God Emperor of MOCkind

Some of you may remember my Corora the Golden Toa of Sunlight MOC from last year Corona! The Golden Toa of Sunlight!
It was the unofficial, most golden MOC, that was meant to see how golden one could make their MOC.
But I wondered, could I break my own record? So I went ahead and spent the next year building an homage to the God Emperor of Mankind from WH40k.

Consider the record broken.

Much like Corona, God Emperor of MOCkind has plenty of greebling, in multiple layers.

Based on the appearance of God Emperor’s custom power armor, it includes a few details, that repeat in the official artwork. Such as thunder talons, head shaped knee pads, and imperial aquila.

Much like its younger cousin, the MOC is quite posable, despite being so bulky.
Balance can be another story, though. But still, it can still pull off some of God Emperor’s most iconic poses.

Besides, considering one of the ball joints in the hips was dislocated thus far, I guess its balance is okay :stuck_out_tongue:
The head of the MOC is an upgrade of Corona’s helmet.

On top of Mask of Creation and golden Spider mask, it also has the mask of control in the back of the head.

Sometimes I wonder if these three masks were MEANT to be used on a single 2015 bionicle head mold.

Just like Corona, God Emperor of MOCkind comes with two accessories. First one being the Emperor’s iconic flaming greatsword.

The second accessory is aquila shaped winged jump-pack.

The wings are attached simply by removing few pieces from the back of the MOC.

The wings are heavy enough to throw off the balance of the MOC, but it can still stand up by itself.

Now if I only he could lift the sword…

…there we go.
Here is a quick look at the construction of the wings.

The MOC has quite a few Lego pieces, that were painted pearl gold, in order to reduce the cost of making the MOC. The many many many propeller blades and other ebay bought pieces, stacked up the price quite a lot by themselves.

Also in some cases, there were no alternatives.

Use of paint does feel like cheating to me, but the end result looks too good for me to care ^^
Thank you for reading and remember to leave a like :slight_smile:


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much gold on a singular MOC before.

I actually like how detailed/greebled he is. No real criticisms from me!


Well detailed, great design, disproportionate to the arms torso bulk. Really good overall imo, just too much torso bulk.


He looks really stiff, and kind of stocky, but that’s not really a bad thing. He seems like the kind of guy that would just sand around and look awesome, so he doesn’t need to look incredibly fit.


THIS IS AMAZING!!! SO BIG! So majestic! The painted pieces are very clearly seen, though. I can’t believe you painted so much pieces in gold!!

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That torso looks too blocky.

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My goodness, and I thought I had a lot of gold

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Sweet Mary mother of Joseph


Really, really good. The fact that you were able to pack all that in? Amazing.
So you broke the record? Sweet!

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By the Emperah by the Emperah by the Emperah!

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Greetings honorable battle-bruvah!


While this is good, I feel like the textures clash a lot.

I love this golden behemoth though.


Too much gold. 0/10.

There’s a lot of stuff going on here, but since you wanted to make the biggest, goldest MOC it was bound to happen. I think you could have put some more shaping into the torso so that it’s not as much of a brick, as it is, he looks super static (possibly because he is).


One critique I have

Looks more like a golden club, then a firey greatsword, otherwise it looks great

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Yeah I had to take some creative liberties with it.

Still though, at least it is golden flames.

I really like the crown and sword design. Great moc!


Ave Aurum Emperor!!


This is huge… so much gold… needs more black in my opinion


also terrifying