General Grievous - A Lego MOC

“The drums of conflict are my beating heart.”

“The fire of conquest rages through my veins.”

“Strong, young lungs breathe in air laden with enemies turned into ashes.”

“It is here that I thrive.”

“I have toppled nations.”

“I have slain kings.”

“I have murdered legends.”

“My name has been feared by warriors… and cursed by widows.”
- General Grievous

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Author's Notes

Boy was this a pain. Building Grievous as a large scale MOC has been a dream of mine for several years. I always had reasons why it wouldn’t work, lack of tan pieces, not knowing how to build his arms, weight and balance issues, etc. over time I unknowingly found solutions to these problems, and in late August of this year, I realized it was possible, and possibility alone was enough to convince me to try.

The first manor of business was understanding scale. The head mold Lego produced is large. It forced me to build Grievous at close to 1/6th scale. With that in mind, I began to work on a skeleton. Without tan pieces, all I could really do was work on the legs, and torso. Unfortunately, early to mid September found me just waiting for shipments of tan pieces to arrive. Once they did, it was time for true pain.

Designing the armor of the torso and arms proved to be difficult. Getting the right shape, right angles, and right size all the while keeping them as minimal as possible was the name of the game. The game sucked.

Somehow, the cloak turned out to be one of the easiest parts of this MOC. There’s not much to say about it except that I had to redo the lightsaber pockets a few times.

And now for the worst part of all, posing. This MOC is incredibly finicky. Every limb has a hard time staying in place, and when you have six limbs and an articulated waist, that becomes a massive annoyance. It led to ore than a couple pictures turning out worse than I had hoped. There were times when I only had a few seconds to get a picture before things started to droop.

This MOC was and is many things, and despite all the hard times it put me through, what I accomplished is very satisfying. An accurate scale, the most advanced spitting arms I’ve made, great visual matching, and over 50 hours invested. I am confident in saying this is the best General Grievous MOC I’ve seen.


This is really cool.


I have to agree, this is incredible! The accuracy is astounding, and it just looks so cool. Incredible work, the 50 hours really paid off.


Incredible job Krelikan, this looks phenomenal!
All the work you put into this and your self moc is really impressive, and it all shows through the two great looking mocs with such complex arm assemblies and high detail legs, on top of everything else.
The only critique I have on this is the neck, which feels a bit off at times, though I think thats moreso the CCBS head itself feeling just a tad off, which isnt something you could fix.
Is it possible to put the moc on all six limbs, similar to what hes done a couple of times in the clone wars? Additionally, is it possible to get a shot of both the droid general and his vahki counterpart together, or did you have to disassemble your self moc to build this?


Yeah, I definitely think I could do better with the neck if I used smaller pieces instead of just a few CCBS parts, but since the neck isn’t usually visible, I guess it slipped under the radar. The head itself may very well be a contributing factor though. It’s probably modeled based on his clone wars appearance, which was not the road I wanted to go down.

I did not disassemble my self-MOC to build Grievous, so getting a picture of them two together would certainly be possible. I’ll get to work on that tomorrow, and I’ll check and see if spider mode is possible. I think it’ll take a support structure to pull it off.

As always, I very much appreciate your comments.


This is so awesome! Truly great work!


this is amazing


Yes yes, we can tell you like General Grievous

Yo this build is amazing! The accuracy looks spot-on and the details are awesome, I can tell how much dedication went into the moc. Definitely one of the best Lego incarnations of the character I’ve seen.


To my surprise, spider mode was actually pretty easy. Some of the least difficult balancing I’ve had with this MOC, and it looks better than I thought it would. My self MOC is in there too.



Wow this so nice. Got get around to revamping my general grievous set as well