G3 Toa Kaita Concepts

while the poll ends, and probably the “keep the toa kaita as they are” is going to win, I am wondering, what would the toa kaita look like?
so I made these

Option 1:

Option 2:

which I really like

Option 3:


what do you think they will look like?


why not a strange combination of minifigure parts?

because that’s boring

but that’s just my opinion, I would just love to see a minifig that is the fusion of the two, just like in steven universe

and just look at that, teal minifig!


I think it would be less straightforward than either of these. Kaita were combiner sets, and I would expect these to pay homage to that by being bigger figures. Or at the very least, possessing a more complex color scheme. Like, say, breastplate the color of one toa, shoulderpads of another, etc. with its own “Nuva” symbol representing Valor and Wisdom.

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I would say #2

Ill make it more similar to G1
@Ace @Kehuri
how about this?


i love it!

Maybe the mask can be a different color like in the orignal games

Here are some reference pictures

I dont understand what you are trying to tell me, I see the masks the same colors they should be

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RIP wrong pictures. Sorry about that

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alright so



Kopaka is grumpy because now his two fusion-buddies are girls.


yeah, that has to be awkward

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I also find it funny that Wairuha has all of the minifigures that own cape-like things.

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Option three is the best, and option one just looks like Two Face.

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I feel like they should both be bigfigs, like the original.

I think the point is that they are made from the component Toa parts.

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They look less like a merging of toa and more a Frankenstein abomination.


I think if we’re going with Wisdom and Valor, the Toa used should be switched up a bit, actually. Going by G1 personalities, the better fit for Wisdom would be Gali, Onua and Pohatu, and Valor would be Lewa, Kopaka and Tahu. Although Lewa would be good for Wisdom after learning things from being possessed twice.

OH! IDEA! The Toa each have to embrace the aspect they become Kaita over before they can actually become it! So like, Lewa and Kopaka completely lack wisdom, at least in the beginning, but over time come to recognize it. Onua, meanwhile, is the type who tends to be content to passively observe rather than take action, and needs to learn to embrace Valor better. You get what I mean? If we go by this, then the biggest boneheads would learn to become Wisdom, and the most passive ones would become Valor.

So the three options would be: Standard Gen 1 Kaita. Appropriate Kaita, Gali/Onua/Pohatu as Wisdom and Tahu/Lewa/Kopaka as Valor. Or the teams needing to grow into their Kaita, making it the reverse of the previous one. What do you think? Maybe this deserves its own poll…

More on topic,

I’m not sure about them simply being combiners with different colored masks. It works with constraction because it has so many different parts, but with minifigs you’re seriously limited.

Option 1 for me is a definitive nope :expressionless:. Option 3 makes sense as that’s more of a callback to G1, but Option 2 easily flows the nicest. If you were to combine Options 2 and 3 then it would be perfect in my opinion :grinning:.