Game: Ad-Libbing!

This is just as the title says: ad-libbing. Basically, fill in the blank(s) that other players create. The same rules from other forum games apply: no double-posting, no trying to end the topic, and try to keep your posts to one sentence.

I think I’ll begin!

Silver the Hedgehog is flying around _____.


Tasting hotdogs and garbage.

Meanwhile, Eggman is ______


Floundering around trying to get back up on his two feet because he fell over.

He remembers back long ago when _______

Sonic tipped him over because of his massive size.

Tails decided to _______

Build a machine that feeds him potatoes.

Then, he suddenly remembers that ______

Hashtags are now illegal, and Kyoryu cris evrytim. Kyoryu then goes to_______

Bowser ate his toaster.

Mario was not happy with ______.

…The fact that all his games are clones of one another.

He remembers back to a time when ______.


ToaVuhii was wrong about his absurd assumption. He noticed that they actually have different aspects and features in them, in which ToaVuhii clearly missed.

Meanwhile, Luigi decided to eat ______.

Everything in sight.

Once finished, Luigi ____________

Barfed everything up, since his small stomach could not take it.

Then Princess Peach decided to _______.


Meanwhile, Kohrak-Va and Maractus were planning to replace the TTV and their fans with eleven buckets of ____________

Donkey spit but suddenly all the donkeys where abducted by _____

Godzilla who then decided to_________


Sarsahrala sung about _____.

…all sorts of fun stuff. Then he saw _____

A puppy.

He decided to ______

Summon the Demon Lord.

And then the Demon Lord showed up and ____

…created more adorable puppies! The canines then ______.

Each summoned another Demon Lord

And then each Demon Lord _____