Gaxello, Master of Spirit

Another of my older MOCs. This is Gaxello, Master of Spirit.

As usual, I started with the weapon when I was building this MOC. I wanted a weapon that could serve as both a ranged and melee weapon, so I created the Spirit Bow-sword. The Bow-sword can easily switch between bow and sword forms by splitting the blade and inserting the arrow Gaxello carries on his back.

After the weapon, I chose a color scheme which I unsuccessfully attempted to use on an older build. I thought the blade color worked particularly well with the Spirit element since it gave off an almost ghostly vibe. Gaxello's aesthetics are supposed to represent a merging of mechanical and organic. Gaxello's legs, shoulders, and arms are supposed to be prosthetics, which is why there are so many exposed gears and mechanical bits.

And here is the backstory:
Gaxello is said to be a being of unbreakable and unyielding spirit. He served as Ekimu and Makuta's guardian prior to Makuta's treachery. Gaxello has power over Soul, giving him mysterious supernatural powers. Gaxello can activate his Spirit Form which allows him to travel at great speeds, communicate through telepathy, and control beings of weak spirit. In Spirit form, Gaxello cannot interact with the physical world directly. He wields the Spirit Bow-sword, a weapon that exists in both the physical world and the spirit world. Additionally, this weapon is tied directly to Gaxello's spirit, meaning that only he can wield it. The sword allows Gaxello to attack physical opponents when in Spirit Form. However, since the sword exists in both physical and astral planes of existence and is linked to Gaxello's spirit, Gaxello can be forced out of his Spirit form if the blade is damaged or shattered. Gaxello can repair his sword using his energy, but doing so weakens him over time. Gaxello is far from defenseless without his sword. He is incredibly strong in physical form, rivalling even Onua in might. When he needs to strike from range, the sword can convert into a bow which launches powerful blasts.

So that is Gaxello. I hope you all enjoyed this MOC. As always, comments and advice are appreciated. For more info about Gaxello's backstory and build and more pictures, check out the full album here:


The Transforming Weapon reminds me of Jayce

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That's a colour scheme i've never seen before...and it looks awesome! :grinning:


Looks good, good job.

My only concern is that the light gray on the knees seems a bit out of place from most angles (like it looks fine in the back-view picture, but in most others it's a bit off).

but other than that, this looks fantastic! I really like the "ribs".

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The colour scheme is very unique and works very well!

Very interesting color scheme. I like it! Really solid MOC.

Very solid MOC! Love the color scheme especially.

I like how the weapon changes

I love this color scheme! I've always wanted to use brown and green for a color scheme, but this pulls it off with perfection.

this color scheme is actually really good

oh my god this is STUNNING. I love it so much

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Ooooooooooh! I like it!

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Nice build. Very nice. But... what are those lime green ball bearings? They exist?
The sword feature is very cool and the colour scheme is great

Another interesting coincidence. I actually thought of a similar hammer design a while ago, but I have never seen that character. I feel like League of Legends is beating me to all my ideas, even though I have never played it.

They are from old Exo-Force sets, if I remember correctly. This is the first good use I have found for them.

I will be honest, the knees are my least favorite part. I was short on ball joints, so I went with this construction, but I feel like I could have found a better alternative.

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Here's an idea
Why don't you try to make it into dual swords like what Cloud has with his Buster Sword

This is amazing, really unique, I love it! Great job! :smile:

This is by far my favorite MOC

That color scheme!

Great job!

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Good idea! I may just use that in the future. I won't be doing it with this guy, but I might do it with another character. Thanks!