GAME: Oregon Trail!

Here we start, THE OREGON TRAIL!


If you decide to speak spanish in this topic, you will automatically get typhoid. /s

You start in Nauvoo Ill., and go around town, shopping to get ready for the trek. You can buy:

Oxen: $50 each. 2 required to move wagon.
Cayenne pepper: $10 each. Can get rid of cold
Fishing gear: $10 each. Can gain 1 weeks supply of food.
Riffle: $20 each. Can gain 2 weeks supply of food, if you have ammunition.
Ammunition: $10 each.
Milk cow: $50 each. Lets you have something to drink when there is no water.
Water Keg: $20 each. Lets you carry 1 weeks supply of water.
Dog: $10 each. Can prevent thievery, and animals wandering off.
Blacksmith Tools: $20 each. Increaces chance of successfully repairing wagon parts.
Spare Wagon Parts: $10 each. Can be wheel, tongue, or yoke.
Snakebite Kit: $5 each. Can heal a snakebite.
Horse: 40 each. Can be used to move a wagon, but requires three. + 1 weeks supply of food from hunting. Only 1 horse bonus per hunting trip, per person.

Crooks: all 1 of you You have a chance to steal 2 objects from the stores. Choose wisely. The 50% thing still counts.

Good Luck!


Do we reply with what we want to purchase?

Yes, please do that.

I'll take three, one spare.

I'll take three.

I'll take three

I'll take two

I'll take five

I'll take two

I'll take three

I'll take six

I'll take one

I'll take ten
Four wheels
Three tongues
and three yokes

I'll take four

I'll take two

Total cost: $710
Leftover: $190

How much is an ammuntion?
Can fishing gear, blacksmith tools, and snakebite kit be reused?
Can water kegs be reused too?

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That is a good question, can we get an answer for this, it may vastly influence my decisions...

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-I want 2 oxen. (100)
-2 Fishing gear (20)
-2 Cayenne pepper (20)
-3 rifles (60)
-10 ammunition (100)
-2 Milk Cows (100)
-2 Water Keg (40)
-2 Dogs (20)
-2 Blacksmith tools (40)
-10 Spare Wagon parts (100)
-10 Snake-Bite kits (50)
-2 Horses (80)

Total: 730 Dollars.
900-730= 170 dollars left!

Always good to be prepared!

Also, just a question: if someone in my family gets bitten by a rattle snake, would I be allowed to suck out the venom and pour whisky on the wound? I did this in my 4th grade Oregon trail simulation for my "wife" and she wound up living.

Let's see, I'll take...

Four of these ($200)

Two of these ($20)

One of these ($10)

One of these ($20)

Five of these ($50)

One of these ($50)

Three of these ($60)

One of these ($20)

Four wheels ($40), four yokes ($40), and two tongues ($20)

Six of these ($30)

All of these purchases come to a total cost of $560.
Subtracting that from my funds results in a remaining balance of $340 left for purchases later on.

Each ammunition is good for 1 hunting trip.

Fishing gear and blacksmith tools can be reused. The snakebite kit can't, and neither can the pepper.


Why not?

Please note, the money will be rather useful out on the trail.


YES. This will be fun, then!

I just have a few questions before I submit my list. Hopefully you can answer them.

Do animals (Oxen, Cows, Dogs, Horses) impact our food and water supplies?
Is there options to barter/trade with other players on the trail?
Can I eat dead animals?


Yes. also there will be a trade that will be given like so.

someone walks up to you and says "I have 1 spare wagon part. I want 1 week supply of food."

take trade?
You may take both.

Yes. if any animal dies you gain 1 week supply of food, but not if it wanders off.


Okay then. I purchase:
2 x Oxen - $100.
1 x Fishing Gear - $20.
3 x Dog - $20.
2 x Milk Cow - $100.
6 x Cayenne Pepper - $50.
6 x Snakebite Kit - $30.
3 x Water Keg - $60.
1 x Blacksmith Tools - $20.
6 x Wagon Parts - 2 of Each type - $60.
Total - $480.
Remaining - $420.

4 oxen- $200
5 cayenne peppers- $50
2 fishing gear- $20
2 rifles- $40
10 ammunition- $100
1 milk cow- $50
1 water keg- $20
2 dogs- $20
1 blacksmith tool-$20
3 spare wagon parts- $30
5 snakebite kits- $25
1 horse- $40
Total- $595
Remaining- $205

On round 3, there will be a deadline of 72 hours (or three days). The buying round counts in the round countdown.

@Marendex_T17, you know you are the crook, so you can steal 2 items from the wagon, right?

That I do know.

I figured it was best to save the thievery for later, when security might be more lax.
* stealthily moves towards the ammo *
I heard that they have a "Grab one, get one free!" discount on ammo today.

You were caught, and thrown out of the shop. Good thing you had already bought the 5 packs a couple of hours earlier.

@Booster_Gold @Chronicler
Please define which wagon Parts.



We have to DEFINE them? I don't know all the parts of a wagon, I don't think Booster_Gold knows them either. Can't they just be spares and not be so definitive?

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Yuedom overruled me. He says that they should be generic spare parts.
I don't think that putting a yoke on the axle will work very well, but he's in charge of this topic.


Does this mean that I have to change my order to say "Ten spare-parts ($100)" instead of "Four wheels ($40), four yokes ($40), and two tongues ($20)"?