Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Jcton is secretly a Codex in disguise, spying on us for the aliens from multiple dimensions!

@ProfSrlojohn hates the Quote button on here.


IG: @Spiderus_Prime Intends to kidnap Patrick star and steal his identity.

@ProfSrlojohn hates puppies

@TBT_Emerald hates kittens.

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But that’s actually true. I hate all the felines.

@ProfSrlojohn is a bounty hunter going after a diamond hamster.

OOG: looks at hammond lego set bookmark nah…

IG: @TBT_Emerald is currently trying to take over Bosnia.

@ProfSrlojohn is currently adding Central America to his Great Carolinan Empire.

OOG: YES!!! BWA HA HA! Cough Cough

IG: @Toa_Vladin thinks that Macedonia is better than Romania

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@ProfSrlojohn didn’t just confused Macedonia with North Macedonia.

OOG: I didn’t know there was north Macedonia. I thought it was just Macedonia.

IG: @Toa_Vladin thinks that Romania is Slavic.

@ProfSrlojohn loves North Carolina.

OOG: That, is not a lie. I’ve go family up here. It’s a nice place.

IG: @Toa_Vladin thinks that The Last Jedi was the perfect movie.

@ProfSrlojohn loves tofu very much

@meepinater hates drawing.

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@ProfSrlojohn isn’t a nerd or a geek.

OOG: You wound me!! :stuck_out_tongue:

IG: @meepinater hates Gunpla

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his actual name is professor sir long johns

@Ghid doesn’t like kirby anymore.

Ghid is
drumroll please

ProfSrlojohn secretly hates cccbs