Grim Phascor(SelfMOC zombie)

  Grim Phascor use to be a living creature of ice in the mountains with village of his kind. His kind are called Casqice. He was the leader of his village they've lived in peace for many years until a strange thing came in there village commanding the leader Phascor to server the strange thing for horrible objectives, Phascor of course denied serving it since the thing was commanding him and told it to leave. It also denied and killed every single of the villages and left Phascor to see the horror of blood spread everywhere. He got on his knees shocked then the strange thing got close to him and told him "No you server me peasant." later after saying that he killed him gave him unspeakable powers, the purple horns grow on his shoulders and became a walking skeleton with a little bit of flesh on him, the strange thing then name him Grim Phascor, handed him his Skeleton Scythe Ax. He then disappeared but explained to him what he must do for it.

Powers: Grim Phascor Can create any kind of horrifying creatures with mixing other living creatures, innocent creatures, etc. But can separate them if he choose to do so.

Weapon: Skeleton Scythe Ax can slice living and dead things he can also bring them back to life but after 10 minutes later he’d be too late to revive them back which he couldn’t with his village the strange thing made sure he be blackout for days.

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Interesting concept, but the MOC is a bit basic, and needs a better color scheme. The story also really needs work, I suggest proofreading it over and asking for help from someone else- that’s what I always do when I write or come up with a story.


The story could use some work, the ax looks meh, but the gold chest is what really makes the thing look average at best. Could use some work.

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