Gali Mata (vamp)

I know I have been serious about moccing for most of the year so far, but since I’m young and still developing, my hormones tell me to make things like this.

Also fun fact: this is my first toa moc in maybe 2 years.


The chest looks weird, but otherwise it looks cool


I can tell. Cool moc! But why the banana hair?

Also I like the use of system.

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basically my thoughts on this. the use of metru blue here reminds me of armor or something like that, it’s pretty cool.


What’s the thing on the hand? Is it your interepretatation of Gali’s original hooks? Anyways, this MOC looks really good, shaping wise, and the two shades of blue mix together surprisingly well. The brown handles in her weapons, leather krana sack, and the leaf skirt help to give her a somewhat “tribal" look. I’m not a big fan of the Rahkshi heads+Nuva boobs design (holes in/eyes staring out of her breasts and all) but it does feel consistent aesthetically with the rest of the MOC. Great MOC, as always.

This moc has a lot of good ideas and concepts, (save for the obvious) but not the best execution. The torso feels off, though I can’t exactly say why. The limbs also look too thin, and the hands seem odd to me. The head build though, hair included, are pretty good.

Honestly, my main problem is the upper arms’ simplicity. The chest also isn’t integrated as smoothly as I think it could be. The rest is great.

^this is what bothers me.

The moc is cool and everything.

Just no comment I don’t really know how to respond those body proportions tho. I just can’t see Gali having those proportions

this is no good


well I think it’s good

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This moc looks awesome. Especially the lower torso/skirt and the legs. However, the *ahem “chest area” looks a bit too pronounced.

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the chest just sticks too much, it’s pretty high and all, looks like that she-robot from mazinger Z
we all know her powers

aside from that, pretty good


I like the design–it reminds me of a drawing I saw of Gali holding the infected Tarakava’s mask in her hook. Really good job with the system portion of the build too! Looks well put together.

The lighting mixed with the blue looks really great here, I also like your use of that mask as the satchel. All in all I like the NPU.


Looks great though as stated the chest is kinds unfitting. Honestly in human proportions I’ve always though she’d have maybe small to mid size Chest not high school dxd sized.

I don’t like hating on a MOC just because of exaggerated proportions, but I am not a fan of aforementioned proportions. The MOC is pretty well built though


i think it looks really strange. the proportions don’t look like gali and the texture isnt consistent

It’s well built, but some of the proportions It should be obvious what I’m talking about aren’t very good imo. The hair looks pretty out of place as well. Besides those two things this is an alright MOC with some interesting part usage (the satchel for example).

Very nice, though I’m not a fan of the lowee legs and the, chest.

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