Hand of Destiny (Story Serial Continuation Project)

As most everyone knows, the Bionicle story serials ended on multiple cliffhangers, as Greg was not able to continue them. I don’t know of any fan project that has actually set out to finish the serials. So that is what I aim to do. Not just finish the stories – I aim to finish them as I feel Greg would’ve. So that means taking into account things Greg said he might have done, including building up to an eventual Great Being Civil War.

For this story, I wanted to include a lot of smaller story threads that I wanted to acknowledge but didn’t want to dedicate a whole story to. And what better way to do that then the guy who’s been jumping from one adventure to the next since the Mata Nui Online Game?

Previous stories in this project:

Chapter 1

Takanuva had had many strange tasks, even before becoming a Toa. Being the Chronicler tended to land you in a lot of weird circumstances, and he’d always wandered around looking for adventure even before he was officially declared the Chronicler. And as the world’s only Toa of Light, there was no shortage to the unique tasks he had to fulfill.

Thus, he didn’t bat an eye when standing before Cahdok and Gahdok, the Bahrag, rulers of the Bohrok swarms. Many Matoran of Mata Nui might have been terrified at the giant monstrous beings that had led the swarms that nearly destroyed their home island. Even knowing that the swarms were just doing their job, and had been tricked by Makuta, it was still hard to see them as anything other than giant monsters commanding an army of destroyers.

The Bohrok were supposed to prepare the island of Mata Nui, to prepare for the awakening of the Great Spirit Robot. Now, the robot was in ruins and abandoned; there was no more need for the Bohrok or their queens. Like everyone else from the old world, they had evacuated onto the new world of Spherus Magna, and although they had intended to return to slumber, Takanuva had other ideas.

The Toa of Light looked at the two Queens. Their monstrous appearance might frighten a Matoran, but Takanuva had learned not to judge based on appearances.

“Just because Mata Nui is gone doesn’t mean we no longer have purpose,” he said. “Rather, we must find a new one. I’d hate to see you just leave, going into slumber to await a purpose you will never be needed for. Instead… well, for starters, we’ve got two giant robots that need disassembling, one with a whole world inside of it. I hear the Bohrok are good at cleaning.”

The Bahrag glanced at each other for a moment, and then the red one, Gahdok, turned to Takanuva. “You do not need us for that,” she said. “The Bohrok can be reprogrammed, we know that.”

“True, they can be and have been before,” Takanuva said. “But such a thing takes time, and even with their reprogramming, there’s only so much we can get them to do. But with you at the helm, they can coordinate, all as one large mind. It would be an immense help if you would set them to work. We could have the robot taken down and new homes made for the people of this world in no time, with your aid.”

Takanuva looked the Bahrag straight in the eyes, first one, then the other. “I’m not telling you; I’m asking. Will you aid your brothers?” His words harkened back to the time the Bahrag had challenged the Toa for ‘daring to oppose their brothers’.

The Bahrag pondered for a moment, then nodded. “We’ll do it,” they said in unison.

After the Bahrag were dealt with, Takanuva returned to the small hut that comprised his temporary shelter. The Matoran had insisted on crafting a place for him and his fellow Toa Nuva first, and he had insisted on the smallest place possible, just enough to keep him out of the sun and give him a place to organize his various duties.

There was a lot to see to. Evacuating an entire world was going to take time, and it had to be done before the old world died. In many cases, it hadn’t been easy to convince people to leave the only homes they had ever known, and he had done his best to help relocate objects, creatures, and even buildings to the new world, where possible.

There was also the matter of what to do with everyone. Some people wanted to stay nearby, while others wanted to get as far away as possible. Takanuva had done his best to convince the Glatorian and Agori to welcome these new people to their world, though he hadn’t always been successful. There’d already been more than one clash as two groups from the old world that had always been enemies ran into one another during the evacuation.

There were still other matters to deal with. Dealing with the prisoners of the Pit and finding a place to keep them, as well as the remains of Makuta’s armies in the old world, among them Visorak and Rahkshi. A few Visorak had been encountered during the evacuation, but most had disappeared, and Takanuva couldn’t determine what had happened to them. There were also a few remaining Dark Hunters who, separated from the rest of their organization, had been captured by the Toa; they hadn’t decided what to do with them yet, though.

“You look like you have too much to do and not enough time,” a familiar voice said. Takanuva glanced up to see Onua, the Toa Nuva of Earth, leaning in the doorway. Takanuva hadn’t seen him since before the battle of Bara Magna. The Earth Toa had changed since Takanuva last saw him, as his adaptive armor had transformed to fit the desert environment of Bara Magna, but Takanuva still recognized him.

“It is a lot to deal with,” Takanuva said. “Never before have I really felt like I had the weight of the world all on my shoulders.”

“You don’t have to do it all alone,” Onua said. “We’re here to help.”

“You have your own duties,” Takanuva said. “Tahu and Gali have to see to the integration of our society with the Agori, you’re aiding with the evacuation, Pohatu is creating shelters, and Lewa… no one has heard from him since the reign of Makuta, right?”

Onua nodded. “Kopaka mentioned going to find him, too. But remember, no matter how busy we might be, we’re here if you need us.”

“Thanks,” Takanuva said.

“You know, Mata Nui would be proud,” Onua said. “He wanted us to find our own destinies, independent of him. And look how much you’ve done toward that goal. Even the Bahrag have a new purpose now, thanks to you.”

Takanuva shrugged. “Just doing what’s asked of me,” he said. “And… I haven’t really found my own purpose in all of this. Once the world is back to a semblance of normalcy… what’s my destiny?”

Onua thought for a moment. “I’m sure you’ll find it. Or you’ll go looking for it, like the Chronicler you are.”

Takanuva opened his mouth to answer when a Ko-Matoran ran up. “Toa Takanuva!” He called out. Then he saw Onua standing there. “Oh! Forgive me for interrupting, Toa, but I bring news!”

“It’s fine,” Takanuva said; he still remembered what it was like to be an overeager Matoran. “What is it?”

“I just heard word from one of the exploration crews,” the Ko-Matoran said. “They ran into a Toa. He looked… well, he looked like a dark version of you. And he wielded shadow powers.”

A dark Takanuva? The Toa of Light wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. At one point, the Brotherhood of Makuta had drained his light with one of their Shadow Leeches, but that had been restored by a Klakk. Had they done the same with other Toa? And if they looked like him… could it be a Takanuva from another world?

Whoever they may be, Shadow Toa were a threat, and one best handled by a Toa of Light. “Tell me where they were,” he said, grabbing one of his Light Staffs. “I’ll handle this.”

“I’ll help you,” Onua said. Takanuva started to object, but Onua waved him off. “You’re not facing an enemy Toa by yourself, especially if there’s a chance he’s not alone.”

“All right,” Takanuva said. “Let’s go have a chat with dark me.”

Author’s Notes: the first of the ideas I wanted to address, the fate of the Bahrag. I’ll probably leave it open-ended as to what they’ll do after the MU is disassembled.

Also, one important notice: I’m not going to try to post chapters of this story daily, like I have in the past. That proved to put way too much pressure on myself and I wound up missing days anyway. I’ll try to aim for every other day.


Looks good. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Shadow Takanuva.

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More story out now!:smiley::+1:
Thanks so much for posting it, man!:+1:


Do klakks still exist here or they did go extinct during the collapse of the MU?



^ This

Niiiiice! Looking forward to see how this goes! I’m assuming Mazeka and alternate Teridax are going to show up?

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You know, I never actually thought about what would happen to the Bohrok after the battle. That’s a really cool idea for what to do with them. Having Takanuva meet the dark Takanuvas is also a very cool idea, I’m looking forwards to this.

There is also Krakua who should be able to break the barrier

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Let’s not go jumping to conclusions here; I only said that they were shadow Toa that looked like Takanuva. That could be anybody – yeah I’m just kidding it’s gotta be a Shadow Takanuva

This chapter might just be one of my favorites I’ve written so far. Seeing inside the partly-disassembled GSR, it’s a very interesting concept and makes me want to write a story taking place here.

Chapter 2

It felt wierd going back into the old Matoran Universe. With the Robot dead, many of the artificial lights had gone out, and many seemingly natural forces had stopped working right. The flora that was left was slowly dying, and in some places, there was light streaming in from holes in the Robot’s outer shell, creating a very weird effect of holes of sunlight in what otherwise looked like a night sky. Also, thanks to Takanuva’s efforts, he occasionally saw groups of Bohrok wandering about, breaking down the landscape and hauling it out. It was a very unnerving sight.

A small group of Matoran, led by the Le-Matoran Piruk, had led Takanuva and Onua to the southern continent, the land that used to be Voya Nui. Takanuva hadn’t been here before, but Onua had, and he was surprised to see how barren it had become. What few forests there were were gone, and even the volcano was being dismantled, with holes streaming lava all over. The sky was dark, with only a sliver of light from a crack in the outer shell, making it look like an aurora borealis in the sky.

“Watch out for creatures,” Piruk said. “There’s some sort of mutant Rahi that hasn’t left the area yet; they like to hide in the dark. Some guy named Umbra told us they were Protodax.”

“Jaller mentioned those creatures,” Takanuva said. “Apparently they were made as guards of the Mask of Life. Vicious little creatures, nearly beat the Toa Inika before Umbra drove them off.”

Piruk led them to what used to be the main Matoran settlement on the island. “The dark Toa was spotted in the village,” Piruk said. “He attacked one of the Matoran, then ran back in the village.”

Takanuva nodded. “Stay here,” he said. “Onua and I will check it out.”

The two Toa proceeded carefully into the abandoned village, senses on alert. At one point, Takanuva saw a flicker of movement past a nearby building, and flung a blast of light at it. The light illuminated a Bohrok Va, who chittered angrily at the Toa of light before scurrying off.

“You know, maybe we should see if we can get a troupe of Bohrok to help us search,” Takanuva said. “Would make things easier.”

“I have a better idea,” Onua said. Placing his hand to the ground, he closed his eyes, feeling the vibrations in the earth. After a moment, he stood up. “Something moving a bit to the west. Definitely not a Bohrok.”

As quietly as possible, Takanuva and Onua moved through the village. Takanuva was starting to realize how eerily quiet it was – with most of the Rahi gone, there wasn’t even the sounds of wildlife. There was no wind, either, as the forces that had caused artificial wind had broken with the death of the robot. The only sounds came from the two Toa’s footsteps. At this rate, he’ll hear us coming a kio away, the Toa of light thought.

Then, abruptly, Onua held up his hand, and the Toa came to a halt. Takanuva listened for a moment, and then he heard it: a light scrape, like an armored foot against rock. Definitely not a Bohrok; they weren’t known for being quiet.

As quietly as possible, the two Toa moved through a darkened alleyway. Takanuva was starting to wish he’d thought to bring a mask of Stealth. Onua’s mask of Levitation could’ve helped, but Onua’s Suva was outside the Robot, and the shell of the Robot blocked the Suva. Although, there was a chance that–

Abruptly, the world went black. No, not black… shadows. Takanuva’s mask flared brightly–

Something slammed into his shoulder, sending him reeling. He fired back with a beam of light, piercing the darkness for just a second, and he saw a Toa-sized figure stumble. Then another blast of shadow energy hit his leg, and a third hit the back of his knee. There was more than one attacker.

Somewhere to his right, he heard Onua grunt. Then, there was a loud stomp, and the ground shuddered. Takanuva’s mask flared, clearing away the dark, and he saw a grey-and-black Toa on the ground, thrown off his feet by Onua’s thunder-stomp. Then he turned to see another behind them, and then glanced up to see another on the rooftop of a Matoran hut. Just as the Matoran had said, they looked like him, only darker.

Raising one of his staffs, he fired a blast of light, hitting the one on the rooftop, then leapt up to confront this foe. Apparently he’d misjudged how much his light power had hurt the Shadow Toa, though; just as his feet hit the edge of the roof, a bolt of shadow struck him. Somehow, he managed to jab the end of his staff into the roof, keeping himself from falling.

The Shadow Toa moved in, swinging a spear of his own, and Takanuva used his other staff to block. There was a flash of light as the two weapons struck, and Takanuva saw that this Toa was slightly different; strange, claw-like protrusions extended from his shoulders, and his armor was different from Takanuva’s.

“Who are you?” Takanuva said, pulling his other blade from the rooftop.

“I’m Takanuva,” the dark Toa said. He fired a blast of Shadow energy, which Takanuva narrowly dodged. “The real question is, who are you?”

“I’m the only Takanuva of this world,” Takanuva said. “You must be from another world. You don’t belong here.”

“You sure it isn’t you who doesn’t belong, flashy?” the dark Toa said, slashing at the Toa’s head, forcing him to block. “The world looks pretty dark to me. Just the right place for a Toa of Shadow.”

“This world is dead,” Takanuva said. “The Matoran have a new home now.”

Takanuva swung his staff at the Shadow Toa’s feet, but the Dark Toa leapt over with ease. “Come on, haven’t you figured out by now how bad that move is? I’ve got some new moves, like this.” Then, the dark Toa swung his blade at Takanuva’s head. The Toa of Light raised his staff, but just as the two weapons were about to clash, the Dark Toa let go of the weapon, swung his hand forward, and unleashed a blast of Shadow, hitting Takanuva’s face.

Takanuva stumbled back, nearly falling off the rooftop. Behind him, he heard a clash of weapons, and remembered the other two Shadow Takanuva. Hopefully Onua could handle himself; Takanuva regretted leaving him on his own.

While Takanuva was distracted, his dark counterpart had retrieved his weapon. Moving back in, the Toa of Light crossed his staffs, unleashing a powerful blast of light, and the Dark Toa was knocked off the roof. Takanuva leapt down after him. “Listen to me,” he said. “I can fix you. I know how to undo the light drain, and I can get you back to your world. You don’t–”

“You just have to fix everything, don’t you?” the Dark Toa said. “I thought that too, you know. Thought I could fix all the world’s problems on my own.” The Dark Toa fired a blast of Shadow, which Takanuva ducked under easily, but then the Shadow Toa tossed his weapon, knocking Takanuva’s feet out from under him. The Toa of Light was quick to recover, though, rolling to his feet.

The Shadow Toa had also gotten back to his feet, and stood staring at Takanuva, unarmed. “Tell me,” the Shadow Takanuva said. “If this world is dead, does that mean you beat him?”

“Yeah,” Takanuva said. “We beat Makuta. I achieved my destiny, and you can still achieve yours.”

“Makuta?” the Shadow Toa said. “I see. So his plan succeeded, then? He took over the Robot?”

“Did he not succeed in your world?” Takanuva said. He wasn’t sure he could trust anything this Shadow Toa said, but he was too curious not to listen.

“Oh, he didn’t,” the Toa said. “Someone else enacted a different plan. He’s been there since the beginning, so he’s probably here in this world too, waiting. I couldn’t stop him, and I can’t imagine you will, either. But you’ll try. Especially if–” the Dark Takanuva paused. “Why am I telling you this? I should just kill you now, spare you the pain.”

Takanuva was expecting a blast of shadow, but instead, the Dark Toa’s mask flared brightly, and Takanuva was blinded for a moment. Of course; he might be a Toa of Shadow, but he still had the Mask of Light, the same mask Takanuva wore. Something slammed into his chest, and he fell back. Blinking the lights out of his eyes, he looked up just in time to see the Dark Toa had retrieved his spear, and was swinging it toward Takanuva’s head. But there was something else, a large shadow in the sky–

Suddenly, the earth shifted, and Takanuva was thrown into the air, rolling to the side just as a loud boom thundered through the air. Quickly, he got to his feet, and saw a massive chunk of metal where he’d been a moment ago. Light was streaming from above; a piece of the Robot’s shell had fallen, nearly crushing the Toa of light… and it seemed the Shadow Takanuva hadn’t been so lucky.

“That was too close,” Onua’s voice said from behind him. Takanuva turned to thank the Toa Nuva of Earth, but the words died on his lips when he saw the figure standing before him.


Author’s notes: “thunder-stomp” is a little cheesy, I’ll admit, but it was the most effective way to explain what Onua did: he stomped the ground and sent a shockwave outward.
Also, that Shadow Takanuva is probably from an AU where time travels faster, similar to the Kingdom.

Very nice. I did notice a typo here:

“It felt wierd going back into the old Matoran Universe”

Dunno if it’s even my right to say anything so I apologize If I overstepped.

Otherwise this is looking great so far!!


Huh. Wonder how I missed that one, but caught the same typo two sentences later.

Oh, don’t worry, I don’t mind. It’s interesting to see the mistakes that slip through the cracks in my editing.


Oooo, this is getting interesting. Threats of Velika’s imminent plans, the arrival of the Melding Teridax, and I’m guessing some set-up for Takanuva’s arc or at least role in events to come.

Very well written. I would be happy to see some conflict come from finding the hidden source of Visorak, seeing how they were supposedly all destroyed as per the Nuva’s preparations for Mata Nui’s awakening.

Please do, 'cause I feel the same about it.
Why does the Melding Terridax always appear with some Shadow Takanuva?
Now Melding Terridax has Onua’s voice

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Chapter 3

Takanuva couldn’t believe his eyes.

Before him stood Makuta. The Makuta, the one who’d terrorized Mata Nui for years, the one who’d taken over the entire Matoran Universe, before finally being beaten by Mata Nui.

But this Makuta was different. Instead of the blackened armor the master of Shadows had worn, this Makuta wore white and gold armor. But there was no mistaking the Mask of Shadows upon his face. Had he survived the fight with Mata Nui? Was he here for revenge? Takanuva raised his staffs, ready for a fight…

Then a Ko-Matoran stepped out from behind him. “Hey, woah, it’s all right,” the Ko-Matoran said. “He’s an ally.”

“It’s true,” Onua said. He stood next to the white Makuta, two Shadow Toa slung over his shoulder. “He helped me.”

“I am Teridax, but from another world,” the white Makuta said. “I understand you had some problems with a… darker version of me.”

“He’s good, trust me,” the Ko-Matoran said. “Nothing like the Teridax we knew.”

Takanuva glared at the white Teridax suspiciously. “How did you know we were here?”

“I didn’t,” Teridax said. “Mazeka and I have been tracking these Shadow Toa for a while now. Your Teridax sent a few of them after me, and we’ve been trying to capture the rest. These three got away, but we’ve got a few more in stasis.”

“So… you didn’t kill them?” Takanuva said.

“Not unless we had to,” Teridax said. “It would be better to send them back where they belong. Though it looks like that one you were fighting won’t be going anywhere.”

Takanuva squinted suspiciously. He still didn’t trust this Makuta; he’d had way too many problems with one Teridax already.

Still, if he did want to help… “Do you know how to send them back?”

“I do not,” Teridax said. “But it is my understanding that you might?”

Takanuva hesitated. “There was a device the Makuta used to teleport their island around, but it’s broken. Nuparu tried to fix it, but even he couldn’t get it to work.”

“Perhaps I could take a look at it,” Teridax said. “Who knows, maybe one Makuta can fix what another made.”

Takanuva was hesitant. He wasn’t sure he wanted to trust this Makuta with a powerful device such as that, but if he could fix it…

“Well, first we need to get the Shadow out of them,” Onua pointed out.

“Right,” Takanuva said. “That, I know how to do.”

Once he’d learned that the Light Drain could be undone by the sonic screams of a Klakk, Takanuva had gone out of his way to make sure that the species survived the death of the Robot. He’d had one contained, just in case he found anymore victims of the Shadow Leeches, giving him to a Le-Matoran to try and tame.

Now, he found himself following Tamaru into the woods, listening to him talk on an on about birds. Tamaru had always been fascinated by flying Rahi, though his fear of heights kept him from ever riding them. Ever since the Matoran had come to this new world, Tamaru had made it his mission to tame the flying creature’s of this world.

“Now, we’re coming up on his home-tree,” Tamaru said. “Take warning, Klakk can be temperamental. Suppose that’s what you want, but you want loud-scream, not sharp-claw.”

Takanuva nodded, and Tamaru pushed some branches out of his way. Now Takanuva saw it, the silvery creature sitting high up on one of the branches. Takanuva shot a few blasts of light past it, until it finally screeched at him, the Klakk’s sonic scream knocking him off his feet.

Dazed, he got to his feet, shaking his head. “Well, do you think you can duplicate it?”

A grey-armored Toa stepped out of the trees: Krakua, Toa of Sound. “I can,” he said. “Though I can’t guarantee it will have the same effect. There may be something special about the Klakk’s scream that my power can’t replicate.”

“Well, we might as well try,” Takanuva said. “If it doesn’t work, we’re going to have to haul all those Shadow Takanuva out here, and that’ll be a bit difficult.”

Krakua nodded. “This would be much simpler, if it does work.”

The two Toa started to head back to the camp. “So, have you met the… other Makuta yet?” Takanuva asked.

“Mazeka’s friend?” Krakua said. “Haven’t met him personally, but I’ve heard of him.”

“Is he someone we can trust?” Takanuva asked.

Krakua hesitated for a moment. “From what I’ve heard, he’s from a world where the Makuta never rebelled against Mata Nui, and even purged their inner shadow. So, I guess he might be even more ‘good’ than you. Still, I’m going to look into his mind if I ever see him. Can’t be too cautious.”

Takanuva nodded. “Can’t blame you. I’d like to trust him, but the Teridax we know was kinda the the worst person in the world.”

Though Takanuva had never actually met the warrior known as Hydraxon, he recognized him easily; he’d seen a vision of the warrior training the Toa Mata, thanks to the Order of Mata Nui. The big warrior hadn’t changed much, still armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry. Considering the threats he had to deal with on a regular basis, Takanuva wasn’t surprised.

“Do you know where the Toa Mahri are?” Hydraxon said. Right to the point, as blunt as he’d always been.

Takanuva shook his head. “Haven’t seen them since the Reign of Shadows. I hear the Order sent them on some sort of mission.”

“They were supposed to go to Zakaz and find out what the Skakdi were up to,” Hydraxon said. “But we haven’t heard back from them either.”

“That’s… certainly concerning,” Takanuva said. For a moment, he started to get worried. The Toa Mahri weren’t just fellow Toa, they were friends, ad if something had happened to them… Then he reminded himself what the Toa Mahri had been through already. They wouldn’t go down that easy. Still, he made a mental note to prioritize finding out what had happened to them.

“I understand the Toa Mahri have had dealings with the Barraki,” Hydraxon said. “I fought both of them back in Mahri Nui. Perhaps they could help defeat the Barraki again.”

“Again?” Takanuva said. “Are they loose on Spherus Magna?”

Hydraxon nodded. “We released them to help us fight the Brotherhood, and haven’t seen them since Makuta fell.”

Takanuva sighed. “Great. I’m surprised you haven’t already gone after them yourself.”

“Normally, I would have,” Hydraxon said. “But there’s still the matter of making sure the rest of the Pit Prisoners are secure. I’m trying to get the rest of the Maxilos Robots working again, and perhaps see if I can get some people to watch the prisoners in my absence, but it’s going to take time.”

“Right,” Takanuva said. “I’ll see what I can find out about the whereabouts of the Barraki in that time.”

“That’s good, but don’t try to confront them,” Hydraxon said. “They’re not to be underestimated. Especially if their mutations have been undone.”

After Hydraxon left, Takanuva set out to find someone to look for the Toa Mahri. But before he had gone far, he saw a familiar Jungle Glatorian running up.

“Takanuva!” Gresh said. He came to a stop, gasping for breath. “Where’s… Toa Tahu?”

“He and Gali went looking for a site for some sort of Arena,” Takanuva said. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s someone… demanding to speak to… the leader of the Toa,” Gresh said. “She doesn’t seem willing to wait.”

“Who?” Takanuva said.

“The Element Lord of Sand,” Gresh said. “She’s here.”

Author’s note: I like the idea that it’s actually called the ‘Reign of Shadows’ in-universe.

:0 What could the sand Element Lord want?


Her sand back. Shoes get a lot of sand in them when walking in a desert.


Let’s goooooo


Called it!

He seems too calm not only for his friends lost, but his best friend. I understand he doesn’t have time to look for them now, but he should be more corcern. Maybe you could add something like he knew Jaller always find a solution or something like that to calm himself.

Yes, sand gets everywhere. Additionally it’s coarse and rough and irritating.


Hmm… Of course, I definitely intended for him to be concerned, but you’re right, he does seem a little nonchalant. I added a bit more to the paragraph, maybe show his feelings a bit more clearly

flashback to Meso’s “mask shoes” joke from the Brickonicle leg debate.