Green Giant: JMP 7.0

Green giant, again

yadyadyada Jemoph got an upgrade cause I got butthurt, yadyadyada my worst design in my opinion yadyadyada only a few pics. Work with it

Green giant, again Green giant, again

then his ridiculous full load out, including megatron-ish cannon, 2 axes, a Brutaka blade machete, several guns including a AK-Shotgun rifle thing, a grenade launcher and a machine gun, and then two main swords with an additional ammo belt

JMP: Fully loaded

critique and comment


the legs are nice but the forearms could use some work

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I've been working with those legs for about a year now, the general shape I mean. Otherwise I'm considering custom arms, but atm they're stuck

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Might I ask why you think this?


even though, this is far superior to any of the other JMP's

brutaka blade
Totally what it is

I wouldn't describe it as ridiculous
I would describe it as overkill


I think this is pretty cool, for what it is.

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It was my most difficult design that didn't have a pre-built torso to work on... the torso is what sets it off for me. Otherwise I'd be fine with the limbs and the other areas but that torso has given me a heckalota backburn

The torso isn't even bad.

In fact, I'd say it's superior to the past JMP torsos due to actually consistent width the whole way through.


true. That and I can add piston parts to emulate smoke stacks and also got a double neck joint and posable shoulders. Still sad I can't add any chest cannons, but man could I add shoulder cannons. If you wanted to know, the shoulders and back are built unto an Av-Matoran torso,k otherwise the front is original.

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I like aspects and if it was refined a little more I feel like I could really enjoy this MOC, but unfortunately it just has elements that knock me such as how thin the upper legs are or the connection's for the arms and joints. With a little bit of work I feel this could be a really good MOC, its just certain small aspects that prevent me from liking it more.


Over all I like it, the only gripe I have with it is that it's a green giant and it seems black is the primary color with silver as a secondary and green highlights. But I definitely like all the unique designs.

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didn't think of that. Oh well.

I do like the designs a lot still, but ya a little more green could help if you have any.

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Dang. This guy's evolution has been a staple of the Board for the past year. GG man!

Is he gradually gonna get more and more dark green?

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Dunno, maybe I'll try a different green, or maybe I'll return to just black n silver, but for now he'll just stay this way

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I like the dark green with the black. I'd suggest putting in just a little more dark green because it looks nice in this moc.

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Best yet man! he looks strong and imposing, and like he can lift his own weight.

Super solid build! 9/10

'Mech mode' activate!


Eh, I think the pilot should be more..."inside him" if you now what I mean.