Google Translate (+Rules of Kolhii According to Google Translate)

Anyone who’s been on the Internet for a while has used Google Translate at least once, be it for amusement or actual translation. In such cases you’ve obviously noticed Google Translate’s…less than stellar translation capacities. Such said translation capacities are often taken advantage of for comical purposes, or result in awkward situations in more serious environs, but, just the same, goes to show you that machine translation shouldn’t be the first resort for inter-lingual communications. Just imagine if, in the BIONICLE series, for example, if the rules of Kolhii were something like this: (Note: was translated from English to Latin, Maori, Danish, Chinese, and Japanese before being translated back to English.)

  1. More than one, more than six.
  2. The team gives players more than one player, but will not hurt beyond other players.
  3. All teams agree on a number of goals.
  4. Like the first team, our goal is to recognize the number of winners.
  5. All goals are good if there is no purpose, purpose, and purpose.
  6. Each team with the player will wear clothes, while other players are not used as shields (as in other cases, such as 11).
  7. All players can lead a college team and one person can be alone.
  8. Many athletes can use only a few balls in the game to be less than or equal to a few players or groups.
  9. If the player does not play well. From this point of view, screenplays and a make sure the player has a good game.
  10. If a player does not play well, he is not in the city.
  11. If there is a threatening rhythm and other animals, the problem at the end of the game is not the same.

Feel free to discuss this, as well as anything else Google Translate-related, below.


This is gold.

Gave it a try, too, for Akilini rules - and I think the result is even more hilarious (used the same translation steps as above):

In the multi-game competition among the four teams, they received the award.

This is an Aquila team, certainly not two, but not more than six.

When he was the team for the first time, I was very cautious. He began me. When I came to the whole Holy Spirit and there was no interior, I would call it ugly superb helper. I was open to all partners. . Track storage mediation.

First of all, defenders are players in each group. For three or more players, the player can work with up to four clients.

In addition, because location A and other worlds are not being called up, we will do this by advertising each other among the leaders. This is a team scandal. Then the driver has a target.

It ended with 20 start blocks.

If the transmitter makes the floppy disk in the downloader ‘s article a clever player on the defense side, it does not seem that the opponent’ s partner is recovering.

Play in the field, but prepare the disc there and get the player in the team.

At least your feet should go crazy under the car. The transmission aperture can not be started. Defective magnetic defects can not be detected.

Those areas next to the story told the end of the cell channel. But the player needs to go down to a lower level and a higher level than I would like to play.

So no one can make it perfect and you can save it at any time.

Players can make me healthy, but only when it is attached to a plate. Let’s imagine that in the process of designing the “face release” style of arrows, other people will contact the founder and pay the price to sell the crime.

9 is probably my favorite here :laughing: but 12 is also really good.


So i did took the rules for kolhii you translated and then went through your process in google translate but backwards meaning its English to Japanese to Chinese to Danish to Maori to Latin and then English again. This is the results:

  1. 1 or more and 6.
  2. This team in order to snatch the delivering player, but it is not more players.
  3. The team’s objectives are suitable for the increase.
  4. As soon as a team, we aim to introduce many shops.
  5. If you feel no need of counsel, on the advice of all that is beautiful is good.
  6. Not wearing clothes team players and other players are not used to exercise (for example, the other 11 cases).
  7. A team can lead to a competitor, but it can not live.
  8. Many players have to use a little lower than from two, as either you do not understood from the table Tamaahi.
  9. It is the work of the players. In this regard, it was predicted that it is good for the players.
  10. If the athletes do not work well, and not a city.
  11. If, however, of the fowl, of nothing but flight with terror, and of any other creature, and at length, is the image of the problem is not in the competition.

I think i made it worse sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and this happens to the first paragraph of Tahu’s “Early life” section on BS01:

In the court, there are trucks and other altaka, and you can survive with great memories of summer. Helryx told him he is the guardian god of his nephew who took part in the big office. Later, he sent people to take water for boys to rumor about the idea of naval battle. One girl who launched a gold medal and one who took out two energy dogs cucumber gave a gold medal. Hydraxon was another thing, he crossed the whole landscape and was hiding in the action area. There is a way to remove sugar from the eyes of Levi’s teacher, but only some people hinder Hydraxon and its car’s work.

What have I done :anguished:

I want a complete translation of one of the books now…


“There is a way to remove sugar from the eyes of Levi’s teacher, but only some people hinder Hydraxon and its car’s work.”

I almost passed out. :slight_smile:


This feels so ominous. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was gonna be a topic on Google Translate’s hypothetical impact in the actual Bionicle universe.


People use translate for actual translation? :laughing:

This is getting me hyped for the Dramatic Reading of Mask of Light translated from Maori!


I use it for edgy OC names. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I did it, I forced the whole Mutran Chronicles through Google translate (English > Latin > Maori > Danish > Chinese > Japanese > English).

The result is… mostly gibberish. Some funny things in there, too, though. I like to imagine this would have been the result had Tren Krom not just made Mutran a little weird in the head, but actually driven him completely insane.

[details=Click to expand]

Mutlan Chronicles

Chapter 1

Pillow Mutran, who lived in the hotel official Kardas channel, like me, carried this article, I am glad of my parents, and we stirred with steam buds, swollen in real time in our everyone’s shadow I will keep the image. All big problems have very good questions, my last generation spread out of the dark, usually a good life.

My helper, my family and my anxieties broke my contract when they committed adultery in the box. Normally, it is all “original” as soon as possible, but in this case … this is a crying voice, give it to the menu so that the poison will be comfortable.

Oh, just released 100 years ago … … or we are good friends, working together to create a new best to support Ma Tuolan.

Miserix Maker is the company’s first brother. Exclusive destination protection is created and you need to complete everything. There were a lot of work at that time. One of the best papers remembers trying to be crooked and useful, one is Spirias.

“There are a lot of legs,” Chiro said. “tooth…”

“We should start it and break it” I said, “Or just because you are locking Spiriah in the room?”

I think that Micelix will come next time. However, Imap’s body is exposed to the lower tube. Please look at us. “We are in this situation …” he said. "The products of the summer people need higher salaries than most of the city of Totlan, I hope that Ikarakus machine and her child, Pridak, will explain how to work with them.

After separation, you can open a large course. This is not something I have to do, so I think it will take time.

He is a successful successor. He was angry after Ikarak consciously investigated. After that, dust was released and the Western people had to say more things than they did. We should bring it closer to it, if so, it will be saved there instead of somewhere.

Certainly, there is a sharp stone that clearly shows that my needs are nearly happy, I am just a destination. “Leave one island in the middle of the factory,” I said. "I am very sorry … I have not gone … Nobody can do … Because it is difficult.

“What’s wrong?” Icarus is crazy. “This is a stone.”

“Oh, the truth,” I said. “What is the same burden if mountain-cyan’s products do not start eating?”

Later, we will continue to leave the factory, the ancient population … Xi’an and most of it is very hungry.

Chapter 2

Oh, after leaving the office, in the summer Pridak …, Makuta you can use “big” lot for compatriots. Miseryx manufacturers stopped breathing, I knew it was fragile under the name of Takada. At this point the formation of the sixth coalition was not surprising.

This does not mean we are very happy. Oh, hello.

Oh, I remember sitting in a cold, damp, high room, one of the roses Cartagena: Death will be sent to the audience Pridak, in the heart of the world principens. The goal of reduction is well known. We can give them and provide Makuta’s wildlife, and we should consider the way that is needed and our strength. Misterylus should listen to all these things and not increase sorrow.

“I do not want to throw up” Makuta only made a lot of money. For all who followed him, the army who led him was not on our conscience, but on the arms. "

Pridak is ready to smile. "The company is ready to travel Destral’s orders.Use your brave Rahkshi not his good … he has a strong will to win gemstones and declares it When you serve the Dada / Mata elections, what are you leaving to us in the universe?

“Its spirit is so big that it might be prudent to believe that it was discovered,” Icarillus said.

So Takada is good. The data of alliance member and supplier alliance is not very clear. This is a fact if he wants to sink to the floor.

Pridak died, others died. "I think you have Makta - cooperation, not asking, I believe you will choose wisely.

“Is not the board in the city?” McTutta asked Chiro. “Artakha … Metru Nui goes abroad to the south …”

“In the discussion with Metru Nui, Death said,” On the wall of a suitable stone for Artakha Sunday. When you put an old fool you are being lohraket in the South. "

“The result is very correct,” I said.

“The meeting ended,” Ply Duck Coldwater Harbor said. “New wars and animal needs are awaited, stopping persecution is to decide your head”

Individual members left the league when shooting to Miserix Takada, had an appearance that leaves you to care. After they left, he (as we do not know) the fate of Barraka has become his most reliable aide to talk to sealed Miserix.

“Sverdin is very light, rarely to claim it, it may be a barrack.”

Chapter 3

Master of war.

According to a new agreement, the power of the six Malacca Freedom brothers did not reach the last big mountain. Leadership received good Miserix honorary protection. Goranst sent another Makota and cleaned it from the top of the tower and the office of the deceased.

Needless to say, I am excited about what happened. If you do not limit the North of the league, you can see that this score is just the center of the longan and covers the body of the corpse. Of course my mistake is that this is the last death of Makuta’s opening, so it will not be three days like my own performance, but I will put it in me afraid of it.

Add a Gorast interaction using the collection. Because he said nothing to North Korea, my behavior faster than other actions. The war ended, the war effort was not realized, but imaginative debate, butcher killing, throat falling and the like did not come true.

Because he is scared “serious” illness. The delivery of his last unit leaves scratches and the proof of this term is better known. Rock size, drive, we already know to put it all over the place. There is a law indicating that you are looking for signs of short shots, graphics, equipment, or other things.

Recently, in a little word, the last part of the catch and their Gorast color. There are still places where dirt will come out. Carved Rug Please look at some of the 500 animals I would like to know about my size called Minor Iron. In addition, diagnosis is the most common concern. When he was a small hole in the mine, they got hotter. At first glance, the secret surveillance is random, and two long and curved people are heading south towards the south. Evidence of a small paradigm has been repeated over and over. I think that a fool’s hand can see something, but he did not die by accident. No - I will create a map of the cemetery.

But where is the Board of Directors?

There are many problems today. There seems to be no new progress in the mine. They tried to communicate with the Bar Rose standard for prison guards, but all failed. Why establish this model? This is the first model of each model, so you need an excavator.

But some, now, it is very important … and that is not good. But even if there are no sisters, it is to understand this mystery … But I am worried that Marcus will agree to marry me.

Chapter 4

There is nothing important - you can confront Matarans with each other. In this company with the hand power and war people who participated in terrible war, they are united. You have to laugh at me and say.

Of course, Miserix Masuta could not find all the exciting stages. Six years later, although only 500 people were at the beginning of A governance governance, the majority of Matoran Metru participated in the war and the people in between. Between rice and rice, and between marketing, simple arguments began to appear. Po-Matoran challenged the destruction of the bus. Po-ta-Matoran Matoran shop with original veneers released it. Fire place Matolan Mitsurushi Onu Mi. Search for the mediator and return the Matoran Matoran Po-ho drive back to the connection. I tried to become the only neutral neutral player at the last two phases.

Land case negotiations are done by default. All the roads in his head were seriously injured. This is not the case. Protection of the umbrella does not appear to be safe. In this sense, as I open to the desert, it applies to me, so the size of the city’s new exam is bad software.

The war of Miserix came from a message order to enter Katy. I had a case in the queue, but I think it would be nice to see Mr. Maght Design trained when I saw it. Unfortunately, the solution and the important signs of the Washington Rally have been introduced to the leaders. Then we do not doubt that this is enough for world food. Even if he does it later, if he does not inspire young people who have great love for Matoran in your heart.

I do not know about the leader. The event shows courage at the infinite limit of Barack children. Since then, Miserix has to maintain a certain organizational restriction. The truck was founded to pay to Metru Nui in rural Matoland.

Of course I said that there were a lot of things before and never turned up. The product did not do another work in war and Miserix. Now is the time of archival, let’s talk about the topic of potassium sauce in southern parliament.

Chapter 5

There is no island in the terrace that I want to go to a beautiful beach. From these we believe in God. Of course, I say, “What sickness do you want me to remember?” I can start planning. "

In fact, this information is familiar to those familiar and has a potassium source. More important than ever for all born human beings, when he was a big object, Mecca never apologized not just everything on that wall. He felt pain from the birth of the world and the shadows of terror. To judge poisoning with natural gas, of course there is no harm … you need to choose to see both sides of me.

They have a statement that they have no experience in this challenge at the end of the world. We also know in your heart that you were on the way while you were sowing.

In order to complete this article, I wrote this article. It is not every day of my life. I do not know because I am reading this memory.

So I waited for him to let him die. When my heart fills with potassium sources, it seems like they want to cut the fact that they are better than memories of time, but he looks at something in the plan and is waiting for him . If he gives a different life, please ponder what he can think. I grab my hand as well as the source of knowledge of potassium and spam. A second lunch. Cong people.

The result is black.

When he got up in the bushes. Potassium has no traces of movement seeing them in her or the actual cave. … I know that he knows how to work in my mind and do all of his power.

He knows much - a crazy dream that despises Teridax is ideal for thinking a great spirit, not alone. You can do this. He can not do anything. We must assert that there is no reason to think that the result of the fight between the hand and Teridax is the first day that the world is called victory.

Chapter 6

Then you can remember the first day of Teridax’s marketing plan. We also understand that there is a potassium source in the island data, science science has no comment. Also, Miserix’s work is still valid, so you need to send it on request.

I am sorry, but I can ask everyone whether I will break the mark. The only person who leads work at any time is a very important part of brothers. Unfortunately, Teridax was unable to obtain permission from Miserix. Start of two runs.

Of course, the idea is to end with the Teridax partnership, we will have access to the power of the world, a great spirit Mata Nui. Some of our companies, Gorast Bitil, and there is a time when he was attacked by him. Damp Vampula cry, they think, I think. There are some other problems as well. Teridax think they can listen to your ears, but you can not really remind people who are back with clean people.

Miserix certainly realized that he was technically mistakenly taking his leadership. But in the middle of the table top, energy arrow and flame club shadow, his answer also improves, you get twice the death of Teridax. I started thinking about walking and embracing her with an elevator. They stood up and concealed Michelux from the face, but I stood.

“This is too useless.” The devil of high risk crime, the plan is the main risk of the disease.

“Do not worry,” Teridax added a stone to her hand handball and said: “I like to take it.”

“What is a powerful attack?” Miserix stopped. “Shadow’s hand?” Rafushi insects are in my eyes and big face … "

If I swim under the table, my kingdom is like Makita. This is the length of the body of the neck holding Teridax Miserix. The head is expressed by the feelings of two neighbors, and the other head is used to kill the country. Prior to working with Miserix, Teridax had a great privilege in our head.

“You are the rest of Amnon Teridax.” This is power and weak, you have to look at taking notes. "

Teridax Miserix throws the candlestick drum and put it back. miserix “rising” “milestone called,” you will fall asleep, you will die. "

Teridax said “I do not know.” “Big power and justice” Much of Markus is another type. “I leave you … people who choose to obey”

Goran Bitil continues. Famous authors Vamprah, Antroz and CHIR Spiriah. I was able to avoid everything through the new design I had been doing long ago. Therefore, they are also Teridax. It took a few and did not finish it, I was standing for Krikor Icarax for us. There are few Miserix projects. They went to Huibovib · In-Sakuke - good news - graduation. Damp mistake.

“For the sake of Sydney conference I found out that I am feeling …” For me … Krik, Spiriah has to comply with my wish, Miserix seems to die, I will move forward. "

Suddenly Miserix was angry, I saw a close relationship with the Makuta party. “You are afraid of the world’s senses, committing suicide, the devil … … so they will do nothing for you?”

The first red-red hybrid coupling is very difficult for new red hybrid coupling. “Terdax is not, I robbed you, Metru Nui’s bones are scattered, sometimes … I am hitting it.”

I do not have Teridax. Basic papers and decision-making make me feel better. Krikor knew that Spiriah Miserix would place great emphasis on antigen deformation. This is an important and important issue for the herd. I can not see it anymore.

Or this is the end of the game. This year, he discovered that Gorast Icarax and Miserix Maker were killed. Meeting the organization’s barriers, we warned people Teridax command to war, so that we can think of ourselves.

Still, the Earth did not, I thought that there was a group of Missierx missing one person. It was a click that surprised me.

Chapter 7

Bittier is the first thing I know. Our Destral trip will create a horrible program to support Teridax Great Wall. I seemed to be a barley 乔尔 ので, so I remember it as important as vanity, we do not have, but my opinion inspection activities, those of Alta Hatchet - area. Kojol 's input disappeared. He knew that he was not divided with anyone. That was not the work of Artakha. Big flying and ocean conditions protect his country and our country.

We should stick to this theme. Bitil was on the first wall. The king went to the ax and they moved carefully not to see their hands. When water turns muscle. For me, the same thing is for me. I notice that her happiness brings big fear.

Using Kojol’s weapon to draw Choro, I see a dark green mist inside the frame. Concern is that on the way to the coach, he took Chiras’ new postage. Many of us return there later.

“Do not stay here,” he said. We have grown into a healthy and healthy body. Otherwise, we must fear the work of the wind and next year.

“No,” he said. "If energy is not part of Mecca’s life, hence you will be able to escape Very concerned about losing their cautious hands that she was so sad Believing in you, you will not die. "

How am I supposed to make you amazing? Surprisingly … Unfortunately, CHIR is always believed that I used it like this … … Manufacturers and setbacks would have been. It is more powerful, but do not you have to worry about organ or muscle disease? Who gets in the hands of the army and fear is driven out?

Eliminate anxiety using “Nynrah design” Teridax Destral can also use the latest weapons to change your body. Add Protosteel tablet to search full time.

I discovered the advantage that my new structure can be obtained on the road soon, and I feel a lot of pain (at least for me). Victory will not occur in host jump. For me, if I do not know how good it is to get used to it, read all the stuff, put a length of time with laughter and laugh at me.

“A red day?” He stepped on the foot and then asked me - his laughter: It was like I heard.

“I will come again”. “For those who can not take body - maybe too healthy - thinking - the last hidden person”

“Oh, that’s right” I said. “Find the best way to hide”

Yes, since the fire of handheld weapons it is catapult, a weapon of war, but it is not fast. Slide freely, feel freely without misunderstanding, laugh with the first crash. He was able to laugh at my curse. Because Marcus was instructed to collapse the cow and his other hands. I heard that he is recovering from strength and strength.

Of course, I sacrificed myself to destroy it. They have nothing to do with the combination of God, relationship between brothers, contracts.

This is not the case. They can ask for their enemies. As he is in the body, I have to find the pleasure of wings, camps, rojarak …

Chapter 8

Because I can remember it for the first time, I saw Lewski’s eyes: light is not in their eyes. In addition to eerie things, doing this, this world will make animals crazy for despair. Teridax could not get a large han at the company - indeed, it is really golden taste.

Such people came to the news transmitted by Destral Artakha Hunahuna. Of course, Makuta is a fool, but he has not learned it. However, Armada faced the other side of the island.

Several Rahkshi work, he wants Teridax. To avoid the crisis, Kojol chose ignorance. The army was attacked by the winners of Willa Sok, Lakhsh, Exodus. They wanted to be strong, soldiers broke among many citizens.

But working in this way is not enough. The first day on the coast of Visorak, surfing, two people and two days sliding on the glass. What they think is the easiest is that the great baisork is the most realistic trust. In the sense of the first wave, rays of tubers and sun always burn the entire body of chejul.

Download Kojol paroxysm for the Patara event. Fortunately, Rahkshi was not able to increase significantly with a massive explosion and land dispute. As long as the anger of Mantoran is on the island, he proves to be the President of the country. The name Al Khatha is a big compliment to Lakhsh. The former is highly likely to contribute to the game, but sells the island.

Kojol at that price - if so, it sees all of the two camps. Here, it may take time to find an avobai (do not know the city center), but Blizzard tried to cry. I can not agree with the belief that there must be something else on the island. Weight here is gathered as brothers, so it does not even mean to lose the army. (For us about Visorak Rahkshi, we can not deny science without Mark’s presence)

Fremad Kojol Destral is a lively man and Teridax said he would like to find someone’s house. The story disappears.

Then he began to refuse to do anything. The two rains in the southern part of Rahkshi have been moved again. It will no longer occur. If there is evidence of food safety, soil will fall to Kraats indefinitely. This is to distribute your opinion to Rahkshi Artakha.

Above all, between midnight and left back. Today we do not know what happened to them. Previously, I began to blame these armed forces are approaching Altaca 's brutality. When Kojol was there he did not exist. Always inform Teridax …

Well, obviously, this is what I did.

why? He told Kojol Tekoteko that he was very proud. A vineyard grew to reduce their anxiety. If you do not maintain a good state to kill it, do it.

Oh, of course it is wrong. When she visited summer, she introduced them to a new gunner who wanted to hold her hand. Alternatively, people may know that he is a good representative. Then you have a sweet protest to drive. They ate these weapons in seconds. Even volunteers. Of course, it does not hurt the industry because it does not consume a destructive fire that will cause the temperature of Vortixx to rise.

As we did not, he almost died at the end of his career. Serious Vortixx appealed Teridax to withdraw the country’s speculation and attention.

But I knew what I had, so they were not deceived later. Prior to the death of Kojor, Altaha still existed, but he did not know that they had to do so. Other engineers want to know which country loses all information. Artakha - if so - most important.

After all, we do not mind, at least light. Shooter Teridax Hagah attack destruction they will never steal anyone! At the end of the trip, I remember the bad times to write Roodaka. It is interesting, but no one can save it.

As this happens, our lives are now prepared for new tasks and are related to speed planning. They can pay to hear that the trip is going well.

Chapter 9

The reader of this book asked the old word “Where is Teridax?” Our leader spends most of his time on Destral, especially after Hagah shoots there. In particular, when recommending to survivors, a country is necessary.

For example, the idea that I want to be a good partner for a short period as soon as I leave Teridax Metru Nui, I am CHIR. Learn the dead, the latest scale and Lohrak. Nobody likes these people is wrong.

“Lohrak! Lohrak ???” snoring. “It created Lohrak thousands of years ago … This is a useless swing of the parasite! Use and use I want to make a new one”

“I really have to forget,” I said. On the other hand, some people were hypocrites and they put it in his work as if they were signed with my name. "

Please enter your name. "I can not even spell your name!

Skepticism all over the world awoke. We are already killing the most powerful eastern part of the planet, neither of which has the power of Dstral. By closing the house and holding down these two switches, you can reduce the threshing place of crime. It is probably the shortest place and may always increase in your opinion.

When I did this, I hit my foot. Ruins of the Destral family. Some of our prisoners were shot. It posted many depression outcomes from the work of Mewling Matoran in the world.

But I do not happen, because I know that they are, rough, I am Chiro. Mark the plan before the attack - Big Brother’s defeat! If Metru Nui Teridax considers all the city’s rights to be the management of everything, it is also necessary.

Oh, a good set of plans … After the sun has disappeared, Totoran manufacturers are doing this already by many people. Thinking;

• Kill aristocrats with games and six immigrants in Uganda.

• We are a great hero of food and a brave hero in this desolate city.

Visorak rihiona spread in the wind and all Sidorak were killed.

S • This is an urgent job at this battlefield until it died and brought to the hunter Dark Teridax, refusing whether God saw his shooting until today.

• The emergence of time - more expensive items - broken in the hands of the winners, one of which uses Matoran Teridax’s safe or all safe amounts.

Icarus complains that you are in our hand and there is a trailer of Teri Dachs. About Matolan Matoland and Barak’s shops It was like sand of roads and frogs to get hands and waves to interact with Metru Nui. Throughout the Nyrah Artakha store (we found this island), we tried to open a small shop on Earth.

Icara is trying to realize their idea, but they disagree with their brother. But he stayed in the southern Gotsuma kingdom and he was ordered to go to the army. There was nothing in mana. In the container north of north Teridax, a few people fell into containers.

The rest of the Wolf Line. Icarus is the best store, but he is very cautious about Teridax. As long as the rebellion is being strengthened, even if the city of Ixalax finishes over several hours. He turned to the work of Teridax and stayed at Little Icarax. When he was surrounded, Teridax used power to control evil … No, no … … broken, good words … made a bright Hiraklas.

At the same time, Teridax was still living together. “Someone uses talent and I do not want to kill you today …” My brother said: "The only person - it may be between 1000 and 100,000 people to improve efficiency - Icarilux. As your manager Honor the game with tekoteco And on that day, your hand is at the top of breakfast and breakfast.

Even during the month of Icarax - Teridax “God” tried to kill - I will never forget the fight. Today is a man and there is a fear of threatening Teridax’s plan - this is part of him as it is waiting for yourself. With another Zivon, your head must be between his knees.

Teridax did not spend a lot of time in the form of Destral, but gave the gospel to the city that did not go. He was expecting that he will return the Mangaia club and read him, Hemaia will bring the key to her dream and all the plans to hope that the Mata shop will win.

Chapter 10

The speed of 1000 years agrees with the size of CHIR’s hardship. The big Matoranorm is like a stone, but please put it on the screen taught by your mouse Mata Teridax, I did the most amazing thing. In fact, some of them can not survive long enough … Yes, one or more kicks … but also success. For example, in the shade of shadow, you can send creatures to the moon. For those who do not love?

You know that he tried all the work on this topic. Matrian · Gayner / Synthesis / Cruel victims’ power range has been visited by my mother country (although I can take it away, it got bigger with calls of 100,000 years from all over the world). When raising a family accident at home, I returned to more questions about compassion and survival. This is a big challenge for them.

An amazing career ran and I have always come across this ozone as this bad best consumer of Matoran Destral brought it. That best shot is the only thing I can find - another goal of health consciousness in our work and a free gift. In his original war / economic situation he followed Golazar.

I walked on the floor, opened a work by Vultrazs of Matoran, and assembled for a while before Gorast sold shade behind the scenes. He knew that the famous Kardanoo Capacity Memorial was required to work as the oldest missionary in the world. Good news. Imagine the ultimate ability to use this disaster study knowledge is a grave responsibility. Gorast seems to have suffered a “product”.

With this information, Gorast Teridax (it is difficult to attend a party and release for a long time). If you want to anticipate the reaction: We went to Calda: Since confused, many AV-Matoran were upset to see if it is something. … After all, nobody will do if they want it. Of course, this idea, like this proposal, is not something that brings you closer to your brother’s foolishness. Icarax’s bed will not come in. Finally, I did not try to attract Antroz.

“Where did he call me?” He said. “Or, you can do it, but it is not a crowd.”

Cada Grand - How do you honor only his amazing beauty? Is there a way to catch it first? It is not easy to try.

There are a lot of this. And water.

It must be in the game, I am bound to camp and happy Matoran, Banpra. When he got off, Gorazer seemed to be in the box. Crick Bute was the winner, so I did not see it before. I know they are good - at least, people who are not smart enough in the plain will pollute the water.

For me, I am creating a new hive in the shadow of the circle. Definitely, Nuva’s nutrition - is it a 7-year medical challenge? If they do, it will be a big one … … I believe Teridax should be right - Mark looks at Rahkshi’s winner to God and asks him to show the watch again.

Well … what? I was able to promise to the torch outdoors. The power you see is far. Well, if you think that it is important to understand that time … [/details]

It’s of course a lot of text, so here are my favorite quotes for those who don’t want to read everything (they’re funnier in teh context, though):

“We should start it and break it” I said
The products of the summer people need higher salaries than most of the city of Totlan, I hope that Ikarakus machine and her child, Pridak, will explain how to work with them.
“I do not want to throw up”
“The meeting ended,” Ply Duck Coldwater Harbor said.
According to a new agreement, the power of the six Malacca Freedom brothers did not reach the last big mountain.
There is a law indicating that you are looking for signs of short shots, graphics, equipment, or other things.
But I am worried that Marcus will agree to marry me.
Po-Matoran challenged the destruction of the bus.
All the roads in his head were seriously injured.
Protection of the umbrella does not appear to be safe.
Now is the time of archival, let’s talk about the topic of potassium sauce in southern parliament.
Of course, I say, “What sickness do you want me to remember?” I can start planning. "
In order to complete this article, I wrote this article.
I grab my hand as well as the source of knowledge of potassium and spam. A second lunch. Cong people. The result is black.
I started thinking about walking and embracing her with an elevator.
Rafushi insects are in my eyes and big face … "
If you do not maintain a good state to kill it, do it.
On the other hand, some people were hypocrites and they put it in his work as if they were signed with my name. " Please enter your name. "I can not even spell your name!
Kill aristocrats with games and six immigrants in Uganda.
For example, in the shade of shadow, you can send creatures to the moon.

I regret nothing. Yet.


Google Translate is good for if you’re looking for the translation of just one word, if you’re looking for something to use for some world-building, and you need some obscure and exotic word.

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It’s McTutta, the Bionic man.


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This is all I needed to read. :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh, sounds like me with my college essays…

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And here we have it! The entire bionicle timeline (Brickpedia version) run through Google translate (English > Latin > Maori > Danish > Chinese > Japanese > English).

Haven’t fully gone through it just yet myself but it seems funny enough to me so far!


Great Wall kanisterne Let’s take a look at his face after the sixth floor to the coastal tropical island of 600 people: Kuglelagerne is the name of each fire element, isenes is rock, sky and most To decide shopping like the old field or the Great Wall. Finally, let’s meet in the next step. I came to search for 5 unique hiding places. Make sure they are brave of each other’s makeup. They face their own risks and learn to discover Teridax and those injured big animals and to remove them. You will go to Mangaia, Makuta Look at this fact. Akamai with the creation of this week and the winner of Mata’s fighting Manas Maruhas, you can not move the ridax. Besides battle, it can be seen in various forms, and the cyclone is now displayed in the mark book. But he is the winner, I do not mind, Big Guinea, and the body told the road. Follow them, win, they will not be pushed to two, find Bohrok. Please click the button.


Insectoid claims to destroy Bohrok as a whole and warns again on a big screen and creates it. This stated all the music Coro Community Levahk exchange crane cats, who are using Bohrok as owner. When he heard about his hometown, he was tired of his customers. When he was lying his eyes, Later Hou Tau welcomed him, let him laugh at him. Indeed, he hosted a party at Boxford Motors on the new scale of Bohrok.

The winner believes in Borrock and other worlds. Bohrok’s economy and economy were discovered in Bohrok and discovered by Stor Bohrok. Then connect another person to the seat of Bahrag’s shop. All of these donations opened the championship six years ago and attacked armed men and second-hand brands. Bohrok began to defeat Queen Cahdok Gahdok and soon realized that this power needed to combat Queen’s antidote. Kill Bahrag and collect Protodermis. Suddenly they move out of the country and describe that winner Protodermis Nuva, the best form. They ran away from the roof.


After being here with Nova Borok of the nephew, six people were called Beaverk Caiin and tried to gain the victory of a boy of Nuva. Nuva and her beans were small, like gold, done for the winner of Nuva and destroy others. While emphasizing survival and participating, Bohrok’s new team will find the eyes of the Lord looking at the copper. Exercise, Bohrok Kal, Lewa, Nuva Kopaka mix the mixed Bohrok-Kal mix. However, the main merger with Bohrok coach · diet must overcome pressure.

This is the end of Bohrok, Nuvas Bohrok care platform, it will enter the standard. Let’s pursue the caretaker of Nuva Bollok by selecting exhibitors who received the original award. From the beat of Bohrok’s EX victory, Bahrag was inspired by Nuva Nuva’s trophy of Bohrok’s trousers just as Bohrok-Kal wore a female eyebrow. However, I care like Krans Silver.

Let’s run through the light with the symbol of Noah Nuva, Bohrok store, Kai’s power. This is the power of my wealth, they will break. Kelan’s winner 's mission and survival left food production.

One day he gave a name to the horse and tailored an old man into a smaller, more powerful organ. In the head of the prison, under the sink stone, it headed for the moon. It applies to the products in the shop front. Makuta said in the case that two out of seven winners were released and Rahkshi died. Tacollo gave up the attack at the house of Rafushi and destroyed it.

It may leak between two or two laps and it may live. Aaron will come to the third Waahi and Rafsi and meet Hobuka. The darkness is cold, it is the sea. Those who participate in the tournament will find Teridax 's compelling step. Unlike the testimony of Juar Jallo, he is the only one who can break him. Surprisingly, the same cave is the same as the village war. Relevant soldiers and prisoners. A war broke out with the children at the New York Challenge. Kurahk struck Tahu with a stick, then built a Kopaka store and integrated it. They can be convinced that Onu Rahkshi’s attacks are even smaller.
Nutrition and nutrition center. Now, Sanehalah’s capture, experts, and temples. Come to them and start fighting. They opposed Jalla, but he was the one who offered the Turahk attack. : The light of change of Takanowa was taken and the moon was pushed. Robinson Rahkshi builds and destroys most rides for wildlife. Teridax Kolhii has played in the second game. This is iron: waterproofing with Protodermis. Please make sure that Takutanuva Metru is big. Meanwhile, I kept the entire gate out while suppressing the poor of Taktanuwa Port. I think just I am dead.

Vakama Nuva’s first winner, he learned that there is no future. He talked about Metru Nui. Not only the owner of the city, soldiers, everyone is becoming very powerful, very rich for the rest of the storm.


The story of Nuwa Warehouse from 2004 to 2005 has been held in Matani for more than 1000 years.

Metru Nui Matoran Lhikan has six shops, six of which are named after military stones. Matoran Crafter releases the final Vakama. Suddenly two hunters rushed into Nidhiki Krekka and waited for Lhikan. Vakama is inevitably executed. Matorul believes Mitul has chosen one of the six main rocks. Mr. Vakama saw the vision, said he prepared a lot of fans of disk disc for the team and had to look at it. As you approach the roots of the king’s journey, you find it and will appear in Morvouv’s factory. There are many things to sell to the whole city at the Moruzafu factory. When I made Metru the victory factory, he was headed to Colosseum. In the center of Metru Nui there was a skyscraper. Hagun knew that he and his party, Hagun Makuta Teridax Hagen, won the championship when the world tried to do the world. The land said they would kill Lhikan, and the case of Hegen was counterfeit maker and Nuwum Onew. The other three brands can work on rails. Nidhiki Ugandan is now winning the coach. Depending on the pressure, this means that the roast flies, returns to the station, goes in direction, and stops the game. About three track tracks are standing on the ground.

When entering the prison, Nujumetto, Turagharand Onway, this is the extent to which people are aware, it is the power of the people and it is sealing to find them. After a while, I tried to find them, but I would be imprisoned. Metru Ho-on, Vakama can find a big ORB ring which is a time frame. He attacked the Po-Metru team and adopted Nidhiki Krekka. Anonymous Christmas was interrupted. Nooka found a way to read languages ​​on the wealth trip of Fortune Canyon. If you see the enforcer of Vahki and Major Metru Nui. And when they can not work like a partner in Metru Vahki System Sales System # 1. Vahki fought for the war, was forced by Metru, Nidhiki and found a master of Kreka in his shadow. Finally, three off-road companies negotiated with the other three winners and unknown Tsuruga. Lhikan 's winner can not wait, Turaga. Their Matoran Matoran is checking the world of all Metru stores. Teridax is like a biologist from Mattoran and Hegens. Because they slept for many years until their new leaders fresh on the road or at a selected time.

Cats find them on a pouring machine on the screen or in a disaster. The winner of Terivaax champion Nivawk National Parker Krekka has the power and creativity of the human body. He can escape the galactic sea water which is the head of a big barrier. In the vicinity of Vakama’s woman, it does not cause bones nearby. They followed the head of Vakama Teridax and said with mouth that I was sitting in the hands of Teridax’s wife. Vakama Lhikan The life and death of the virus is a serious challenge, discovering the strength of his hands and showing invisible strength. Teridax’s hands are at the shadow of the rock and when he tried to force him to give it to his friends, he lied to himself. Toa Metru is sealed in Metru Nui, Matoran’s shop is sealed in Matanui Island.


Metru 's Historical hit Something like Is Metru is It’s like this town, but once it gets damaged and comes back it’s full of greenhouse gas sprays. But they Is called Visorak A team like a spider so fought . Visorak went with the Colosseum and hung up the phone, Colosseum is being managed by the current Visorak Sidorak High Roodaka and Queen I will. In the meantime Metru , who knew we were, needed to make a store, but we had to swear and swear to kill them. Hidika Visorak and Roodaka come out and meet in Sidorak When , It will be free.

After realizing the changes, they Hordika Championship as a Hero I decided to win . Keetongu can only move his movements And Keiko is Said . Bakama , Under Honda 's leadership, Hordika 's opponent Maybe, By the way Very good to receive threats that may not be . However, it does not obey the body and soon we will use a new war weapon use , Already visorak , Roodaka 's transport Looking at Was . He is the leader of Visorak I was told to have to be . You are in Vakama More development stores To Show I think I want to do.

At the same time, the second store is the main road leading to the temple. I am a Keetungu I found a book to find the raw materials. Like a crack, it is also an ordinary student Ya Bakama Inside the bar fool . In the suburbs, Hodica’s shop will enter the bottom of Norwich and you will not find it. They are " Paradise break down " Called I took them to local Keetongu .

Vakama’s Vakama Visorak leader Sidorak 5 people officer is is . In other cases, Hordika Noriko Keetongu found the pressure. To agree to beat it, Matolan will cure them in a tournament study. After that, I went to the group of Colosseum and Bones. Visorak is Battle, Vakama starts fighting. I tried to persuade her to return to the victory team in the battle between them. Matoran 's The investigation Of course , Vakama , Ultimately back to the winner of the best place, its aim is to use it.

Roushaka of Colosseum And the Watchtower The sight of It was a word, Sidlak It is over. But, Sidlak It is the only time. Rachaka decided to destroy him in front of him. They used to go to Kitasuk, Sidlaki and burned Sidrak. You were in battle.

For his sorrow: As the winner of the war, Roodaka Vakama , Winners Show only person is . This was not an exchange of inspiration and fire at the company’s store, but Teridax had it in hand It might be a wonderful manufacturer. He chain Roodaka’s own veneer telephone chain Connect to I removed it. Houtika metal band eventually insisted on Kaitonggu 's change: You said: save in the Great Wall, the rest horse put them on the screen under the name of spirit and greatness. In order to put Mataran in their world, they started living in the country of Matoland and changed Turaga Metru .


This is the place Singapore is currently in a highly integrated world. For the crisis of famine and India, Mataranui had other problems. When they see a can depending on the winner of trust. However, it is to the image printer jar Pirakos Included I will. After searching for a figure that Matoran expects to win , there were a few Matoran suspects. Matoran Pirakos returned to the team match rear . Ignica 's Eye, eye, the most impressive details of washing quickly According to , Pirakos , according to real life conditions, at his gathering Mountain To Leave It was Only, This guy is hidden in the mountains of Valmai Was .

At the same time, great spiritual greatness is approaching death. In order to save his own soul, the winner of Novanuy had to obey the alien to live in India. Piracos island of Eat in a short period of charm.

Matoran Metru Nui 's Another team , Nuva Convention so Grant clear release rights Was . For him, only such things, it is Takanuva 's water It is necessary to take This is certain for sure. In the kingdom The heart is easy to enter Karzahni , Into When monitoring After those, it is usually Ignikas on the road . They are Takanuva Yes , their goal is Nui Metro While traveling to him To It is to visit. Inside, they are Eyes Karzani old and new ones Giving , And only Suletu Hong Kong ( telepatib ) to find the place , Roads Use is. Of course I met for years and say that when they come out of the world like the world it is glorious. The power of mystery is its existence. Karzahni Matoran believed before his death, but in fact he was sitting in peaceful but pressured place, he made a new container. Matrus Grand Metru Nui is , If we are in the game , Flees to more than Artakha Crown of Karzahni .

You can take the road Walking I will : Describing the lightning of a red star in a wheelchair, it is called Inika 's fan Please express it as . In Ignika Not, inside Pirakos game Like a place to hide . Their Ignika Protodax Use Shadow To Say and kill them. The latest color pirakos , This room in the 7th PIRAKOS , Vezon so I discovered my life. He is more than before Ignika Pirakos Found It was He sat in front of his opponent and ignored his head. Fenlark He is a spider.

Real love knocks on the door Axonn Brutaka 's while is . Wound healing, of PIRAKOS for Axonn Power struggle. This time, Brutaka 's A winner usually means a big restricted member.

this is , Of Vezan Pirakos A fan can say that this is not normal For is. Color is easy. However, the Fenrakk Vezon Vezon knob Knocking, Violence against a strong enemy What happens I will. To combat these fires, Carda Jare When Zamor’s Experts, Vason Confidence in Have them take , Most of them entered the cultural sphere. Ignika Vezon Matores can remove the head, but you can burn the beam burning the material of the soil and open your hand. When trying to capture an ink cartridge, it is displayed in time units.

Carry the room with a large area of ​​water. He stood up with her. He was sinking to the bottom, he was released from Merton, and he came to hell. Mahdi Nui 's by hand When asked , He was standing in front of or under the sea. Inka Matoran is Nuva , Axonn , Brutaka Bota 's Championship Acquired . Axonn is to Inika Sea Store It is the root.


We also need to inform the Barcelona army and the Far East world leaders. And he showed Mattani 's power, challenge and strength. Teridax Maker and his friends are in different areas, some of which are part of the war and they are rebellious. But Portus claimed to be forced to relocate his area and be destroyed, but Barak was 80,000 years ago I will leave it .

At the same time, they were trapped in it, they drowned, eventually they became part of the Matolanui war. This program is called purara I will . Barrak 's rescue To Ban Declining the right to do not allow the opening of possibly fragments. Matoranui died of psychosis and threw a foam on the west coast. This city is called " general Mahdi" I will.

Toward the Ignikahavet of Mahdi Nui today It is Better It was . That is the pressure they can breathe. Axonn opens the open port via a dedicated connection phone that is provided in the Grand Red Sea.

I know they need to have a name: while Ben Hunter, Matland, Cirex It is called I will . He argues that the global understanding of the destruction of the Earth may be destroyed.

Then, in Barrak Pridak Defilak Matoran Asked , I wanted to know that he will leave the staff.

Also Ignika energy source, Sound source Inika Mahri store . They also have a Hydraxons helper helper , A fatal illness Refusing to accept I will.

The barracks now can have dinner in the evening. Knowing here, killing ignorance, he touches him. It is a pure and lively effect. By the way, Gadunka no longer sees it. He said that he is providing him now and is improving.

He Maxila is My personal hero is a selfish spirit Teridax manufacturer To I found . The second Vice-President Hydraxon And human rights. I tried to destroy Hal 's victory. Champion’s store visited the people of the country And the battle Into Fascinated by Ignika Axonn to gather It was, Barrak . Maxila Hydraxon is the most accurate.

It broke the store, so it’s like putting it in a stick with a rope. It reaches the surface from the current bottom. The big eyes must save our lives. The vast majority of Indian Natal’s land can not escape before closing. In the face of a yacht of life, it is a horse and a Metru Nui shop Send and began to break . Ignica 's energy also caused the Great Wall wall. Ignika turned and fell to the ground When , I am Karda Nui 's I see you in the sea There was not .


2008 Is the resurrection of old music: Nuva Champions. Next, as the handwritten notes in the magazine show, Grand Cadell 's formula enhances the weapon to be sent. Here: But, you are in phaseka Become Of the two-and mistics Team make I want to

Phantoka Matoran a great car attack Matoran 's Manufacturer Through Restore it Please give me . When the road of Totorang changes, it will cost the cost of living in big cities.

Igorka won my body and everyone used the first property on the skyboard to record.

Takanuva tickets are in Canada. The Matoran learn Man As , It must be completed in the study. Takanuva is Supports dust before the storm begins, it is regarded as non- Matoran and is a processing method .

In addition to the team, in order not to keep digital media, please get information on important information. They have to party, do not have anyone else, and decide to reduce one of them . In the game Is part of the ring structure and the space of Karda Nui is in Codrex There is no Hmm . Nuva , Return to there second In the case of , Antroz fans I do not know now. Then the pain came! I am used to finding the third team and improving the spirit of the fleet. T6 , Kopaka , To his Antroz before Jetrax go Because, he is the codrex I used it . T3 champion’s Rocky Leva ,We Loco · Leva play Trying to Did . And we Driving a Asharara T9 Was .

In another encounter, Ignika Mata Nui won and physically owned Nuva victim I got it . He is the Ignika Leave Codrex 's I went on a road . The bottom of the strong storm’s strong principle ends.

Well, Nuva is Jaguar T6 Antroz 's The winners came back to the country Travel , Takanuva also Avanator Takanuva Cloth " Klakk " Contributing to the emergence of release . McTuata Is Vero To attack fell . Windows Live is given It is a big problem in case of , Big nuclear challenges will rise as before. Instruments come from Matoran Nui Turaga I will. However, Teridax is My own Nuva Campus Establish Before the Mata Nuis body It was brought into . He erased the spirit of Matanus and was deadly. I When waking up to Tohoku Nuva , The Teridax by mistake Awakening . Matamata When Ignika’s Of a movie How to operate outside . Matoran began his whole kingdom, but I did not know my true understanding of World War II.


Happy New Year , They existed in the broken world war, while in this world Bionicle To start , Drying of the waste, Rachel is Evident Is Although it is not, I can not support my life any more. But the oasis of water is negligible. There are 6 kinds of ice, dust, fire, water, forestry . Won the war for these glorious people and prosecute them. Glatorian does not represent all of the viewpoints, but all Thornax Disruptor Have I will. Greater Trian He said the warship broke down Judgment did. Of people Skrall What’s wrong with Glatorian to fight what they want . They prefer to win because they do not know how to be punished, arguing with other countries and people. To survive Skrall 's Fighting the service world I can not do it. . Sorry, the last member of Skrall 's leadership was the greatest villain in the United Nations. He took over the world’s greatest threat. Vulcan family of three Skrall hat To Possess , The region has three apartments, the most Glatorians Have I will. Unlike the third Glatorian Vulcan , Exporters were abandoned to do their best in the world. Ackar in another Glatorian Yes, he already has it, so I do not know if he does not believe it or not.

Atere holding one year the balcony is a large competition. Glatorian is fighting for a friendly game with each tribe. But as the green survivors were murdered to rule the atmosphere this year, the battle with the Scola army has already served many people.

So I have many eyes, I have so much time. It is caused by the shadow of the body. Vorox of the soul, people of Matanui, in order to protect the Vulcan birth leaders, Glorian Warriors can take the initiative To fight Vorox 's aid , meaning Biller 's name To Please click . ACCA , Storm wind at sea and relationship with friends of Ganye Glatorian On the basis of It prevented the invasion of refugees. Help for the first screen survey. In all the struggles experienced after the Allies of Skiles , it is a big goal as Skiles ’ children and business people may get out of severe stroke. Establish open space and combine it with the supermarket supermarket display.


The Great Wall went to the neighboring government: the late stage of the lime valley. However, after several colors, the color of the camp changed. In addition, Matamata saw the power supply for the first time in the Middle East, especially in the desert area. He returned to his class, Kerel Is Bella’s Warrior in the first half Let him defeat in front of the Lord as . In the process of breaking the Great Wall, Magna, Bota Magna, and Columi Waters achieved the final results with the highest peaks, and Makoku reached it. Many of the people of Rahkshi Shakdi world Left .

Ignika Fire Maker Light Makeup function To guarantee To Takanuva Makuta It is to get rid of it. . As this happens, more hands are needed to make a stand with dirty fighting games. He threw it in a bunch of gold. Ranch ranch He felt the power of his hands. This is a wonderful spirit, but since I wrote a paper within two months , Bella and Bella, who are trying to destroy Matani in the future, came close. Takanuva Gresh Rahkshi is Some Skrall tools After a few phone calls fought . this is Like another party Nectan He is my nephew. Rahkshi 's Opera’s Even before Affordable color. Rahkshi 's hand The Kraats in Disable , Destroy them. Makuta , big fish were broken with eggs, but these eggs do not consider juice of large chips. These chips are in Makuta medicine Designed to make is. In his head Teridax of the above him I hit. Fight Bota World War A soldier Only in battle It is very important. After all, the power of the virus survived most of the world’s largest maritime supermarkets. Ignika The majority of me is my lesson. I am talking about a new society in society To create You can not.


Note: This is true, but this is necessary for Tumau to participate Not there In the end, Bionicle 2010

Horse Tuolan According to India and other major supermarkets, And Tahu by three major weapons Galileo Plan, New York City According to - Chiara, Zarria , Sugar holder Large animals and ultimately pulled to find artificial Matamata needs. It remove But , Later to get it on the right side of the Magna Vorox that Kabra led by . Kabra 's Unlock I have the ability to meet a big store Because they found out that they are chasing I will. This could disappoint him: this is an existence, Kabra can see, actually , To Matoran Hidden is.

At the same time, Kopaka is Skakdi fusion Or life of Mahri is according to his power I learned that . However, they are Lesovik and Mark Nullam 's When participating in a nomination, this is the winner of Karzani Galls To inform was . No, he Calcein Followed When . They do it according to the hero of Kazzani who obeys the sky pace and by doing so they will die. He will find myself in the stone. As long as the winner’s shoulder bag throws the flour before the wind, there are several winds and fruits in the wind! Please make it for knowledge. Before they arrived at the camp, they About this situation Magolan’s To the store Agori I only managed to get out . However, when the new mission almost failed, a new detective found a victim of death. Put it in. When he saw me trying to kill, he ran away from robbery. Then, with a dark entrance Star star’s representative It was placed in a bush for three days to determine . Finally, there is potassium blood in green grass. He was formerly Gaard Matoran 's leader of To annihilate You may have been enjoying it However, a large-scale test project Nynrah St. was standing up and ran away, even without pain. Teleport Is With a star star There The three guardians of Kaesut To operation are doing It is often accepted I will. Twist store Into , Helryx shop , Miserix machine , Axonn , Brutaka , Vezon or Artakha , It will not kill any marks Because, In this case, an unidentified man Tren Karzahni Triangle Potassium will be blocked . Aerial photography Lucifer , Kestor The possibility that it was cold There is a gray boy Garland’s Shoulder Jewelry I began to look around. 10 That word Copa canoe bay light use And you can not erase the light of the wooden beams on the wall. He is a spokesperson, some of them, a horrible reporter Pohatu Try to get . Since I have a foot, on the phone to me, would find a way to get more, you’ll enter the following two shop. he On the window opened in the form of Mavrah We organized them.[/details]


Here is the “Early Life” section of Thok’s page on BS01.

About 75,000 years ago Tok was a member of Makuta Spiriya and Zucca National Park Sukkudi was able to establish an army.

Then, as a thief, he went to Tuc ‘s brother’ s house and noticed that the three of his brothers were at the Hunter 's Macta Dark Mission. Corn is used effectively to spread wild animals. He was terrible when he became savage. Based on the eyes of Dark Hunter and Futura, he led to the dark hunter Adina.


Non sequitur much, Google? :stuck_out_tongue:



Why is stuff like this apperaing so often in these translations? It was the same with the “Mutlan Chronicles” - always shops and sales and stuff. You could get the impression everyone in the Bionicle Universe just cared for selling stuff to people.

Wait a second.

Bionicle WAS created to sell stuff to people.



Also it’s double funny because of this crazy custom subtitled version of Mask of light that I once saw, and its entire plot was quite literally based around Makuta having the only shop and Takua’s mask being a mask of 50% off deals! XD

Only problem is I can’t find it anymore…


Also, a couple of other funny spots I noted!


That’s actually almost comprehensible.

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