GAME: Crushing Hopes and Dreams

Granted, but you smell like some… less likeable stuff, I guess. shrugs

I wish that TTV wouldn’t swear.

granted, but it’s all kiddy stuff and educational. Also it’s owned by PBS

I wish I could get alot of lego pieces

Granted, but it’s all in '08 plastic.

I wish that Hero Factory was worse.


Granted but BIONICLE is worse…

…I wish all my lime green from Ehlek didn’t break…

Your with came true! But the color fades into grey.

I want make a koala / red panda hybrid.

Granted. It grows to gargantuan size and destroys your town or city…

…I wish that my friend would give me all of his LEGO…

Granted, but he let his dog chew on everything before handing it over.

I wish I had that AT-TE set from 2008

You get it! But it falls apart when you try to move it.

I wish I had a real set of mandalorian armor

Granted. However it weakens you to a life of being stuck in bed, forever…

…Can I become good at MOCing…


That’s a yes or no question, not a wish. You have failed this topic.

I wish I had collected BIONICLE sets actively during my childhood.

Granted, but they all shatter the day you get them.

I wish I could fly.

granted, but it’ll cost you 10 dollars per every 100 miles flown and you lose a pint of blood

I wish I could eat anything

Granted, but you eat so much, that you explode.

I wish I could Mewtwo good.

Granted, but he’s now nerfed like Meta Knight was.

I wish I could wish upon a Blackstar.

Granted, but you flub every wish you make.

I wish I could post pics.

Granted, but they’re all 144p.

I wish I had motivation to post my mocs.

Granted, but everyone hates them, and keeps flaming, forcing you to leave the BIONICLE fandom, let alone TTV.

I wish I was cool…


Grant, but everyone secretly hates you.

I wish I could turn invisible.

Not that that’s a terribly bad thing…

Granted, @MiraculousPrime, but you’re invisible on the Internet, too.

I wish I had an exo-suit.

Granted, but it’s @Vuhii

I wish I had all the rare pieces

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