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Haven't done any vehicle models but I'd say about the same minus the fact you're building a thing with moving limbs and parts. Probably a lot more smaller parts too since you build joints and some have built up frames. Also I'm not sure what kind of models you've built but glue and paint isn't nessecary except in specific cases.

I'd also recommend having some storage like plastic bags; most if not all have extra hands and ussually more option parts.

My first attempt at panel lining.


looks fine

I can see some dents that could use some color but it's pretty good.

Edit; when it comes to panel lining I recommend adding them where it's anime accurate and some where you think you need it; ussually that ends up everywhere.
Simply put; where there's a indent / vent there's panel lining


Four funnels to go, would've been finished by now if I hadn't been preoccupied but meh.

I beleive the sale is still going, $52 iirc with free prime shipping; it's fairly large at that.

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How's my paintwork so far? I'm trying to make this as solid as I can.

Looks pretty rough, try thinning your paints more.


Well the silver is nail polish. Silver paint is too translucent to work alone. Unfortunately I don't have the paint right now so it's just the polish.

Old picture but here's the current WIP.

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aagh why has my crossbone X maoh not arrived yet

EDIT: dang i messed up the name lmao
it got here yesterday btw, i'll be posting pics later

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When you want the family line up of suits but one of them doesn't exist in the same scale.

Seriously; I'd love a 1/100 scale Raphael Gundam.

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So I ordered the RG 00 Raiser. Should get here in a couple of weeks.


oh and, i have a NG barbatos on the way

May try one day.... One day...

I just need to save up around 15 dollars extra to afford one.

Quite a fun build, imo. I absolutely love that you can choose between the orange cockpit or the clear cockpit. I've procrastinated panel lining mine for a good 2 months now :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, looking forward to getting it on August 31st. Helps that 00 was the first Gundam Series I watched.

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:cry: idk how nial polish works, but maybe you could you a really fine grit to smooth it out

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I think I'd just recommend using silver paint. Keep in mind you can build it up in layers.

yesterday i ordered HGUC hygogg, GM ground type and GM sniper II
it was on amazon so they should get here in like, a month

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So yeah

Reviews for the RG Unicorn are out

And it looks totally amazing.

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