After some brutal feedback on some of my MOCs, I have decided that this is the end for me. I will be no longer active on the Message Boards, starting from tomorrow. I understand that people give feedback to help others improve their MOCs, but I sometimes like my MOCs without having other people rant about them. So this is it... I wish everyone good luck with future MOCs and I hope everything goes well with you all. But now I say farewell...



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Here's the thing about criticism; it's a beautiful source of new ideas for your creation, but if you don't want it, you'll grow to hate those comments.

Goodbye, Hafynx. Have fun with your Future Projects.


I Moved the Topic; it doesn't really warrant a spot in LEGO Creations.


@Plural Seen as it's my last topic, can you do me a favor and move it back, because then more people will see it and be able to see where I've gone...

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That's not really a valid reason for it existing in that category. It should either be here in Off-topic, or in Community.

Anyway Hafynx, I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for here. Hopefully you continue your MOCing skills and return one day.


nuuuu :frowning:

Oh come on! I've gotten some brutal feedback too! It's just part of being a MOCist. Personally, I think all of your MOCs I've seen have been great!

Oh... I think I know which one it was now...

But the only reason this kind of feedback exists is to help improve your MOCs! To make them even better than before!

Well, I suppose I can't change your descision. All I have to say is that I thaught you were a great MOCist and storyteller.

Farewell, @Hafynx. It's been nice knowing you! :cry:


Few things;
- Your MOC's are your own thing, if people don't like them then it shouldn't affect you. A MOC is named because it is your creation so at the end of the day don't take people's negative things as anything other than constructive criticisms based on personal preferences
- Depending on the 'brutal feedback' you can flag it and get it removed, you shouldn't leave yourself because of people being harsh.

Either way, you shouldn't go.


Aw your Mocs are great and I am very sorry to hear you leaving but I understand, criticism is a real killer man. But hey good bye! I hope maybe one day you may be back!


I rarely ever go to the moc section (because i'm garbage at mocing and my pride wouldn't allow me to look at other peoples talent /s ), so i've never seen yours, and while i'm not here to rant about them, i would just like to say that, even though you have all rights to leave, it seems like other people's opinion is a poor reason to do so (except if this opinion is enforced by the mods and/or cast by banning you).
If everyone having a positive opinion about you and your creations would be the only thing to keep you here, you would never improve (and be incredibly vain).
But i'm not trying to hold you back so do what you want to do see ya.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo your more are amazing they have good attention and you can't leave pleeeeeeaseeeeee don't gooo

I'm going to contest this. With the exception of one MOC, I haven't seen any serious bashing of you or your MOCs on MOCpages. The only real reason you were attacked on Synettra V2 was because of the oversexualized elements. You've already established that you can do better than what people assume when they see that MOC, heck, you've already done rather well with a female MOC design. I personally think that you're overthinking the whole situation, and if you don't oversexualize your MOCs then you'll be as well-respected as any other MOCer on the boards.

That said, I respect your decision if you choose to leave, I once almost did that myself. But you should think about if people really dislike your MOCs, or if they dislike oversexualization in general, regardless on how your take on it was.


Come on mang.

Just because one of your MOCs wasn't liked by the community doesn't mean you have to leave..


I am sorry you couldn't take critique I suppose?
I mean, this is kinda immature
oh well, its a pity, you had a LOT of potential.


Oh, come on dude. It got messy with Synettra, but it wasn't so much the technique that got people flustered. Implying sexual appeal with mocs is pretty taboo these days and it's no surprise that people decided to shred her quite so avidly. That said, you aren't suddenly a pariah for making her, nor will you have to change her to be accepted here.

You're quite a good moccer and I think most of us enjoy seeing your work. Losing you would be a loss for the community as a whole.

Totally understandable. You don't ever have to take criticism to heart. Furthermore, if you like it but don't think the community will, you don't have any obligation to show it. It's your MOC, after all. Do with it what you want.

Isn't that a bit dramatic? Though I may not speak for everyone, I think I speak for most of us when I say that we're not shunning you away. You're effectively shunning yourself from us. I know that harsh criticism is taxing, but it's no reason to just give up.

Perhaps I'm wasting my time and you're just making drama, but I hope you aren't. I hope this makes you legitimately reconsider.


I shall make a bit of a less harsh, more clear post
I thought you had a lot of potential, but your excessive need to come off as someone who just made a MOC for the sake of getting negative comments (indicated by the cockiness in your post, regarding the comments you may get) irritated me
you got a lot of helpful criticism, and I personally thought you had a ton of potential
Perhaps me posting this is just feeding the attention fuel, perhaps you legit got saddened by the critique
Look, a lot of times, something you make will get harshly bashed
But sometimes, if you take the helpful critique
You can use it to improve
I believe you can improve, I believe everyone can be a good MOCist
Just (and to be completely honest) whining out, over a few bad posts on your MOC won't get you very far
heck, the boards in general don't provide a lot of helpful critique, but the few of the people here who are willing to do so, will help

if you are so unwilling to help yourself improve, so be it
but if you really want to continue on as a MOCist, then you should be willing to accept critique.

If anything about this was rude, please tell me, I shall attempt to word it differently

Also, I am really sorry for this, but it must happen
PS: Slime ploz don't delete the hyperlink <3

Fine. You win this round t8. - Slime


No please no! Please stay! You make better MOCs than me!


Everyone makes better MOCs than me...

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you made one bad MOC and you got called out on it. It's not some chronic problem people have with your MOCs. it's just one. Every single MOCcist here has made a bad MOC at some point. The trick is to learn from that and move on. Otherwise this will just keep happening to you.


Actually, you're completely right! Just because of the feedback on one over sexualized MOC, he is now leaving the Boards!

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I think you may be overreacting just a tad there.

please, try to accept that there may be some negative comments about a moc, and don't just leave when you don't like the critiques.
a lot of your mocs were pretty good, but you make one moc people don't like and decide to give up on the boards.