like the LEGO Lord of the Rings Helms Deep set:

and the Uruk-hai Army set:

Like the tower can be combined with a larger Mangai fortress to build a greater storie.

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Yeah that was intentional, you can alreay combine two Mangai-Defense Towers to one larger structure


I think you’re too good at these :joy:


Yeah, too many, it’s really jarring to just have g1 parts making up his prints. I’d suggest a breastplate vaguely similar to his mahri form at most.

Now THAT’S pretty cool. Love the Nirahk and Jaller.

I really like your set designs. I think they fit really well in the universe, and would definitely attract the kiddos, which is pretty important. My only complaint is your use of G1 parts, since most are already retired. Especially the parts on the side of the tower, as they don’t fit in that well IMO. Besides that, I’d buy it.

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so you have plans to build a Mangai fortress? cool.

Actually now that im thinking about it, it would also be cool if the mangai fortress ends up being like LEGO Harry Potter’s hogwarts, were in the majority of the other sets can link up to build a massive version of the castle:

of course, like Harry Potter, this would not need to have all of the sets be tied to the same wave or year. So you could have like the Mangai Defense Tower and the Fortress for the first year with later addition being released in the second year (because of the civil war story) and possibly in the third year too.


Sorry I think there was a misunderstanding, I’m not planning to build a Mangai Fortress at the moment, but I built the Tower in a way I have the opportunity later, please don’t be sad if I don’t build a huge Fortess in the near future, because thats a lot of work


thats true. Still the connection function could be usefull for other Brickonicle sets. I like the way you made it so that it could be set up in different ways.


Huge fortress? massive LDD structures? Excessive numbers of pieces? Hehehehe, I have a idea…

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Everything about this set is amazing. I love how unique and compact your design for Turahk’s legs are. The rahi and building are spectacular.