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I've actually been saving myself for HGs, maybe it's more manageable, but I should go back into MGs

uuh, alright...
it's already shipped thought, i seriously don't know if it's possible to cancel it or something

no tbh i just wanted a Zaku II
MGs are too expensive and all the HG versions i've seen are kinda meh,so..

The Zaku II F2 is a great kit. It's pretty well articulated, and has a ton of accessories. It's a slight variation of the normal design, but unless you're a diehard classic Zaku fan the difference isn't huge. Just a few extra angles or ridges, here and there.

Yeah i'd check it out but like i said, i have no idea if i can cancel my order now


I mean hey

The worst case scenario is still a cool static piece :stuck_out_tongue:

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Myeah... i guess i'll just be careful or idk


New P-Bandai announced. HG GM Sniper I. Based off the recent GM Ground Type kit.

since the hip joints are the main issue, maybe try sanding them if they have trouble going in?

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Yeah i'll see what i can do when it gets here

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If you remember the Discord chat, I talked about this about a week ago.

Yo @Joe
so i got my zaku and honestly? it isn't as bad as you said
like, the hip joints were extremely tight at first but after i messed around with them for a couple of minutes it was perfectly fine
the kit is great IMO


Is it fragile at all?

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Good to hear

I remember watching and reading reviews where the joint was snapping just from movement

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not at all actually

maybe i'm just lucky idk


I had a Zaku RG and it had no hip problems at all.

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This word concerns me.


Trust me, it seems sturdy, then out of nowhere the most gentle movement possible results in this:

and suddenly the joint is stuck exclusively in the pose you glue it.
(To be fair my kit is a poor example because that joint design is awful and just begging to be broken but it happens with larger parts. It's not a super uncommon occurance.)


May I ask a dumb question?
When exactly are you supposed to paint it? My first time painting I primed, painted, and top coated each individual piece in batches after cutting it off from the tree and sanding it. I was wondering if their was another way to do it and if I was doing it wrong.

^Link to my first painting job.^


What part in the process?

It usually comes after every physical modification you make.

Ok thanks.
By physical modification what do you mean? Do you mean like cutting the piece off the tree?