Great Beings Discussion

I am going to be blunt about this: I want to know more about the great beings. Unsolved Mysteries get on my nerves real fast, just like cliffhangers and vague endings.

Now before I had a theory that the Great beings were actually intelligent Humans, but this got blown out of the water when someone said that Greg had said the great beings were actually similar to the Glatorians. Also someone said they believed that Greg also said that bionicle is another universe and humans never existed in that universe… really? Now before you get mad at me and call me a scrub tier fan, let me explain.

Now saying that Bionicle takes place in another universe means that it is a part of the multiverse (it normally would be, but that is a subject for another topic). One thing that I know for sure is that every universe in the multiverse is a copy of the base universe, but slightly different. EVERY universe will have Humans at one point or another. Saying they never existed in the bionicle universe and I mean absolutely never, is impossible.

Now I have some ideas as to what happened to the humans.

A - Humans have not discovered the bionicles/glatorians and can not get to them any time soon.


B - some humans figured out how to evolve and become more powerful and intelligent.

The reason why I say B is because of the human-coined names/terms we see in bionicle like “Iron,” “Steel,” and “Psionic.” Plus Kohli seems oddly similar to Lacrosse and/or soccer. And the term glatorian also seems very similar to the term gladiator in that universe.

Would it be wrong to say that the great beings could of either A: evolved from hyper intelligent humans or B: spied on humans and adopted some of their concepts? Or it could all be a massive coincidence.

Tell me what you guys think.


Greg Fartshey already concluded that Great Beings are not humans. They have so much more power than humans, anyways. They have been known to take forms of Matoran. Humans can’t become robots with disfigured proportions like Velika. No, great beings will always be a mystery.


Uhh… you realize fiction has had stories where people have transferred their minds into robotic bodies, right? And that there is meta humans that out power the great beings in fiction? Besides, I said



C - Humans haven’t been created yet :stuck_out_tongue:


That works too. Why didn’t I think about that?

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Just trying to clear up point b. It’s more likely to be a coincidence, if anything, that they seem a lot like humans. In truth, though, I kinda like how we don’t know a lot about them.

And yes, I know they transferred their minds into bodies in fiction. But honestly, why would a human do that when they can simply disguise themself easily as a Toa or something? It wouldn’t be hard. If they where humans, they could simply dress up in a Toa costume, sorta like a iron man suit, and then go around using their tech like they did for making Matoran and use those powers instead. There’s something odd about great beings, and how they could make bio-mechanical creatures.

Before I say anything else: I am not trying to start a fight, I’m just saying.

I can think of a bunch of reasons why someone would transfer their mind into a robotic body; Immortality, power, increased physical ability, the ability to do more than humanly possible, being able to control computers, etc.


I feel like having a deeper discussion about Great Beings since one of them is the ultimate villain of my epic :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the extent of their science?

Very true. Good point.

Also, @Leoxandar_Magnus I think since they could invent a giant space robot who has a bunch of smaller biological robots living inside of him, they could be pretty technologically advanced.


Oh yes, I want to know that too. They were able to create Tren Krom. This could indicate that they have captured something like Annona and are cloning it.

But how far can they go? Could they manipulate reality? Maybe they can travel across the multiverse. We know that they can endow beings with elemental power, but why haven’t any of them given themselves great power? (hint: plot of my story)

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I don’t remember them making Tren Krom. I though the was an alien that saw the building of Mata Nui and hid inside him or something.

Nope, Great beings created Tren Krom. I read this on the Bionicle Wikia and Biosector01.

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Ah, alright. Just checked again, you where right.

If they can make a fully organic being, what does that mean?

(Also, just as a recommendation: Only use biosector01. The info is much more accurate there.)

I just got this idea: The Great Beings were commissioned to create humans (inception horns)

And I am not trying to argue with you, but I will warn you that I do have a bias for Wikia. But don’t worry, I still double check my info. Also Wikia does have a quality control.

I feel the great beings are more like option C because while humans may not be the Great Beings, They could’ve been made by the humans in that specific universe and then they were sent to Spherus Magna since the humans haven’t been able to achieve interstellar flight yet

You all are missing the obvious: Angonce lived for tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. No human lives that long.

My theory on the Great Beings is this: They, like their creations, are biomechanical organisms that have much more mental capacity than the likes of Matoran or Agori. The reason they created the Agori was to experiment and get results, so they could better understand the nature of life. This is why they also created many animal-like creatures to inhabit Spherus Magna, such as the Iron Wolves and Skirmix Drakes. They wanted to create an entire ecosystem and watch it adapt to itself. Remember, this is just a theory, and none of this is being stated as fact. I may update this in the future.

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They didn’t create the Agori.

Wait… they didn’t? I should really do my research before this…