GAME: Ask a random question

Ask a random, non personal, question about someone. That person answers, and then they ask a question. Nuff’ said.


What is your opinion on a crossover between Transformers and Person of Interest?


I don’t know what the second thing is, but it’d probably be cool

A car is valued at $59,000, and its value drops by 12% each year. Which equation models this situation?


there are no answeres. i speedran the whole level.

@Droconis do you read some of the stories on ttv?


The way the instructions are worded makes the question open to everyone, so I don’t know and cannot answer the question.

Is this topic going to divulge into spam and lose all relevancy in a matter of days?


Absolutely postitively.

Is lego ever going to release more bionicle?


As a theme, probably not. As a tribute, maybe in a couple of years. Unless one fan project should become unexpectedly ridiculously viral, Bionicle has a hard time.

If you would suspect you could have woken up in a similar alternate universe what would be the first thing to check?


What year it is and if theres a kwik trip around

Whats the longest time youve been in one place (school/work/otherwise) that wasnt your home, dorm or a vacation?


Yes. I’ve created my own as well.


You gotta ask a question…

and answer the other question.

I once went camping. It was so hot i felt like the filling of a hot pocket in a tent. camped for a whole week. was miserable.

What was the longest thing you ever wrote?


Ok then. What was the hardest MOC you ever worked on?


Again, you have to answer my question.
But thats for next time.
Hardest moc… my self moc.
Thing is, i didn’t really have a clear vision. First a great being, then a battera…
But finally, I came to a few conclusions. A: Being a great being sucks. Your power is supposed to be so great, so terrible, it just was too much. Plus, the name “great being” didn’t really stick. So, i abandoned the idea. Exhibit B: i realized that all the toa and matoran, agori and glatorian, had all been left for dead, and the seeds for the moc were planted, and look at what a plant they have grown…


Difficult to say. If it’s longest thing worked on over time, it’s either the graphics program I created during Covid; or my G2 self-MOC (Jetera)'s story. In one sitting, idk.

I’m taking a wild guess that you’re from the American midwest.

Since creator set Tahu was G3, is GWP Tahu BIONICLE G4?


you would be correct, and kwik trip is superior to caseys because theyve got sprechers and caseys is an illannoying thing which just makes it iffy

I honestly dont count them as Gx or anything, theyre just tributes

Is music addictive, and should we go to it so much?


Not to me

Yes, it’s a far better alternative than most other things you can go to

What will be the value of the U.S. dollar in 100 years?


being in a college-level macroeconomics course right now, this is making me think too much

if we’re lucky, decently close to now (with our current inflation). if we’re unlucky or the whole oil industry dies we’re pretty well screwed

did you ever have a classic moment of seeing if you could, but never stopping to think if you should?


Started doing it yesterday. Now that it’s halfway done I’m really starting to question if I ever should have, but there’s been enough of an investment into progressing on it that I can’t stop and backtrack now, so I’m in til it’s over.

How many haircuts have you had?


Okay so you did start writing that new chapter… phew I was getting worried already. Can’t wait to see what crimes against humanity Monopoly will commit this time!

It’s very… bold of you to assume that I have hair to cut Hand me that lifetime comedy award immediately

Why does nothing in life bring me that childish joy and excitement anymore?

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Because as an adult, you know what the price of joy is.

Why does the school year feel like permanently waiting for a bomb to explode?

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look even I have standards NotaHaircutFan

I can’t tell you how to achieve that. But those who have no joy in their diligent effort will have no joy in the result. If you love hard work, you’ll love the hard-earned fruits of your labor, even if those fruits are some dumb lego project you’re forcing yourself into like I definitely am not nope nuh uh none whatsoever nah not happening

Ghid trying really really hard not to say it

this is a joke, mods

What is the meaning of lunch?