Game: how to win Life


Step 1481: Respect whamen

Step 1482: Get arrested for making edgy jokes on the internet.

Step 15: Eradicate Nintendo fans and their wretched hype from this earth.

Step 1484: Stop using the new steps.

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Step 16: Dedicate your life to using the new steps.

Step 1486: Ignore those who pledge their lives to cults.

Step 1487: Be a nice boi

Step 1488: Be a bad boi

new,new, step 1: begin a revolution

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Step 1490: Stop the revolution.

Step 1491: You realize this isn’t the LEGO Movie.

Step 1492: Realize this is getting out of hand

Step 1493: It been 2 months since the last step, and you are going back to work.

Step 1494: Look for a job.

Step 1495: Get turned away for looking like a bum

Step 1496: Take a shower.

Step 1497: release you haven’t payed your water bill and they’ve cut off said water

Step 1498: just go to the nearest lake, stirp down, cover yourself with soap and jump in! Just make sure there are not witnesses and duck whenever a cop walks by.

Step 1499: Build a cabin in the woods and decide to lead a truly independent life.

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Step 1500: Return Triumphant.