G3 Toa Metru concepts

Howdy! Just a bit of concept art of the Toa Metru for G3, I was thinking Metru nui should be more grimy, and cyberpunk, a mean city, overrun with dark hunters… Anyway, that’s the kind of asthetic I was going for.

Oh, and yes, I made Onewa female…


They’re all good, my only problem is the orange cape on Nuju.

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the photo came out a bit odd, its supposed to be tan :confused:

I think I’m gonna have to rework matau…

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Maybe all the metru could have the tall leg pieces like the toy story woody had

Maybe… That might look weird though idk

Yeah the arms would have to be longer too

These are pretty cool. Vakama’s mask looks a lot like a stormtrooper so that could easily work. Didn’t really notice that until you made these. I love Onewa being female she’s (IMO) the best out of the six here.

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These all look good, except for Nuju. Nuju just doesn’t look right, mainly because of the tan/orange coat. Besides that, these are great concepts.

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I’m gonna sort something out for nuju as soon as I can!

As othes said, all of them look great, but Nuju looks kind of weird, maybe instead of the coat, he could have that Indiana Jones bag and/or a grey cape to give that explorer/scholar look.

More like this?


Looks good.

Exactly! Looks awesome.

I actually didn’t like that Onewa was female. I mean, I’m not against adaptation or anything, but Onewa had this pessimist type character going when he was a toa, and I just have a feeling that the character wouldn’t be as fitting if he was female. But hey, to each their own I guess.


A girl cant be pessimist? I actually think it fits very well, I even wish this was what we got

I never said a girl can’t be a pessimist, I just said I thought it wouldn’t fit well. I don’t want this to become a battle of the keyboard warriors. Still, if you like it, kudos to you man.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on my drawings! will be working on Nidhiki, Krekka and some more next! :stuck_out_tongue:


You have clearly never seen my school class[quote=“Tigocourt117, post:17, topic:35093”]
I thought it wouldn’t fit well

It doesn’t ruin the character, She may be female but does it really change her Character?

Noice :slight_smile:, I like the concepts of a female Onewa and Whenua being bigger than the others.