Golden-Skinned Being properities

It might be already answered or obvious, but I really need that information in order to create MOC for canonization contest (which might be pretty soon).
Is Golden-Skinned being purely organical? It is nowhere to be said on BS01, and term “skin” could be used both for regular armor and for organical tissue.
Aslo, is it a humanoid? Like 2 hands, 2 legs, a head? Could it have wings and/or tail?
Answers from community are welcome. Thank you much!


It most likely is humanoid with lizard attributes


The Golden-Skinned Being is twelve feet high, is extremely muscular, and has shining golden skin. It bears a reptilian face with piercing green eyes. It sees itself as male.


Though that’s not to say that it can’t have mechanical parts. :point_up:


Lizard humanoid. I can see him with a tail but that’s optional.

From a creative standpoint, I don’t see the point in going out of your way to make a fusion of various bio-mechanical something different. We’re talking about characters that are partially organic and mechanical. Even the most die hard lore purists can admit that Primal, the Zyglak, and tons of Rahi were described as having skin. Bringing this up since some have argued that the golden-skinned being should be organic or not a moc due to the skin.

It would be neat if someone gave the golden-skinned being blue, white, and black in order to reflect the colors of the Krekka lookalike, Vortixx, Zyglak, and Irnakk.

TL;DR Do what you want (pic related)


He was entirely made out of biomechanical beings. Seems odd that the result would be purely organical.


Yes, but we do not really knoe what energized prortodermis does, so it is impossible to predict. Also, in 3 big bio-mechanical beings and 6 small (Piraka snakes) there is prety much organical tissue I believe, so it could be made only from it and without mechanical parts. There is at least possibility.