Gundam Plague Ringer (Gunpla repaint)

I finished watching build fighters recently and it made me want to build one; so I repainted Barbatos and rearanged some parts. I chose the name based on the fact it sounds cool and early on I made some mistakes leading to a non smooth plagued apearance.

With repainted alt parts.


This is pretty nice!

For a second I thought it was Gurren Lagann.

Pretty cool

My roommate said the same thing when I showed him. Luckily gurren lagann is one of my favorite animes.

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pretty neat
very gurren lagann-ish,and that’s a good thing

So what is this plague thing?
I’ve noticed you have a lot of customs in this style.

In short it’d be my personal suit if I was a character in build fighters or something similar. That and I just like the red, black, and gold / yellow combo. Similar to setsuna in OO using the exia / OO line of suits, The barbatos lineup from ibo, or the general martial art theme of domon kashus suits in g Gundam.

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