Good fanfic stories?

So about two years back I was on the Custom Bionicle Wiki and I got really invested in one story this guy did. Suddenly he stopped writing during the middle of the third( and final) story. Any GOOD custom bionicle stories out there to fill the void?

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That’s a very good question.

This storyline by Toa Gonel is superb, along with anything else he has written.

The Fractures storyline is also very well done, also along with anything else he has written.

The Pirates Universe is good, as well as anything else BionicleChicken has produced.

There are many other fantastic stories on the Custom BIONICLE Wiki that we would be happy to direct you to. Feel free to join our Discord server which can be found on the website.

Also, as a side note, is the story you’re referring to Creeping In Our Souls, by any chance?


Yes I am. It was really good, I haven’t checked up on it for a month or two.

Good fanfic? Is there even such a thing?


I’m actually taking legitimate offense at this, joke or no.

Though I will agree upon this sentiment for the major proportion of fanfics.

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They’re certainly few and far between but “seek and ye shall find” :slight_smile:

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I can’t recommend Fractures any higher.


A work in progress, so expect it to end in a year year or so. I’ve read it and think it’s pretty good.

Shameless self plug.

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That depends on what you mean by good. But if you mean some that the author is proud of then I can give you one of mine.

I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve heard this fic called “Vengeance” by LokaCola (never heard of him) is supposedly good. Only downsides is that it can take time between updates…

For real though, there are some great ones out there. Unfortunately some of my favourite ones has been deleted for whatever reason, and I don’t really keep up with new stuff so I don’t really have many recommendations. There a few here on the message boards that I would recommend if you haven’t already read them.

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Best I know of.


He inspires me.