Genta Radakshi

This is a model of one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters.

I designed it on Hero Forge, it’s a pretty great website. The figure itself costs about 10 dollars, which is a pretty cool price.

Genta is a level 3 bard/level 2 druid. He is a fire genasi. I used to create the initial character.

If I decide to purchase the figure, I will paint him and post him.
Hopefully, I can save up enough money to get all the things I want to get.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


Wait, is there a website you can “build” characters that can be bought later? Ok, first this is nice, and I really have to see what’s this website


Look up Heroforge. It’s a snazzy place.



I see what you did there. :wink:

I like the look, but if I were you I’d also take it one step further. Hero Forge is a good place to start to get a basic idea of how a character looks, but I would develop them even further yourself.

That’s how you go from something like this:

To (eventually) this:

Yea, it’s not like I made a topic about it a long time ago or anything… :laughing:

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