Inspired by Lewa redesign @tak210 made


great but the lime green is clashing a bit with the transparent green shells


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the Hands are out of context with the Transparent green while the other shells are okay but they do look a bit odd since

Explain how is that the case? There is no argument that supports that idea. Greens go together well, no matter the transparency. Give solid argument, not personal preference

well it is just my perspective since lime green works better as a primary for me since Lewa Lesovik an Ehlek use Lime very well since they are colour seen less in Bionicle.

but that is just my side of the coin

Two characters you mentoned use lime green as secondary colour. Eaven Ehlek uses very simmilar colourscheme to one used for that revamp. I expected constructive criticism. Thank you for that short chat either way.

That was constructive criticism. He said that he though the lime green and trans-green looked odd together. It's his opinion. He didn't insult you, he didn't bash the MOC.

You insulted him.


I like the lanky, simian proportions you gave to Lewa, it definately suits him. Nice job with the colors too!

Similar colors do often clash, lime and trans-apple is one such combination.
They don't play well together, if the trans-apple was lime the moc would look much better.

Good god Creep i thought you were dead or something.

Anyway,tis cool. Not a fan of the trans-green,thought.

..but then it would bribg normal colouscheme of Lewa Mata, which would be unoriginal. Shades of simmilar colour with whatever transparency acompany each other, rather than clash. This can be seen in a gradient of any colour you want. I'd rather say that mata green and lime clash, as can be seen on white to black comperason. If you add gray between the two (white and black).

Since its an huge derailment for a second time, lets stop talking about "colour schemes" and start talking about other things. Thank you

The color scheme is part of the moc, if people have something to comment about it then it's not off topic. Critiquing the colors is in no way derailing the topic.


Neat build, love the torso!
Always down for more Lewa MOCs.

Frankly, it is. This is topic about the moc, not about colourscheme drama. This should be saved for different topic or private conversation, rather than beeing continued here. This concludes our talk about this subject, thank you

I mean

it's your MOC and all, you don't need to conform unless it's a huge problem

Noice. my issue here would be his exposed upper legs.

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I agree. He doesn't need to change it if he doesn't want to.

He should at least admit it's valid criticism however.


Fair criticism. The reason thighs are exposed is an wonderful idea created by Tak210

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Oh I like the look, it is just that exposed ball joint kinda bugs me, not a huge issue though.