Game: Tell An Outrageous Lie About The User Above You

@Spiderus_Prime is not a spider and he’s not a prime

This person ate all my pastries.

@N01InParticular knows to played the game.

Spoder melted down all my straws.

@N01InParticular killed my father, prepare to die

Practices this dance every night before bed.

@N01InParticular realizes that I’m back after having no activity on here for more than three years

teaches cha cha slide and dabbing dance classes. His waifu is also the crazy frog.


@Cordax always puts the person’s name that above him.

@Spiderus_Prime never makes a typo.

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@N01InParticular is actually someone in particular.


@Cordax‘s least favourite hero helmet is Brain Attack Evo’s.

@Mr.Monopoly Doesn’t use rahkshi heads ever.

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@N01InParticular thinks that hero factory far surpasses bionicle in every area

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@Nogus1 Has been a consistently active part of this community for 4 years.

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@N01InParticular isn’t giving me a headache with that pfp

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@Ghid Has Mario on his profile.

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@Propulsion Thinks the original design for the perpetual energy wheel actually would work large scale.

@ProfSrlojohn hates Red Alert

@Diero dislikes both Spiderman, as well as Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure