GAME: Crushing Hopes and Dreams

This is a game where the person above you wishes for something, and then you grant it with a “But” or a side-effect that renders it useless or pointless, and wish for something as well. For example:
“I wish Ven would bring back On Ebay Today”

“Granted, but Eljay will be hosting it.
I wish that TTV would release Biocraft”

“Granted, but it will be Herocraft!”

I’ll start:

I wish everyone forgot the whole “Glowing Dorito” thing.


they would probably move onto illumanati jokes

I wish people would stop killin me man…


Your deleted wish is granted, but your computer crashes while it is active.

I wish the site automatically spell-and-grammar checked when you posted.


People will stop killing you, but you must commit suicide. /s :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish that people would become Pink and Fluffy…
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Granted, but all people die out and are replaced by Toa

I repeat my previous wish.

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Thou wish hath becometh true, though “their”, “there”, and “they’re” are switched.

Can Toa become Pink and/or Fwuffy?


  • gets computer back online *
    Yes. But they will be made of cotton-candy. So they will get eaten.

I wish I could fly.

But you would have throw up every second you did.

I wish I had the protectors…

Granted, but they all break.

I wish I had a pony…

Fair warning: ponies poop like no tomorrow.

I’d love to have a drawing tablet.

Sure, but it’d be about the size of a quarter.

I wish you remembered to put a wish.

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Well because you wished so nicely
I’ll fulfill that wish:

I wish I had more likes than Political_Slime


yes, but You’ll only make joke posts

I wish Megaman games were still made

Granted, but they would be developed by Ubisoft and have extreme use of DLC.

I wish I had a mango snapple right now.


Granted, but it makes you sick.

I wish I had more ball joints.

Granted, but you choke on them.

I wish I was a real boy.

Granted, but your delicious flesh is eaten by cannibals.

I wish I had another mango snapple.

Really, those things are pretty much all I think about.

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Granted, but it is spoiled.
I wish I could have more time so I don’t have to lurk.

You get all the time, but everyone else loses there’s.

I wish the girl that I loved would love me back.